Roulette vs Poker: Which Game Comes Out on Top?

Even if you have never set foot in a casino before, most people will know about poker and roulette and recognise them as two of the top casino games to play. For newcomers, making the decision between the two may come down to a few superficial factors, like ease of play for instance. Other players might be used to roulette or poker, and might be curious about the other side. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the factors for and against both games and which one would be the best for you as a player.

Short Run Odds

Let’s imagine that your goal is to double your winnings. If you want to double your money on European roulette, then the odds are easy to figure out. The house has a 2.7% edge, and the chances of you doubling your bet is 47.3% for each play you make. Another thing that makes it easier to predict potential wins or loses is the set time between spins, which puts a clear cap on the maximum number of bets you can make in one hour.

However, if you want to do the same thing playing poker, things become a bit more complicated. First, you have to take other players into consideration and the number of players you’re playing against. If we imagine that you make an all-in blind bet before the flop, then your chances of winning the pot against another opponent holding any 2 cards will be around 25%. So, the odds are clearly lower than roulette.

Long Term Odds

Now, let’s look at another example. In the first one, the goal was to double your money in one single bet. However, most poker players aren’t into straight gambling and will try to play the long game. Players with significant knowledge and experience will be able to increase their odds of doubling their money sometimes over the 60% mark.

This is why it helps to at least learn the basic rules of poker and some strategies as well. Poker’s main advantage is that there’s an element of strategy to it. If you start playing long enough, you could come up with your own system or follow someone else’s. Also, you can choose who you’re playing against, which is another advantage. Skilled players will often play on lower tables to maximise their chances. So, speaking simply in terms of odds doesn’t tell the whole picture when we’re talking about poker.

It’s also important to make the distinction between online and offline poker. One of the main differences between online and offline poker is that you have no visual contact with your opponents online, which completely transforms the gameplay. When playing live, you have the chance to observe players better, pick up on tells (signals that a player has a good hand or is bluffing), and even their tone of voice. All of this could give you some information you’ll be able to use to make betting decisions and affect your odds.

When playing online, things become a bit trickier. Also, picking up and remembering someone’s betting patterns is easier offline. So, while you can control your odds playing poker online, there is more chance involved there than when playing offline.

Ease of Play

When it comes to ease of play, roulette easily comes out on top. All you have to do is pick a colour, sequence, or number, get a spin, and see where the ball lands. Nearly anyone can start playing roulette and understand the basic rules right away.

And contrary to what many may think, roulette isn’t just pure luck. There are some ways that you can mitigate risk and reduce the chances of losing. If you want to increase your odds, you’ll have to start digging deeper into the different betting options open to you. There are also some systems and techniques that you can use when playing roulette, like Reverse Martingale for instance.

Poker, on the hand, can get extremely complicated and some may never be able to master it. You have to learn how to place a proper bet, understand the importance of position, know how to apply pressure and when, and know how to not telegraph your hands.

Not only that, but there is a quasi-infinite number of scenarios as well, and you have to adapt to every situation. Then you start getting into special techniques like the squeeze or isolation plays. Professional players have played thousands and thousands of hands before they got there, and you’ll have to be ready to spend a lot of time and money if you eventually want to get to this level, which is not guaranteed.

So, Which One is Better?

It’s all about what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an easy to pick up game that you’ll be able to have fun with, then go with roulette. The odds are also very easy to understand and it’s also one of the best games to play online. It doesn’t require much attention and you can play it wherever you are or even while doing something else in the background.

On the other hand, if you like a challenge and like having some strategy involved, then poker might best suit your personality. If you manage to get good enough, you could also make a living playing poker. However, this is not an easy game to master, and unless you already have a set of fundamental skills and traits, you might never be able to become a great poker player.


Both games have something to offer to players, and if you truly want to know which one is the best for you, then you’ll have to give them both a try. If you want to test the waters, you can always look for a place with a good sign up bonus and try a few hands. This is the only way you’ll be able to see which game suits your playing style.

