Vuetec Review

Vuetec Gaming Software Review

The Live Dealer revolution has swept through the online casino world, and few sites have been able to resist its allure. Vuebet never had to make the choice, though, since its platform has always been geared towards Live Dealer. Rather than trying to hold your attention with artificial computer graphics and a supposedly random number simulator, Live Dealer games display full streaming video from a casino, with a genuine croupier turning up the cards before your very eyes.

Authenticity is All?

The reality, of course, is generally rather different. The croupiers often have very limited training, having been picked instead for their ability to melt the broken hearts of players still smarting from hitting five reds in a row. The casinos themselves are glitzy mock-up sets installed in a studio, usually somewhere in the Baltic region. In the case of Vuebet, though, there's no trick. The company's stream comes live from a genuine casino - Fitzwilliam's Casino and Card Club in Dublin - and the croupiers are professionals, grizzled veterans with plenty of experience under their belts.

That authenticity does come at a price though. You're jockeying for position with live customers, so the online participants don't get the same intimate contact with the dealer and with one another that they might expect to receive from other sites. The camera angle, too, is a little different, placing you at some distance from the table. The effect is to make you feel as though you're looking over somebody's shoulder, rather than a full participant standing inches from the croupier. The video stream isn't of the same quality as the HD output favoured by Vuetec's competitors. The software is written in Java, and so is compatible with many different systems, and works well even when the connection is a little low. it's not the slickest, and lacks the polish of some other platforms. Vuetec's software was created earlier, and in places that age shows quite distinctly.

RNGs Need Work

While Vuetec's blackjack games have some innovations that may or may not appeal, the company's roulette variants offer very little that is new besides the Live Dealer option. You can play an RNG version of roulette too (on a European table with a single green zero), but this game isn't particularly outstanding in terms of its graphics or its options. The most advanced Microgaming and Playtech versions offer far more sophistication and tweakability. At the same time, where are the exciting progressive or bonus-packed variations? Vuetec gives you a very solid and traditional version of roulette, but you'll find that plus far more with many of the other providers.

When Vuetec first pioneered live dealer play, it was an innovation worth sacrificing everything else for. But the other software providers moved quickly, and now have more finely polished versions with better quality video. If you want the true authenticity, Vuetec's games remain the best. But they don't offer the greatest overall experience. And when it comes to the sheer choice of game styles, Vuetec's roulette offerings lag some way behind those of Microgaming or Playtech, for example.

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