Betting System in Focus: The One Half Up

Both offline and online casino players have been constantly trying to develop and innovate betting systems that will allow them to gain edge against the house.

Generally speaking, wagering systems are based on raising and lowering your bets. It is sometimes being referred to as money management strategies. There are two sub-categories to these systems; a negative betting or a positive betting progression.

Negative Progressions

Negative progressions are systems that calls the player to increase bets after a loss. Its goal is to get back to even after a win. The most common example of this is the Martingale where players have to double their bet after every loss. Needless to say, this kind of progression can be very dangerous to practice as one can lose his entire bankroll with the hope of offsetting the losing streak.

Positive Progressions

The opposite of the aforementioned scenario is the positive progression wherein the player is called to bet more when in a winning streak and less when losing. To illustrate this concept, let’s bring out this article’s Betting System in Focus: The One Half Up.

The Basics of One Half Up Betting System

In its essence, the One Half Up requires a player to remain constant with his initial bet and increase only when he wins two bets in a row. From here, he can already increase the bet by one-half (50%) of his original bet. For an illustration, consider this scenario:

A player makes a £10 bet and wins. He is now even but he doesn’t need to progress just yet. He bets the same amount in the next spin and wins again. He is now ahead with £10. With two consecutive wins, he should now increase 50% of his bet, which is now £15.

In this case, he has a profit of £5 which he can take stock. Should he win one more time in the next round, the succeeding amount of his bet must be £20.

If luck suddenly runs out, the player returns to his initial betting unit which is £10. All in all, he still got £15 in the clearing.

Who Uses the One Half Up?

This betting system is very popular among online roulette players, most especially the beginners. Unlike seasoned roulette players, novice casino gamers still find it hard to memorize sequences of other betting systems which are, oftentimes, quite complicated. Even more so, greenhorn players are not that keen when it comes to sizing up bet unit sizes. In this system, all they have to remember is to win twice in a row and only then they can move up their bet by half.

Aside from the newbies, One Half Up is also a go-to roulette betting formula among players who don’t mind grinding up to get huge accumulated wins. If one has to take a look at the system, it is indeed quite a bit “grindy” and the rate of the profit’s increase is slow.

However, the beauty of this technique lies on the fact that it greatly reduces the risk for the player to burn out his bankroll fast.

Admittedly, the One Half Up Betting system is best used when playing blackjack. But the sound logic behind the money management method makes it very applicable to other casino games like baccarat, craps, and of course, roulette.



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