Boosting Your Online Roulette Gaming Experience

So you have just discovered roulette and now you are ready to make some money out of the very high spirited game? If this does in fact sound like you, take a few moments before you sign up to just any online casino and mull over these first time tips for the aspiring roulette player.

Choosing a Roulette Casino

You need to think about the kind of quality experience you want to have. If you are playing roulette online, choosing an online casino is everything. It’s all about the gaming experience, the look and feel of the game, the high quality imagery, the user interaction and the payout percentages. All of these factors are determined by the casino you have chosen. Check out to explore the gaming lobby. This is how online gaming should be, what the variety of games should look like and what the quality of the actual look and feel of the casino is judged as.

Roulette Variances

Next up is to look for variants of the game. You see, many online casinos offer roulette as a gaming option but not many have quality variants. There are a number of versions of roulette that you can play; the trick is to find a casino that offers this to you on a silver platter.

Another advantage of playing a roulette variance is the amount of knowledge it teaches you. When you are bored of the one try another. You already have the basic knowledge of how the game works and the other variants are loosely based on the same game play.

Roulette Tournaments

If you’re in it to win it, get the gold by joining online casino roulette tournaments. These games are filled with intense game play and spontaneous gaming interaction. Roulette tournaments aren’t easy to come by but don’t give up, if you find an online casino that gives you access to them, sign up and give it a go!

Free Games

Before you delve into the thick of it all, practice your roulette strategies on free games offered online or by notorious online casinos. These games can also be used to boost your confidence before heading into a tournament or playing for a high stakes round at the tables. Free gaming opportunities are easy enough to come by online and have been known to improve players strategies immensely the best way possible, by learning first hand!

Mobile Roulette

Take your favourite game with you wherever you go and kill time in the bathroom by practicing your roulette strategy. This method will get you on point in no time.  Access mobile games from your device and create your own gaming account which will grant you access to your personal casino account, an impressive gaming variety and promotional offers that prove to be cost effective.

Improve on your gaming strategy, follow a few of these tips and in absolutely no time you will be the king of roulette or boost your roulette gaming experience in the very least.

Playing roulette like James Bond: The strategy

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world and has been for a long time now. This is partly down to the fact that roulette combines suspense, excitement, joy and frustration all at the same time. Furthermore, it is a tough game to beat –many have tried and failed to do so and that is what makes people come back for more. There are numerous different strategies that have been used in order to attempt to beat the casino at Roulette. However, none are as simple and effective as the James Bond roulette strategy.

James Bond is perhaps one of the most successful gamblers to come out of the world of fiction. Add to that his super suave persona and license to kill and you have a character that men want to be and women want to be with. If you are familiar with the James Bond franchise, then you will know that few gamblers have superior finesse and charisma at the casino tables than Mr Bond. And it was Bond’s force of presence at the table and his actual use of the following method that brought about the James Bond roulette strategy.

What you need to know about this strategy is that you can’t just gamble any sum you want. Firstly, you need at least £200 to gamble with. To put it simply, you need to bet £140 on high numbers (19-36) and follow this up with £50 on six numbers (13-18) and then a final £10 on 0 as insurance.

Can I only use this strategy when playing at a live casino?

Although Mr Bond was always a live casino player, if you are an online casino regular then you can still make use of this strategy. The James Bond roulette strategy is perfect to use when you are playing at any online roulette casinos. Moreover, playing online means you don’t have the pressure of a Roulette dealer waiting for you to make your move, so you can learn this strategy at your own pace. Essentially, there are three bets that you must make if you want to play this strategy successfully.

Outcomes of the James Bond strategy

Using this method, should you spin a number from 19 to 36 (with a bet of £140) then you will make a profit of at least £80. Should one of the numbers from 13 to 18 come up, you will make a profit of £100. If you hit the unlikely chance of a 0 and see the green colour on the roulette wheel, then you will make a £160 profit.

