Netpay Review

Netpay Casino Banking Method Review

NetPay is a secure third-party account that may be used to transfer funds to online gaming providers in international currency or USD. To use NetPay, money must be transferred from the customer to a NetPay account by wire transfer, cash deposit via local bank, eGold, Pecunix, 1MDC, or a designated third-party exchanger. After the NetPay account is funded, money may be easily transferred into a player account with a participating gaming site.

Neteller and Skrill/Moneybookers may be the big names in the Electronic Wallet (or e-Wallet) world, but they aren't the only shows in town. Netpay is a highly flexible, if slightly remote, alternative that has yet to make a real impression on consumers. It does have some significant advantages, but whether it can ever get the kind of exposure enjoyed by its rivals is difficult to say.

Like other e-Wallets, Netpay asks that you set up an account, and transfer cash to it - using a bank transfer or credit cards. All you need to create an account is an email address. The validation process takes a few days, but once you're up and verified, Netpay works pretty much like any other electronic wallet. The company targets online gaming, so assuming the casino supports Netpay, you won't have any issues with payments being rejected.

Netpay is extremely swift. Deposits are instant, and withdrawals should only take a few hours to appear back in the e-Wallet. This gives the service a significant advantage over credit cards, where you'll probably have to allow 3-5 working days for withdrawals to arrive. Costs aren't significant, although you may have to pay a service charge in the region of 0.25% to 0.4%. Certainly, the costs will be modest compared to those levied on a credit card.

Security is high, as Netpay monitor the IP addresses used, so the exact location of the transaction can often be identified, and extensive details can be furnished in the case of fraud. No details are sent out during Netpay transactions, and high encryption keeps the service as safe as possible.

So with so much to recommend it, why is it that Netpay gets so little attention? Well, a lot of this could be down to the lack of presence. The world of online payments is now a rather crowded one, and Netpay remains a relatively arcane choice. One of its biggest flaws is the lack of user-friendliness. Whereas the Neteller and Skrill sites are clear and beautifully explained, it's actually very hard to get a clear understanding of exactly what Netpay does, and how. The company offers a number of interesting services, but many of these are aimed at businesses rather than consumers. Individuals may find it very hard to work out how to open an account and fund it.

Is there any future for Netpay? At the time of writing, very few sites offered its facilities. It isn't a new company, so we shouldn't perhaps expect it to make a big splash any time soon. Nonetheless, with fast operation and high security, it may yet develop some sort of presence, assuming it does far more to target consumers.

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