Betting on Colors: Perfect Roulette Strategy?

Except for the zero (single and double) which has the color green, the numbers in roulette are basically divided into two types – those that are colored red and those that are black. In roulette, you can make bets based on these colors. This kind of bet is called the Color Bet. In this bet, the players would only have to predict whether the next spin will result to a Red or Black number.

The Color Bet field in the roulette betting layout can be found labelled in its respective color. Just like in this image below:

Since this is an outside bet, the payoff for a Color Bet is 1 to 1. This means that, for example, your £1 will win another £1. Depending on the casino, the zeros are not oftentimes not included in the colored bet.

What makes this bet quite popular, especially among beginners, is that it’s so easy to carry out and there’s no need to think that much. A player only has to choose between red or black.

Furthermore, you don’t have to bother yourself as to what number came up. In an online roulette casino, you just have to look at the color of the pocket to where the ball lands.

Chances of Winning

Betting in Red or Black is a great way to play and win in roulette. In this setup, the player’s chance of winning a spin is almost 50/50. Note: it is said “almost” because we cannot discount the casino advantage (which is the single and double zero). This means that if the ball falls on either of the zeros, you would lose no matter which color you chose.

For exact figures, the odds of winning in a European roulette when betting on colors are 48.64%. In the American roulette, the player’s chance is smalle at 47.36%. Still, both figures are quite impressive.

How to Bet in Colors

As already stated, Betting in Colors is very easy. Perhaps this is as simple as betting on Odd or Even. All of you have to do is device which color you would like to put your chips. Here’s the breakdown of the numbers:

  • There are 8 even and 10 odd numbers in Red
  • There are also 8 even and 10 odd numbers in Black
  • 0 and 00 are green

Strategies to Pair With

Betting in Colors is by itself, quite effective. However, if you want to maximize further your profits, you can use even money bet systems like this or this.

Successful Color Bets in History

One of the most famous color bets made in the history of the game was done by Ashley Revell. In 2004, he left London and flew to Vegas with everything he has worth £135,000. To say that this is a high-risk gambling journey would be an understatement. It’s a one-way trip because he already got no place to return to should he lose.

The whole world held its breath (the game was televised) as he put all that he had on black. In a sudden change of heart, he pushed his chips to Red. The ball landed on 7, which is a red. All of a sudden, Mr. Revell doubled everything he has and went home a happy man.

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