Using this strategy, you should be able to make small but regular profits. Chances are that one of your three bets will come through, so you will be able to rake in the money. However, do not fret if the Roulette ball lands on a different number.

What happens if the Roulette ball lands on a number between 1 and 12?

If this unfortunate scenario happens then the best situation is to double your bet by using the Martingale strategy. For this strategy to work, the player must bet double the chips they have lost every time they lose. So if you bet 5 chips and lose, you need to bet 10 in the next round – simple.

Using the Martingale strategy offers an opportunity to quickly re-gain your losses – but remember, this is not guaranteed. If you find yourself losing too much money, then you should always step away from the table. Do not try to recover your losses by betting amounts that you cannot afford to lose. Walk away from the table and try again another day with a fresh body and mind – there will always be a roulette table open for you to play on.

Has the James Bond strategy been proven to work?

The reality is that when it comes to any strategy for casino games, over a prolonged period of time, it is very difficult to come out ahead of the casino. More often than not, the casino wins. When playing Roulette, the odds are always in the favour of the casino. However, if you are clever then you can still come out on top of the casino.

The best way to play the James Bond strategy is by taking a leaf out of the book of Bond himself. Use your brain, play intelligently and get out once you are ahead – don’t go chasing more and more money. Remember, you are likely to lose slightly over 50% of the time. Using this strategy, it is recommended that once you have made your profit for the day, you should immediately leave the table. James Bond knew when to leave a dangerous situation and so should you. Also, the more you win by taking the win and run strategy the more money you will have in your bankroll when you run into an inevitable losing streak.

Would James Bond use this strategy?

More than likely, if Bond gave up his 007 status and job to become a professional roulette player, he would make sure that he took some gadgets from Q branch in order to help him turn the odds in his favour.

With this being said, if technology is your thing then you should read up about roulette computers. Although this is most likely classed as cheating, this is almost certainly what Bond would do if he was taking in the atmosphere at a casino owned by an international terrorist. Although, let’s face it, Bond always wins when it comes to playing card games, no matter what the odds. There is no shortage of casino scenes to choose from in the James Bond franchise. Whether, like in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ he is playing Roulette in Portugal, or fighting bad guys in the setting of a Macau casino, Bond’s visits to casinos are rarely dull.

Summing up

  • The beauty and popularity of the James Bond roulette strategy lies in its simplicity.
  • The player only needs to remember three bets.
  • Bet #1 requires the player to bet at least £140 on numbers between 19-36.
  • Bet #2 requires the player to bet at least £50 on numbers between 13-18.
  • Bet #3 requires that the player bets at least £10 on 0 as an insurance bet.
  • This strategy only works on the European roulette

No roulette strategy is fool-proof, however, using a strategy will almost always increase your chances of winning. The James Bond strategy is, of course, just one of many roulette strategies. If you have not tried this strategy before, then you should give it a go. Many roulette players rate the James Bond strategy as the best. Experience it for yourself and best of luck at the wheel!

Basic Roulette Principles That Every Gambler Should Know

Whenever you are watching a film set in a casino, the roulette table is the first thing that you will usually see. It conjures a sense of mystery, glamour, and excitement, and seeing rich people impassibly placing high-stakes bets without batting an eyelid might lead some people to believe that playing roulette is a walk in the park. In reality, there is a lot of strategy and thought behind this game. Here are a few basic roulette principles that every gambler should know.

Basic Principles

Regardless where you decide to play roulette, you will always encounter these things:

  • Gaming Chips
  • The betting table
  • The Ball
  • The Roulette wheel

If you are playing in a land casino, you will also have a croupier. If you choose to play on the Internet, a croupier is not necessary because this role is accomplished by AI. Another important difference between the digital and physical mediums is that online you can occasionally win free spins and various other extras that will help you out, similar to the king casino bonus uk. Other than that, online and land roulette are virtually the same.

