The Coolest Casino Promo for November 2017

The wind is getting colder, snow might now be falling in some place, the Holiday season is already around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited for this.

Whether you’re a believer of Santa and his throng of elves preparing gifts for the nice (and the naughty), or not, it’s possible you’re waiting for something very surprising to fall on your lap in the coming days. While we are no Santa, we are, however, happy to announce some of the biggest news that you would like to see and hear at the time of writing.

Ladies and gents, be prepared for this slate of the coolest casino promos from our favourite online casino friends.

For teasers, here’s what you’re about to get: Surprise Spins, Free Spins, Royal Spins, or a whopping 256GB Black iPhone X! So stick around because we are about to bare the details for you.

Sunday Surprise Spins from All British

The weekend is here and we all know what we need – a nice relaxing day at the house wearing nothing but the jammies while all curled up in front of a screen playing slot machine. All British serves just the right weekend getaway pill with their Sunday Surprise Spins. This time, it’s the game “Diamond Cats” from Amatic Games.

Loyal players who deposited in the last seven days will receive some Surprise Spins on “Diamond Cats.” Just play the game on Sunday, Nov. 26, with a minimum bet of 10p and a maximum of £50 to grab these amazing free spins and other surprises. Prizes will automatically go to their accounts.

Feeling lucky but you still don’t have your All British Casino account, why not sign up today? Follow this link right here.

Royal Spins from Royal Panda

Love to play slot machine casino games? So do we! Which is why we are happy to share the news of yet another great opportunity to win Royal Spins and free spins from Royal Panda Casino.

Pack your bags and set yourself for an amazing adventure to the shimmering Emerald Isle with “Finn and the Swirly Spin.” With the inclusive promo dates of Nov. 23 – Nov. 29, you can win the following:

  • 25 free spins when you deposit at least £25 or more within the given dates
  • 25 Royal Spins when you deposit £250 or more within the given dates
  • 175 Royal Spins! When you deposit everyday from 23-29 of November

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a Royal Panda account today to start your journey to Finn’s world.

Play for Glory at Mr. Smith Casino

Mr. Smith is offering to their fans the newest game with an “X” factor. “The King of Macedonia” is finally here and to celebrate the arrival of the great Alexander the Great, the casino is bringing in huge and exciting prizes fit for a king.

Play King of Macedonia between Nov. 23 to Nov. 29 and wager at least £50 or more each day, within the given dates to win lots of cash prizes. For a grand finale, the player who gets to the top will get a 256GB iPhone X black!

Ready to bring home the newest phone from Apple? Looking for some slot machine action? Sign up for your Mr. Smith Casino account today.



Placing Bets When Playing Roulette: Does the Seat Placement Really Matter?

While others may believe that the only thing that matters most in a roulette game is what the roulette wheel tells, there are also other aspects which may or may not have a direct effect on the success of a roulette gameplay.

People may disregard them as just one of those old wives’ tales, but knowing the right seat to take can affect how you play the game, especially when you’re in a land-based casino.

First off, a player should consider looking for a seat that is comfortable and can accommodate proper body posture. This prevents the body from getting stressed out especially if the game lasts that long. If this is not observed, an aching body will eventually affect how you play the game. For sure, anyone with an aching back won’t be able to focus his attention in the game when he’s suffering from the uneasiness brought by the pain.

After comfort, comes the aspect of strategic positioning. Yes, it does matter and here’s the reason why. If the player wants to reach all the parts of the betting layout, he needs to take that particular seat which serves the purpose.

A busy roulette session

Know that timing is of the essence when playing roulette, even more so when it comes to putting your wagers. Basically, the betting begins once all the bets from the previous round, both winning and losing, were already cleared or paid out by the dealer. Now that the layout is cleared, the croupier will begin receiving the bets. The players approximately have about one minute to make their bets.

Players can still make wagers though even during or while the ball is rolling in the wheel. However, when the ball starts to decelerate or slow down, the dealer will now wave his hand over the table and will say, “no more bets, please.” After which, everything is now being left to lady luck.

Any bets made after this point will be dismissed. There are cases when the player has unknowingly made a past post (a bet placed after the allowed period) and the dealer will just void his bet. The worst thing that could happen here is for the floor manager/supervisor to take further action, like kicking the player out of the establishment.

