Low Risk Roulette Game Variants

Risk is something that every casino game player is going to be aware of, for every single casino game you can play will have a built in house edge and that is the amount of cash the casino is expected to win off you over your long term play.

However, what you will also find when playing quite a number of different casino game variants is that some games can be designed as either low, medium or high variance games, meaning the likelihood of you winning when playing those games and the value of your winning payouts will vary depending on the volatility of the game you have chosen to play.

That is actually very true of Roulette games for you are going to come across a huge range of different variants on offer to you as a real money online player, and half of the battle as such as a  player is knowing just which Roulette games offer the lowest levels of risk overall.

As Roulette is a random game and when playing online you will be at the mercy of a random number generator you may be wondering whether it matters which Roulette games you end up playing in regards to whether you are going to win or lose.

Well, it does matter! As such below we are going to give you a quick insight into just which Roulette game variants are going to be offering you the lowest levels of risk and highlighting just which variants will be the best ones to play based on the types of bets and wagers you do wish to place on the betting layout too.

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House Edges on Different Roulette Games

As we have explained above the house edge is a figure that a casino is expected to win off you as a percentage of your stakes over you long term play, as a casino operator the highest house edge games are going to give you the most profit over the long term.

Therefore as a player the Roulette game variants and in fact any type of casino game you do decide to play should be the ones offering you the lowest house edges, as the casinos will not win as much of your stakes off you over your long term play when you play those types of casino games.

Below we have listed the three most popular Roulette games currently available online, and you will find the necessary house edge information on each of those Roulette games below too, which will enable you to make the best decision on just which ones of them to track down and play.

European roulette is a game that offers players a 2.70% house edge, and as such if you enjoy placing bets and wagers on virtually every possible betting location on the layout that is a game worth playing due to that very low and modest house edge.

American Roulette on the other hand is a very poor valued Roulette game variant for players for when playing it you will be up against an enormous house edge of some 5.26% which is due to their being two zeros in play on the wheel of that variant, so it’s a game you should never play.

French Roulette is the lowest house edge Roulette game variant but only if you place even money paying bets and wagers, as the house edge on those bets will be just 1.35% due to you either getting half of your losing even money bets back or those best stay on the layout whenever a zero is spun in on the wheel of this game.

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