How Odds Work and Types of Bets

In roulette, there are two types of bets: inside bets and outside bets. An inside bet is basically a bet placed on the numbered part of the grid and includes any sum you might choose to position on an intersection or a line. An outside bet describes bet placed on any unnumbered part of the grid, including betting on odd/even or red/black. Inside bets, or bets placed on specific numbers, generally have higher paying odds. Outside bets, on the other hand, are safer and highly recommended to beginners because the stakes are lower.

When placing inside, you can bet:

  • Straight up – pays 35 to 1
  • Split betting – 17 to 1
  • Corner betting – 8 to 1

These are just three types of bets, but they are highly recommended for beginners. As for outside bets:

  • Color betting – 1 to 1
  • Even or odd betting – 1 to 1
  • Column betting on 12 numbers – 2 to 1
  • Dozen betting – 2 to 1

Standard Betting Strategies

While there are tons of highly complex strategies, such as the Fibonacci & Whittaker Roulette System, beginners should stick strictly to simple tactics that involve small bets with high odds and proper bankroll management.

The 50/50 approach is the safest way to learn the game. Ideally, new players should try to invest small sums of money in outside bets. By doing this, you will not lose a lot of money, and once you have the bank to go back to your normal strategy, you will do so without chasing losses. However, this does not mean you will win a lot of money right from the get-go – a small, smartly placed bet is still a win. If you went into roulette hoping to get rich, then you are playing it for the wrong reasons.

Once you get the hang of the game, you can start thinking about placing outside and inside bets. If you are looking to play casually, it is a good idea to stick to outside bets, because, in time, you might get enough bank to play inside bets. Once you reach that point, you can start taking riskier bets without the losses stinging too hard. The most important thing is to exercise patience and restraint because they pay better on the long term.


Roulette is the type of game that most people think is easy, but it is actually deceptively hard. Like poker, blackjack and every other casino game, playing roulette effectively requires a great degree of patience, restraint, and situational awareness. While there are many other strategies and approaches that players can take, the principles highlighted throughout this article are enough to get you started. Have fun!

Newbie’s Ultimate Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

What’s great about online casinos is that you’re not restricted when it comes to cash flow. It’s because you can easily move your money from one online casino to another without any hassle. Because of the fluidity and ease in transferring from one to the other, online casinos realized that they need to be competitive in order to get customers. Thus, online casino bonuses are born. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

  1. Sign-up or Welcome Bonuses

Sign up bonuses are growing in popularity nowadays because of the interesting thought that goes around it. These are also called as welcome bonuses by some as it attracts gamblers into creating an account on a specific online casino site.

So how does this bonus work? Take for example this scenario. Let’s say you deposit $100 on the casino. The casino will then give you another $100 for free, which you can use to bet later on. This means that you get $200 by simply depositing $100.

But as amusing as it sounds, there’s a catch to this. You need to make another deposit for you to bet or even withdraw the bonus. This is what you call as the wagering requirement. This requirement may come in two ways.

It might either be a bonus amount multiple or a multiple of the deposit and bonus’ total amount. This makes the betting requirement look lower than what it’s supposed to be.

  1. No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are the most popular online casino bonus out there. This is also one of the reasons why the page by is growing in popularity among punters. This kind of bonus lets you play games without having to risk your own money.

What’s great about it is that you can easily start your online gambling endeavor even if you don’t have much money. This also lets you earn capital first so that you can enjoy your gambling session later on. Though the bonuses are much smaller, it’s still worth the try.

  1. Cashable Bonuses

Cashable bonuses are smaller in amount compared to other bonuses. However, they’re usually more valuable. This helps you increase your betting variant and size, which leads to higher winning chances. Once you reach the maximum betting target, you can then lower down your betting amount while simultaneously getting the bonus.

  1. Non-Cashable Bonuses

There are also these non-cashable bonuses. These are bonuses you can’t cash out because, in the first place, they’re not even real cash. Most people call these as phantom bonuses because of their intangible element. It’s a bonus that online casinos give you so that you can use it in your games. It’s just like a gaming privilege (e.g. an extra spin).

