Real Time Review

Realtime Gaming (RTG) Software Review

Although Realtime Gaming (RTG) lacks the long heritage of Cryptologic and Microgaming - RTG having only entered the market four to five years later, in 1999 - it has compensated for this with a completely different way of handling customers and clients. Many of its rivals are very fussy about how their software suites are used by casino companies, but RTG simply passes on the code and lets the casino do much of the rest. It's this hands-off approach that accounts for RTG's continued presence in the USA, where many of the company's rivals have been scared off by the feared UIGEA legislation.

Limited Choices

RTG is quite happy to let casinos play around with the parameters on their games. Roulette, though, doesn't lend itself to huge numbers of rule variations, in the way that blackjack, for instance, does. So you won't see much of RTG's famous flexibility in RTG's games. Indeed, compared to the large number of titles boasted by the likes of Microgaming, RTG's roster is relatively modest. The main choice is between European and American. The latter uses an additional green double zero, so increasing the house edge, whereas the European version has you contending with just one green zero. Both versions are very nice, and play quickly. However, if you hanker after something more than traditional roulette, you won't find many interesting twists.

The exception to this is the Multiplayer version, which lets you scoop up an avatar and go up against the best (or worst) of the other players online. Played to European/French rules, this version has some very nice functionality, and the thrill of pitting your spins against those of the other players adds bite. It may lack the true competitive edge of poker, for instance, but as a way of adding spice to an otherwise routine night in with the computer, the multiplayer game makes a lot of sense.

Fast and Furious Gameplay

RTG games play very quickly, and for pleasant uncomplicated play, they have plenty to offer. However, given the sheer variety of roulette seen elsewhere, the choice is slightly underwhelming. The company has been putting most of its resources into its slots, and the lack of innovation shows when you compare the company's roulette library to those of some of its rivals. RTG does need to raise its mobile support, and is falling behind the likes of Playtech and Microgaming. Live Dealer is another area where its rivals are stretching away, and it's vital that RTG starts to catch up.

American casino enthusiasts will relish RTG’s relaxed attitude towards UIGEA. European-based blackjack players will be less interested in this, though. RTG doesn’t vet casino providers as closely as many of its rivals, but for players who're prepared to dig around for information, the clear and simple RTG software is packed with speed.

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