Again, time is of the essence when placing bets which is why the player needs to gain full access of every single bet made available in the roulette table. To do this, he will have to take that favourable seat.

So what are these “perfect” seats to take?

Depending on the shape of the table and the given situation, these are typically the best seats where all of the betting parts are reachable:

  • Seats at the center of the front of the roulette table
  • The last seat around the backside
  • The last seat next to the dealer

If possible, avoid the seat where the column bets are located.

Now there are times when the crowd can get dense, in this case, the player would be left with no choice but to make do of what’s available.

If you wish to free yourself from this dilemma, then we have a perfect solution just for you! Why not play in an online casino?

Roulette games in online casinos aren’t all RNG’s (random number generator). In fact, there are web casinos in UK that offer live roulette gameplay.

Playing live roulette does feel like playing in a real, brick and mortar casino. This article dishes more reasons why it’s best to play live dealer roulette online.

In case you’re looking for a live dealer roulette online, then we recommend these web casinos:

  1. Codeta Casino
  2. Euromoon Casino
  3. Gala Casino
  4. All British Casino
  5. Royal Panda Casino

How to Stay Safe and Secure When Playing Online Roulette

While some play online roulette just for the sheer pleasure of it, others are getting into the game in hopes of earning money. But for them to draw real cash, they have to opt in using the same thing. With real money involved, it’s not surprising at all that there will come forth a horde of predators who will prey on the pockets of these unsuspecting online casino players.

With this situation at hand, it might be right to ask if it’s really safe playing roulette online? And is there a way to keep oneself from falling victim of such crimes?

The truth of the matter is, the Internet CAN be a very dangerous place. It’s a given advice for anyone who puts their hard-earned money on the line to remember that they are on the Web and that anything can happen for them here.

In this article, we give some pointers on how to stay safe and secure when playing roulette online.

Play with the Proper Gear

The only way to gain access on the Internet is through a PC, a laptop, or a mobile device. One of them is your gateway to having fun and earn profit. Given its importance, somehow, it’s best to call them as your “tools of the trade.” A barber’s tool of trade is his scissors; a musician, his guitar or piano. Most probably, they won’t come to the workplace with a blunt tool or an out of tune instrument. They need to be in the pristine working condition, or else they will fail at their job. Same as with playing online roulette: your computer (in any form) should be in a tip top shape. They need to have the newest operating system installed, security update patched, etc. Even if a website casino claims to be secure and can cater any OS or type of computer, you’d still definitely reap the benefits when you go for that extra mile.

Take Extra Care of Your Account and Credit Card Information

It goes without saying that you should never share your online casino account information with anyone over the phone or chat. It is supposed to be private and it should only you, and no one else, who gets to know about it.

As with your credit card info, same advice applies. Moreover, when doing a transaction, make sure you are hosted in a secure connection. One tell-tale sign would be the padlock symbol and the word “secure” found beside a website address. Take a look at an example below.

Trust Your Gut

Sometimes, there are web casinos that would tell you to download a certain software on to your PC so that you can play their games. If you are worried it might bring a host of viruses and malwares, stick to sites which offer instant flash games. They play on the browser and you don’t need to download anything. Still there are sites which have both options. In this case, you might be limited to games playable only through flash.

Opt for Trusted Names

To further safeguard your credit card identity from any fraudulent acts, make sure that the site you choose is known, not necessarily famous, but well-respected. You must have seen them getting advertised on TV or heard them being recommended by a friend.

If you ask us, then these are the online casino names that we trust the most. We believe they can give you the best kind of online casino entertainment which is also safe, secure, and fair.

List of casinos:

Euromoon Casino

Mybet Casino

LeoVegas Casino

Royal Panda

Celtic Casino

Gala Casino

Mr. Smith Casino

All British Casino

Mr. Green Casino

Codeta Casino

Newest Casino Bonuses and Promos You Should Check Out Before July Ends

July has gone so fast and we’re now approaching the month of August. New month means new surprises coming up, but there’s still quite a few offerings left that any online casino game players should check out.

We’re talking about the hottest casino bonuses and promos from our favourite online casino partners. There’s something for everyone in this list of goodies we made for you: free spins, cashback offers, balance boosters, and a trip to Italy! Stay tuned for that last one because it could be you who will be lucky enough to go down south.