You also can’t withdraw this one. Instead, the bonus accumulates in your account, making it easier for you to continue playing in the online casino over and over again. Though these are referred to as bonuses, they’re really just a marketing gimmick to give the online casino an edge over its competitors.


To sum it all up, it’s very clear that the growing number of online casinos have a huge effect on its customers. Because of the stiffening competition, online casinos are now making sure that their clients get the best experience. And that’s the whole point of why bonuses exist — to get a steady pool of players.

Getting the game of roulette under your skin

We have all watched a movie or two where guys stand around in the casinos and attempt to win a game of Roulette. While watching the scene unfold, you might wonder how does one play Roulette? Before you learn the basics of Roulette, an interesting fact to know would be that the game of Roulette was named after the French word meaning little wheel, hence the Roulette wheel we use today to play the game with.

When betting on a number on the Roulette wheel, the casino dealer will ask for any roulette offers. This is where any other players are allowed to make a bet on any number on the wheel. When the casino dealer announces that there are no more bets, the Roulette ball will be given a good spin before coming to land on a random number. If that number happens to be yours, you are the Roulette winner!

The aim of the game is to pick the number the spinning ball will fall onto. You can also choose to bet on number combinations, whether the number will be odd or even as well as what colour the ball will fall onto. As there are only two colours on a Roulette wheel, it’s a very easy bet!

There are two common Roulette wheels that include the European wheel that has 37 slots numbered 0-36 and the American wheel that has 38 slots with 0-36 plus a 00. The layout of the wheel includes an inside betting area that has individual numbers on it. The outside betting area has boxes for the columns, red and black and odd and even as well as different groups of numbers, all ready to play and bet on. The numbers on the inside of the wheel are arranged in 12 rows of three numbers that form three vertical columns and the 0 and 00 are at the top of the columns.

If you wish to play on the inside bets, you can choose from a number of types of inside bets which include:

Straight Up – This bet is a wager on a single number and it pays 35 to 1.

Split Bet – This is a wager on two numbers and it pays 17 to 1.

Street bets or line bet – This wages pays 11 to 1.

Corner bet or Quad bet – This bet pays 8 to 1.

Basket bet – This bet is a five number bet on zero or double zero and numbers-1-2-3 which pays 6 to 1.

Double Street bet – This is a wager on six numbers and pays 5 to 1.

If you play on the outside bets, you can also choose from a few types of different bets such as:

Red Black Odd and Even – These bets are all even-money bets.

Dozens bet – This bet is made on the 12 consecutive numbers and it pays 2 to 1.

Column bets – These bets are also 12 number bets and also pays 2 to 1.

Whether you play for the fun or if you are a professional gambler looking to make some extra cash, Roulette is one of the easiest and most rewarding gambling games to play.

LadyLucks mobile casino review

Whilst the online casino realm is as competitive as ever, LadyLucks have looked to take on the market with their impressive new mobile casino app.

Most of us will have first encountered an online casino via a web browser on a desktop computer, but seeing as mobile gaming is an increasingly lucrative business, it makes sense for LadyLucks to adapt to this trend with their own app.

The app downloads quickly to iOS devices, and it’s good to see that regardless of whether you’re playing on a small smartphone or a large tablet the developers have ensured that the app is suited for use on a variety of screen sizes.

Upon loading up the app, you can either sign into the LadyLucks lobby or go through the relatively straightforward signing up procedure. Whilst signing up to any site can be a bit of chore, LadyLucks have been careful to make it a little bit more pleasurable by providing a welcome bonus of no less than £20 to play with on any of the games.

Once you’ve signed in, then the app has a simple menu screen that allows you to browse the game types, check out the promotions, and optimise the settings for your own gaming needs.

There’s a huge amount of games to play on the app with the mega jackpot slots games like Isle O’Plenty, Siberian Storm and Cleopatra all offering their own distinctive themes and pleasing graphics that look great on any display.

