Betting System in Focus: The Base Five Casino Betting System

There’s always this debate with regards to the usefulness of betting system when playing online roulette. While it’s true that there still isn’t a single strategy that has been made that could mathematically beat the casino advantage, we still believe that applying a specific system in your roulette gameplay can really increase the likelihood of you not losing a lot of money.

We explained before that while betting systems can’t really help you win, it can, however, help you manage your bankroll. In a sense, a well-managed payroll means you’d still have an ample amount of fund to be used to play roulette. Consequently, this allows you to play more rounds, and the longer you stay at the table, the higher the chances for you to win.

Our purpose in this post is to introduce yet another betting strategy which we believe can help you have a more enjoyable and (most of all) profitable roulette online game session.

The Base Five Casino Betting System

The Base Five is yet another favourite betting method of ours which belong to the category of positive progressive betting systems. It is best used in games which has even-money bets like our favourite roulette. Again, a progressive type of bet calls the player to increase his wagers only when on a winning streak and reduce when losing.

To put it simply, the Base Five method uses this betting sequence: 1-2-3-5. As you might have guessed, each number in the pattern coincides to the number of units that you have to bet.

How to Use the System

As we often remind our dear readers, in almost any betting strategy to use, the player must first set a betting limit before he actually engage in a game. The ways to do this is by knowing the limits set on the table, the size of the bankroll, and the money the player is willing to lose through his wagers.

With everything being set, you should now be on your way to playing the game with the Base Five strategy.

To better explain how to use this roulette betting technique, consider this illustration:

Suppose a player enters the game with a minimum bet of £5. Following exactly the betting sequence mentioned above, the first wager he has to make must be £5. If he wins, the second bet should now be £10. Another win means he goes up to £15. And to complete the betting cycle (again, if he still wins this time), the amount he bets should now be £25.

It is important to remember that after completing the 1-2-3-5 series, which in a sense proved the method to be successful, the player should revert back using the initial betting amount which is £5, in the case of the example above.

Now, talking about the real world: if the player loses at any point in the sequence, it is imperative for him to reset the cycle. For instance, he wins at stage 1 so he moves up to £10. He wins again at the second stage so he bets £15. However, if he loses, he goes back to £5.

Pros and Cons

What makes Five Base a popular system among players is its simplicity and ease of application. You just have to memorize the four-numbered series and you’re good to go.

Moreover, being a positive progressive betting system, Base Five prevents the player from losing too much of his bankroll since he only increases his bet when on a winning streak.

The problem with the system, however, lies on the mere fact that roulette is a game of independent random events. Every new spin of the wheel has nothing to do with the previous result. This makes the game so precarious and so, it might not be easy to sweep the four betting steps in one try.

All in all, the Base Five is a perfect system for those who wants to play online roulette with the lesser risk of losing their money.

We hope you good luck and enjoyment in your next roulette game.

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