Without any further ado, let’s begin laying the details:

Mr. Green Casino

Are you ready to take on the dealer on the race to 21? At Mr. Green, your weekend Blackjack night is going to be more interesting thanks to their limited cashback offer. Yes, you can play with an extra of up to £10 in Bonus Cash this weekend.

Just grab your seat at Mr. Green’s Common Draw Blackjack table this Saturday and Sunday. With a cumulative total wager of £20 per day, you will be instantly awarded £5 Cashback Bonus. Now that’s more money to make that hit!

Interested? Who isn’t? Make your Mr. Green Casino account today! Link here.

Gala Casino

Want to get more bang for your buck? At Gala Casino, your bankroll would literally fatten up thanks to their Payday Balance Booster. Every month, members can get up to £300 worth of payday balance boosts. All you have to do is make that deposit at the end of every month and Gala Casino will give 25% extra of that amount.

The 25% bonus balance will automatically go straight to your account so that you’d have more money to play and have more chances to win.

Did you like what you read? Of course you do! Then sign up for your Gala Casino account via this link right here.

All British Casino

Looking for ways to take your slot machine gaming experience to the next level? And win lots and lots of free spins this weekend? Then head over to All British Casino and be ready to take into an adventure to become the ultimate Warlord.

This Friday (07-28-17) and Saturday (07-29-17), 50 free spins await for those who are brave enough to take up the task. Simply head over to Net Entertainment’s latest slot machine game offering, “Warlords,” and fight your way to the top. Whether you want to be the Samurai, the Priestess or the Barbarian, this battle for greatness will surely make the sparks flying this weekend.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your All British Casino account by entering this link.

Mr. Smith Casino

Whether you’re after the well-aged wines, the home-cooked pastas, or to stroll at the piazzas, there’s more than a handful of reasons why everyone loves to visit Italy. Here’s the good news: you can get there for FREE!

Win the VIP 3-Night Luxury Italian Getaway for two promo package from Mr. Smith Casino. This is definitely a tour to die for as it includes wine tasting, cooking classes, and lots of dinner events! Who could say no to the private guided tour on the city of Florence and taste the wines of famous local vineyards?

Enticed? So are we! But you got to make it fast to join because the promo only runs until this July 31, Monday.

What to do? For every £10 deposits made and £20 worth of wagers played on any of the casino games at Mr. Smith Casino, you will be entitled to get 1 raffle ticket for each. There are no limits as to how much tickets you could incur. More tickets, more chances of winning!

Draw will be held on August 1 of this year. The lucky winners will get to enjoy the getaway prize from Sept. 4 to Sept. 7.

Did we forget to mention that non-first prize winners can get a share of the £5,000 prize pool? Yes, 50 players can win as much as £100 each.

Can’t wait to pack up your holiday luggage already? Register for a Mr. Smith Casino account now to begin your Italian journey!

Newest Online UK Casino Promos You Need to Check Out this Summer

Weekends are great especially if you’re spending it with your favourite online casino games right at the comfort of your own home. To make it even more awesome, we are rounding up in this post some of the newest online UK casino promos that you might want to check out. Of course, these promos and bonuses are brought to you by our favourite online casino partners who have been offering the best selection of online casino games.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list:

The Warmest Welcome Bonus from Euromoon Casino

There’s no reason why you should not stop by at this premiere online casino where you can find a wide variety of roulette game options that you will surely love. Live Roulette, Golden Ball Roulette, Ra Roulette, Sizzling Hot Roulette, you name it: they have it all here!

And if that is not enough to whet your appetite, Euromoon Casino is dropping a huge bonus to welcome those who wants to take part in their roulette fanfest. When you sign up to the casino, which you can start by going here, and make a deposit of £100, you become viable to receive £300. Now, you can have thrice the amount of money to play with your favourite roulette casino game.

Receive this well-deserved welcome, make that Euromoon Casino player account today.

Wild Weekend Top Up Bonus from All British Casino

It’s always a pleasure for us to be the bearer of great news. All British Casino is warming up the month and no, it’s not the sun – it’s actually the huge bonus they are offering for their loyal patrons.

This Friday, June 09, until Saturday, June 10, there will be smile in the faces of the casino’s beloved players as they are about to receive a 35% Reload Bonus up to a whopping £200 on their first deposit.

And that’s not all! After locking in with the Reload bonus this weekend, patriotic gamers are also eligible to enjoy the casino’s Surprise Spins on Drive promo this coming Sunday, June 11.