And whilst the prospects of playing blackjack in HD on a smartphone is pretty cool, it’s the roulette offerings that are most enticing. Thankfully, it seems as though the app developers have really done its homework as they’ve created a great simulation of a three-dimensional roulette game with fantastic graphics of a roulette wheel along with statistical and play reports feature to keep the gameplay fast and fun.

Furthermore, there’s a great way that you can switch between European and American roulette mid-game if you fancy raising your odds of picking up a win. Plus the ability to customise your chips at the roulette table is another nice touch that’s missing from many other casino apps.

And with plenty of other great features that include a promotions page that details when you can get your next deposit bonus and be in line to pick up another promotion code, it shows just how much entertainment you can get.

Which Roulette Betting Layout is best?

When it comes to you having a winning session playing Roulette online then you are always going to be in the lap of the Gods, however being such a volatile yet completely random table game you could win a small fortune in a very short space of time with some luck in playing!

However, one aspect of playing Roulette online that we think you do need to be aware of is that most casino sites are going to be offering you more than one variant, and every single one of the games you can access and play will have its own unique house edge on offer.

Part of the very fine art of mastering the Roulette wheel is for you to understand fully the differences between each of the variants on offer, and also know just what house edge you can expect when playing every single Roulette game online, and make an effort to only play the variants which do give you the best chances of winning, or not losing as much over the long term!

There are of course three main types of Standard Roulette games available online, and they include the American, European and French variants. When playing the American Roulette game you will discover on the betting layout and on the wheel too there are two zeros in play.

Sadly due to the additional double zero the house edge on that variant is huge working out at 5.28% which means it should be a game you never play! You are going to be much better off playing the European Roulette game which boasts one single zero as that variant has a much lower house edge of some 2.70% on offer.

Unless you prefer placing just even money wagers, in that case the French Roulette game does offer the very lowest house edge on its betting layout on those wagers. That house edge is just 1.35% due to you getting half of your losing even money bets back when zero spins in or on some variants of French Roulette the losing stakes remain on the betting layout for the next spin instead of being removed.

Playing Casino Games at Poker Sites

Many online gamblers do not stick to just one game when having a bet online, for they will tend to play a large and very varied range of games, and that is also very true of online poker players too.

What you are going to find when you play online poker is that there are lots of additional games of chance on offer at those sites not just poker cash ring games or poker tournaments, and as such you will always be able to have a bet on any additional games you fancy trying your luck on.

If you sign up to an online poker site you will find that you can choose to play at any open poker table and once that table has launched and loaded onto your computer screen you can then opt to play a range of casino games in the same window as small side games.

You will find that the Roulette games for example that are available at side games at most online poker sites will give you just as much of a range of different table stake limits as when you are playing at a casino site, and as such you can play for low, medium or even very high stake amounts. There is also the option if you wish to dip your toes in for free games.

However, you will of course want to have the best chance of winning and with that in mind do make sure that you play the Roulette games with the lowest house edges, for if you play for example the American Roulette game you are going to find it can and will suck away at and eat your bankroll away much quicker than when you choose to play the lower house edge Roulette games such as French Roulette or European Roulette!

Using a Mobile Phone Bill to Fund Your Gambling

One thing that we do know every online gambler will experience many times during their gambling career is a time when they have the urge to play for example casino games online but will have no available bankroll to do just that!

There are of course quite a number of ways that you can fund a gaming session online playing many different casino games without actually needing funds to do so, and in this article we shall be looking at many different ways savvy casino game players do just that.

The very first thing that you can do is of course to sign up to as many different casino sites as you possibly can do that are giving away some form of initial no deposit required bonus offer. You will find some casino sites both online and mobile casinos offer their players a no deposit bonus.

The only problem with such bonuses are that they are usually quite low bonuses in their value, and will always come with a huge number of rules in regards to what games you can play, the stakes you can play them for and even how much you can win with those no cost bonus credits!

Free slot spins are also given any by many casino sites to lure in new players, and once again you will find that when you have been given access to a no deposit set of free spins on a slot game as part of a casinos welcome bonus offer you will then have to abide by a lot of rules and terms and conditions before you can cash anything out!

