The Case of Roulette Number Sequences and How To Take Advantage of It

As what we have said over and over again, roulette, whether you’re talking about live or RNG, is a random game. The wheels being used to play don’t have any capacity to remember the last outcome.

That is, for every event that the ball is spun, the outcome has no direct connection with what came out in the past. Even more so, it won’t affect what will appear next time.

In the American roulette wheel, for example, number 17 has the probability of 1/38 (1 chance out of the 38 numbers) coming up for every spin. Suppose 17 has emerged as a winner for 5 consecutive times already. At the sixth round, that number will once again have a 1/38 probability of winning.

With that fact already established, let us look how it can be connected to the roulette number sequences and how you, as a player, can take advantage of this.

Repeating Numbers

Since all numbers have 1/38 odds of appearing each turn, then we can say that for a number to come up again and again won’t be a rare occurrence. Statistically though, a repeat is likely to happen after every 38 spins.

Number Sequences

Expert players usually do their bet placements on groups of adjacent numbers in the roulette wheelhead. The minds behind this game know this for sure. Which is why, they arranged or sequenced the number in a way that if the player is to place wagers on contiguous sectors (based on the roulette wheelhead), he might need to disperse his chips across the roulette betting layout.

A roulette table with casino players

Number Spans

Taking the American roulette wheel as basis again, most popular contiguous bet combinations work around the center column. If you take a closer look at it, this betting section features the span from numbers 23 to 5 with 0, 7, 9, 28, 30 in the gaps. Looking at the roulette wheelhead, this bet was able to cover a span of 15 numbers. This is actually 2/5 of the entire wheel perimeter.

Betting Types Based on This Number Sequence

To make use of this number sequence, a player may make use of the following betting combinations:

  1. Column + Straight-Up

Player puts a straight-up bet on the numbers 0, 7, 9, 28, and 30, and then on the center column.

  1. Column + Street

Player puts a street bet on the row of 7, 8, 9 and on 28, 29, 30. He would then mix it up with a center column.

  1. Column Only

A player can definitely go right on the center column. He might have to hope that the ball won’t hit the gaps in between.

Again, we will reiterate the fact that this there’s no possible way to influence the outcome of a spin, unless of course, it is being acted upon. Each result drawn out from a spin is pure random. These are only some of the best betting placements done by roulette professionals. While they don’t guarantee a sure win, they do, however, provide good coverage of the numbers found in the roulette betting layout. It’s always luck that we can depend upon.

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