If these two reasons (among the other promos that are sure to come sooner) are not enough for you to sign up at the All British Casino, we don’t know what will.

Delightful Slot Machine Treats from Mr. Green

Slot game lovers around the world are invited to take the wild ride up the “Hong Kong Tower” elevator and get the chance to win huge cash prizes!

The dashing Mr. Green is holding the Hong Kong Tower slot machine promo starting June 8, Thursday, up to June 11, this Sunday. There will be a total of £5,000 in Cash Prizes to be given randomly to 50 player accounts who played the oriental-inspired slot. Cash prizes dropped are real and so, they are exempted from any wagering requirements.

This is the breakdown of the cash prizes to be given during the promo period, as indicated on the site:

2x Prizes of: £750

2x Prizes of: £500

2x Prizes of: £200

4x Prizes of: £100

10x Prizes of: £75

10 x Prizes of: £50

10 x Prizes of: £25

10 x Prizes of: £20

What are you waiting for? Start your amazing journey with Mr. Green today by clicking on this link.

Mobile Rush Excitement from Codeta Casino

Can’t wait to get into your next game? Is the thrill of the rush your everyday pill? The guys at Codeta Casino may just have the right dosage for all the mobile casino lovers out there! Introducing, Codeta’s Mobile Sundays promo where anyone, as long as they have a mobile device, can participate.

The steps to join the fun are quite simple:

  1. Activate Mobile Sundays bonus
  2. Play in Live Casino via mobile where you can either challenge the dealer or bet on red
  3. Make sure to win at the end of the day
  4. Receive 20% in Top-up the next day

Ready to try on your luck? To begin your unique live casino adventures, follow through this link.






RNG or Live Roulette: Which Method to Go When Playing Online Roulette?

Online roulette games are traditionally played via random number generation or RNG. RNG works in such a way that a virtual roulette ball will land in a number generated randomly by a computer. With the rapid development in computer and communication technology, holding a real, live roulette session has been made possible for everyone around the world. Aside from having a registered with an online roulette website, to play live roulette would need a stable broadband internet connection so that a smooth and seamless roulette play is experienced.

What’s the deal with RNG?

The preference for virtual roulette (as RNG roulette is sometimes being called) stems from its versatility in terms of game pace. Unlike a live roulette, RNG games can be played as fast or as slow paced, and this depends on the player’s choice or level of playing. It is a one-to-one roulette game thus, an online player is guaranteed that he is not competing or playing with other online players. It’s just him and the virtual croupier.

All of the results in an RNG roulette are produced randomly and so, any mishandlings by a live roulette operator can be avoided. Furthermore, the randomly generated results are regularly being checked by online gaming industry authorities. A safe and secure playing environment are, after all, two of the topmost concerns of a roulette enthusiast.

Moreover, some RNG-operating roulette websites are offering Free Roulette gaming opportunities. This is just but perfect for players who wish to practice their newly-learned roulette playing strategies or for those who are generally new to this exciting casino game.

Online roulette players may access RNG roulette either by downloading first a software or doing it directly on the website. They also have the option to choose between a virtual European roulette or an American RNG roulette.

Despite the advantages cited above, RNG roulette systems are being bombarded with issues of mistrust and suspicions among players. They believe that an online roulette casino can easily rig a game. When 10 reds are coming out six times, consecutively, players might have the reason to suspect that the establishment has decided to flip the cheat switch on. However, players need not to worry about this possibilities as there’s none of it in the first place. Of course, a reputable online casino would take great care of its reputation and would less likely to commit such fraudulent acts which could break their members’ trust on them.

The Choice of Live Roulette

Live roulette games are slowly taking over the online roulette gaming scene. People in this game mode feel more confident because they believe there is less room for the casino to manipulate a live wheel. Also, they can see the wheel spinning in real time.

There are different ways a live roulette is being done. The most popular is the studio casino where a roulette game is digitally set-up and streamed live to the camera. This is different from a real live casino feed as a croupier is hosting a game from a land-based casino. Automated roulette is also common and in this game, no humans are involved as the ball is launched on the wheel via an air blaster.

Like RNG, there are problems that can be encountered with live roulette. Some of this also pertains to table cheats. Experts, however, would quickly dismiss these claims as pure game error based on the fact that there are humans involved. Still, it’s not that hard for a player to imagine that a shady casino would rig an RNG and thus they’d likely to go straight for a live session.

