Betting System in Focus: The Lucky Numbers System

Most of the betting systems we feature here are usually targeted for use in the even money bets. Betting strategies like The One Half Up, The Oscar’s Grind, or The Law of the Third are best applied in bets of 1:1 payouts like Red/Black, Odds/Even, or 1-18/19-36. However, the betting system we are going to focus on today takes on a different approach, as the player will be targeting specific numbers on the roulette table.

What we are referring here is The Lucky Numbers System. We will explain to you the basics as to how the system works and why it is worth the try the next time you log-in to play your favourite online roulette casino game.

Overview of the Lucky Numbers System

The Lucky Numbers, despite the enticing name it bears, is a very high risk strategy to use when playing online roulette. Players who experienced using the system could attest to the high cost of running the system in a single roulette gameplay.

But setting aside these warnings, the Lucky Numbers System works in a pretty much simple way as the player would only have to pick his “lucky number,” make his bet, and pray for it to win.

How to Use the System

A player who uses this strategy starts off by choosing a “lucky number/s” from the roulette wheel. Most pick from their birthday combinations, their wedding anniversary dates, or just about any number they could pull off from thin air.

After selecting the lucky number, the player then place 1 unit bet for this number at the roulette table. Should it win, congratulations! It just proved that the system was successful. An even greater news is that the player has won 35 times that of his original bet.

On the other side of the story, if the player loses, then he’ll place 1 unit bet higher from what he previously placed. If it loses again, he adds yet another 1 unit bet, which now makes his current bet 3X that of the original wager. Such trend continues until the lucky number wins.

To better explain the strategy, consider this illustration:

Bet Size Outcome Profit/Loss
£1 Loss -£1
£2 Loss -£3
£3 Loss -£6
£4 Loss -£10
£5 Loss -£15
£6 Loss -£21
£7 Win £224 (35:1 Payout)


As you can see, the strategy is pretty much straightforward but the payout is quite massive if you have already accumulated a huge stake up ahead. You may ask if it works? Mathematically speaking, yes. In theory, there is always a fair chance for any number in the wheel to come out at least once in every 37 (or 38, if played in American roulette) spins. Other than that, players sometimes have this gut feel for a specific number. Still, there are roulette enthusiasts who take hints from the urban legends. Here’s a list to some of the Lucky Numbers to Bet When Playing Roulette.

The Breakeven Point

While it’s true that the longer you play with a losing streak, the bigger is the build-up when you win a spin, there is however a limit to such condition. There will be a point in a particular gameplay when using the system that the size of the win equally amounts to the total bet losses.

For example, when using a 1 unit bet, after 70 losing spins, the player would have lost 2,485 units of bet. If fortune finally strikes on the 71st spin, he should win exactly 2,485 betting units. This is why, the 71st winning spin, after a uniformed losing streak, is called the breakeven point.

This further means that for the player to really make a huge profit while using the system, he needs to hit a winning number even at least once BEFORE or DURING the 70th spin.

Pros and Cons

The main advantage of using the Lucky Numbers system is the fact that the roulette player can really make a handsome profit and it’s more likely to happen than not. On top of that, there’s this undeniable tension and excitement to feel every time the croupier let go of the ball as you anticipate for it to land on your number. What a great moment of victory would that be, that is IF your lucky number wins.

The downside here is that you might need a hefty bankroll size for you to make it to the 70th winning spin, if that’s what it takes. If you, for example, is playing at a table with a £5 minimum bet, you’ll need a lot of cash to keep up!

All in all, we say that the Lucky Numbers betting system is not for the faint of heart and those that have shallow pockets. The betting requirement can be so big. However, the gains to reap could be as enormous as well.

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