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Welcome! You have landed on We are a group of friends that share a common passion for playing roulette. Over the years we have played at many casinos, land based and online and tried a huge amount of games, from free RNG (random number generated) versions to live dealer roulette at the UK’s top casinos. When we are not playing roulette or other casino games on our laptops we are playing in brick and mortar casinos. The purpose of this site is to provide you with lists and links and reviews to the best free roulette games and also the best “money roulette games” at the UK’s Top and safest live dealer casinos. We also provide you with exclusive bonuses that are only available via this website. So what are you waiting for? Choose a casino and start spinning that wheel!

Top 10 UK Roulette Sites

A beginners guide to playing Roulette online

Post published on: 06,Nov 2014

Since as far back as the 17th century, the game of roulette has gradually grown to become as synonymous with the world of gambling as it has with living a life of luxury. It’s enduring popularity owes much to its glamorous depiction in popular movies and television shows. Panning across seemingly never-ending rows of slot machines, just about any scene set in a casino naturally settles on a large Roulette wheel surrounded by the most glamorous gamblers in town. In most cases, there’s always that one lucky gamer continually stacking the odds in their favour and scooping up huge rewards. Yet despite such portrayals, Roulette is far from exclusive to the elite and well...Read more

Roulette Money Management

Post published on: 30,Oct 2014

You’ve been playing for an hour. To say that things have not gone according to plan is an understatement. You are well down and annoyingly the system that your friend recommended seems to have failed. One big high stakes bet and I will win it all back you think for the 5th round in a row. You’ve already eaten through the weekly shopping budget and now its getting desperate. You raise your bet and put all your chips on the table… The Golden Rule This scene depicts the frightening trap that casino game players can get themselves into if they are not vigilant with their money management. The prin...Read more