Betting System in Focus: The Four Spin Roulette

We discussed in a previous article the role the dealer has in determining your “luck” when playing roulette. It is popularly being referred to as the dealer bias wherein, there is a belief that a croupier has the tendency to exhibit “unconscious habit” in spinning the wheel. Pro roulette players bank on the notion that if a dealer spins the ball with the same velocity each time, then there’s a possibility that it will take a definite length of travel before dropping into a numbered pocket. This is called “dealer’s signature.”

In this latest instalment of Betting System in Focus, we’ll look into a betting strategy that exploits the dealer’s signature. We call this method the Four Spin Roulette.


In a nutshell, Four Spin Roulette is just about the player, waiting out for the last four numbers to come up before he makes a bet. The spins must be done by the same dealer. Otherwise, the player may have to start over again to wait for another batch of four last roulette spins.

Using the System

As hinted above, utilizing the Four Spin Roulette Betting System can be quite tricky. However, if the player can get used to it, then it will come out to be easy enough and highly rewarding, as well.

Important reminder: all the previous 4 spins must be delivered by the same dealer.

The player will start with the cycle only after the winning spin. He has to stop when he suffers two consecutive loses and also if there is a change of a dealer.


To better understand the system, let us consider this scenario:

Suppose you are at a table and a number comes up – 15. The second spin, 17. The third is 31. The fourth is 2. Now, in the next spin, the result is 31 (the same as with the third event). The player has now qualified the dealer since one of the previous four numbers has come up.

For the next spin, the player bets one unit on 15, 17, 2, and 31. If one of the numbers will come out, then the system has been proven effective at this early stage. If not, then the numbers for the next spin would be 17, 2, 31, plus the winning number at that round. In the next round, the winning number is 2, for example. The player wins 32 chips back plus the bet for that number. In the following bet, the numbers will be: 17, 31, 5, and 2.

For example, the next number is 8 – a lost round. In this case, the numbers to use in the next round is 31, 5, 2, and 8. If the result is not in favourable again, then the system calls on for the player to leave the table and look for another one to start all over again.

This system works great in online casino websites because their roulette games have boards which show history of number results. This makes it easy to keep track on the winning and losing spins.

Meanwhile, the player needs a huge amount of patience to carry off the Four Spin Roulette System because it can take hours before a player can qualify the dealer.



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