Betting System in Focus: The Base Two Betting System

Roulette, whether it is played in an online or a land-based casino, relies on chances. Every outcome is unique in itself and there is no possible way (at least legally) to predict where the roulette ball will land in the wheel.

However, there are still players who claim that, by adjusting the roulette bet amounts, the player can actually control the results of the game. This gives him the benefit of an extended game session which further ensure that he gets a fatter chance of winning than losing. And the way to do this is by learning and using roulette betting system.

These betting strategies are yet to be proven mathematically to increase the player’s chances of having a successful roulette gameplay. Still, they can be worth your try in your next online roulette game.

As of this post, we’re going to talk about this great betting system which works perfectly with games which have even money bets like craps, blackjack, and of course, roulette.

Introducing, the Base Two Betting system. Sometimes called the Level Two betting system, this particular method can be extremely helpful for novice roulette players or those who wants to play the game in the safe side.

The Basics of Base Two Betting System

Being a positive progression type of bet, the Base Two requires players to increase bets only when hitting a win streak. Otherwise, he reduces back to his original bet unit when he lose at any point of the game. Players, when using the system, needs to set a maximum betting limit and place it when he wins. He also needs to establish the amount of his initial bet and stick to it until he hits a winning streak.

Taking hints from the name itself, you might have guessed that the system has two defining options: the player makes the maximum bet (if winning) or go back to base one (if losing).

It should be remembered that when setting up a minimum and maximum bet, the player should be wary of the table’s limit. He should also be keeping in mind the capacity of his bankroll and how much he can afford to lose in the bets.

Using the System

To better understand the flow of the method, consider this short illustration: suppose the player sets his minimum bet on £5 and maximum on £20. As instructed, the first wager should be £5 on an outside bet like Red/Black, Even/Odd, and 1-18/19-36.

If the outcome of the spin didn’t favor the player, then he doesn’t have to change the original amount of his bet. But, if he wins, the next wager he makes should be the maximum right away, in this case, £20.

As you might have noticed, Base Two works in such a way that is opposite to other positive progression bets like this one and this one, whereby the increases made (when winning) are done rather gradually. In Base Two you only got two options: win, go max; lose, go min.

Pros and Cons

The Base Two Betting system is probably one of the easiest roulette betting strategy I’ve ever come across with. It’s very easy to use and remember. And this is its strength. However, its straightforward nature gives way to its weakness. The thing is, unlike the other positive progression bets, it is not indicated in Base Two that you need to stock up after making a successful series. In such case, you would only have to continue indefinitely. And since there are equal chances of winning as of losing, you might just eventually end up with your gain vs. capital close to going even. Which means, there could be no profit to be made at all.

Still, Base Two is a good method to use when you’re bent on playing roulette without losing too much while at the same time, increasing the odds of increasing your bankroll size.

Enjoy and good luck on your next roulette game!

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