Some casino sites may offer you access to a range of free slot tournaments and other casino game tournaments, and that is one way you could choose to have some gaming action at no cost. However you are also going to find a range of pay by mobile casino sites that will let you play now but pay later!

How Do Pay by Mobile Casino Sites Work?

If you come across a pay by mobile casino then you will first of course need to sign up and register as a new real money player to be able to access and play their range of games for real money, and that process is a fast and hassle free one.

However, when you have logged into your newly opened account you will then need to tap onto the banking section, and by doing so you will then of course discover all of the available banking options available on that mobile casino sites banking interface.

There will be an option called either Boku or PayForIt listed on that banking interface and when you select either of those two options you will then be able to make a small nominal deposit into your real money mobile casino account instantly however the deposit is going to be added onto your next mobile phone bill.

Unless you have a pre-paid type of mobile phone bill account in which case by selecting either the PayForIt or Boku banking option your deposits will be instantly deducted from your pre-paid mobile phone account balance.

Choosing either of those two pay by mobile phone bill options will then allow you to gamble now but pay later if you have a monthly contract with your air time provider, and as you are not going to be allowed to deposit very large amounts of cash you will never run the risk of spending way too much money and then be faced with a huge phone bill when your bill next arrives!

Bonuses are also available if you do fund your mobile casino account using a by pay phone bill banking option, and some of those bonuses will be quite high in value so they are worth tracking down and using when you do fancy giving your favourite casino games some play time!

Low Risk Roulette Game Variants

Risk is something that every casino game player is going to be aware of, for every single casino game you can play will have a built in house edge and that is the amount of cash the casino is expected to win off you over your long term play.

However, what you will also find when playing quite a number of different casino game variants is that some games can be designed as either low, medium or high variance games, meaning the likelihood of you winning when playing those games and the value of your winning payouts will vary depending on the volatility of the game you have chosen to play.

That is actually very true of Roulette games for you are going to come across a huge range of different variants on offer to you as a real money online player, and half of the battle as such as a  player is knowing just which Roulette games offer the lowest levels of risk overall.

As Roulette is a random game and when playing online you will be at the mercy of a random number generator you may be wondering whether it matters which Roulette games you end up playing in regards to whether you are going to win or lose.

Well, it does matter! As such below we are going to give you a quick insight into just which Roulette game variants are going to be offering you the lowest levels of risk and highlighting just which variants will be the best ones to play based on the types of bets and wagers you do wish to place on the betting layout too.

Also, once you have finished reading though this article please do take a look at the website for that site is jam packed full of very valuable information that every single casino game player is going to find very useful in regards to selecting which casino games to play online and which casino sites to play those games at!

House Edges on Different Roulette Games

As we have explained above the house edge is a figure that a casino is expected to win off you as a percentage of your stakes over you long term play, as a casino operator the highest house edge games are going to give you the most profit over the long term.

Therefore as a player the Roulette game variants and in fact any type of casino game you do decide to play should be the ones offering you the lowest house edges, as the casinos will not win as much of your stakes off you over your long term play when you play those types of casino games.

Below we have listed the three most popular Roulette games currently available online, and you will find the necessary house edge information on each of those Roulette games below too, which will enable you to make the best decision on just which ones of them to track down and play.

European roulette is a game that offers players a 2.70% house edge, and as such if you enjoy placing bets and wagers on virtually every possible betting location on the layout that is a game worth playing due to that very low and modest house edge.

American Roulette on the other hand is a very poor valued Roulette game variant for players for when playing it you will be up against an enormous house edge of some 5.26% which is due to their being two zeros in play on the wheel of that variant, so it’s a game you should never play.

French Roulette is the lowest house edge Roulette game variant but only if you place even money paying bets and wagers, as the house edge on those bets will be just 1.35% due to you either getting half of your losing even money bets back or those best stay on the layout whenever a zero is spun in on the wheel of this game.