Betting System in Focus: The Flat Betting Casino System

Passionate players of roulette, both in land-based or online casinos, might be familiar of the betting systems. They are believed to help roulette players increase their odds of winning against the house. If you are one of those enthusiasts who utilize these methods in your gameplay, then you might be aware that most of them would involve some form of mathematical progression.

The betting system this post will be tackling about, the Flat Betting System, is a different case.

This roulette betting strategy is plain simple: players would only have to repeatedly bet the same amount of wager and then hope for a winning streak.

A Pocket-Friendly System

This system is favoured mostly by players who have just began playing the casino game. Aside from the fact that it is very simple enough to understand as well as easy to execute on the table, players are not supposed to wager the amount of bet which is beyond what their payroll could allow.

For example, you are setting your betting limit at £200 and plans on wagering £2 on each spin. This means that at the worst scenario where you won’t register any winnings, you’d be up for about 100 spins of the wheel.

Of course, even the most unlucky roulette players could still experience a couple or more wins in one sitting. Which is why, we’re pretty much confident that by using the Flat Betting Casino strategy, you won’t be leaving the roulette game table with an empty pocket.

Applying the System

To better understand how the Flat Betting system works, consider this short illustration. Suppose you are betting on Red 5. However, it’s a Black 8 that comes up after the spin. You now lose one unit of bet. In the next round, you wager yet another one unit on the same number. Still, you’re bet didn’t get through. Now you lose a total of two units.

Considering this situation, even if the player didn’t manage to win, his bankroll will still be in a great shape provided that he wagers not more than 1%-2% of his betting funds.

In a nutshell: the Flat Betting Casino System isn’t about hitting that one, life-changing win like when you use methods like Martingale or Fibonacci. The goal here is to minimize the risk of burning out your bankroll and hurdling into failure. At the same time, since the system requires players to stick to a particular amount of betting unit, this further helps them to resist the temptation of going overboard with their stakes.


One apparent benefit of the Flat Betting System, as already mentioned earlier, is that it gives the player the ability to control his spending. Since he must set a betting limit before engaging in a game, this enables him to have a better grasp on the size of his betting funds – how much was added or subtracted.

This advantage serves well to players who, in some unknown reason, may suffer from a long streak of loses.

On the other side, people would say that using the Flat Betting System can quickly make the game so boring since you’re betting the same amount every time. If you come to think of it, their rationale makes sense because roulette is about riding the wave of thrill and excitement.

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