The choice to go live or go RNG in your next roulette game remains a personal preference. One thing that remains for sure, roulette is a game of chance and as far as we know, whether the generation of an outcome is done by a hand or by a computer, you will always win some or lose some. So good luck and have fun!

UK Casino & Roulette Bonuses for June 2017.

June is finally here, the weather is already heating up, but what’s hotter are the latest news we are bringing to you. It’s about the newest promos and bonuses from our favourite online casino websites. Let’s not delay any moment further as we want you to grab these amazing opportunities which include flying on a week-long holiday trip to Dubai! Or  getting an iPhone 7! So, let’s dive in!

Note: The promos below run on a limited period of time. Grab them while they’re hot!

All British Casino

This patriotic UK casino website is opening up the new month with a scorching hot deal for its beloved members. Starting this Friday, June 02, up to Saturday, June 03, All British Casino is giving away 50% Reload Bonus up to £125 for those who are topping up their accounts within the given date.

But the fun never stops here: All British is also announcing that the 50% Reload Bonus up to £125 is just but the start of their month-long promos. Aside from the Reload Bonuses, players should also be on the lookout for their upcoming Deposit Bonuses and Free Spins, just to name a few. Updates will be served here at Roulette Games UK.

For newcomers, of course, you are also in for some treats! Click here to find out what’s in store for you.

Royal Panda Casino

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The panda king is looking for its roulette tournament champion! Could it be you?

Become the FIRST EVER online roulette champion in this first royal roulette tournament at Royal Panda Casino and win huge prizes!

To join, participate in any of the casino’s roulette game offerings including their live casinos within the whole month of June. Go up against fellow online roulette gamers and fight your way to the top where only a handful will get to play in a live roulette finale event. The victor will get to bag the whopping £10,000 cash prize!

There will only be five spots available in the final showdown. To qualify, a player should be able to fulfill one of the challenges specified below:

  1. Hitting the most double straight ups on Double Ball Roulette
  2. Wagering the most on all of the live roulette games in Royal Panda
  3. Playing the most rounds across all live roulette games in Royal Panda
  4. Getting the biggest total win across all live roulette games
  5. Scoring the biggest win on a single day on any of the live roulette games

Note: Challenges must be completed within the month of June.

Tournament qualifiers will be awarded with £1,000 worth of bonus to their account.

Want to find out more about the tournament? Sure you do! Sign up through this link right here and begin your journey to become the first ever Royal Panda Roulette tournament grand champion.

Mr. Smith Casino

Looking for a getaway this summer? Mr. Smith Casino might just have the right promo for you. Win a 5-day luxury holiday trip to Dubai with someone special, snatch a brand new iPhone 7, or have £300 go straight to your account. Get one of these amazing prizes by simply playing any of the Extreme Live’s roulette tables until June 4.

Every £20 played will give you 1 point up on the leader board. The top 3 names will then have the opportunity to draw live this coming June 6 at the Golden Ball Roulette Table and get 1 of the 3 aforementioned prizes.

Don’t get left behind. Sign up now!

Mr. Green Casino

Love slots? Mr. Green has got you covered! Starting June 1 up to June 5, slot machine enthusiasts have the chance to get their hands on the casino’s £10,000 Prize Pool. To take part in the excitement, players only need to spin at least 50 rounds on select qualifying games like “Cleopatra,” “Da Vinci Diamonds,” and “Pixies of the Forest.” Twenty-five players will be sharing £2,000 worth of DAILY Cash Drops. Each of the lucky players will be given with random prize amounts which could be as big as £500!

What are you waiting for? Hop in and don’t go missing out on this exciting slot machine promo. Join here.


Sizzling Hot New Promos from UK Casinos – May 2017

At Roulette Games UK, we are bringing to you the latest updates on the hottest new promos from our favourite online casino websites. Dig in!

Let’s get the ball rolling with Codeta Casino.

Codeta, one of the newest names in online gaming casino scene, is offering a great way for you to spend your weekend. The “Sunday Extra at Codeta” promo is just one of those promos that you don’t want to miss. This betting website in UK is giving their avid members and new registered players alike the chance to enjoy 25% up to £50 on their first deposit of the day. Sounds amazing! But take note, this is not just a one-time deal because Codeta is running the Sunday Extra promo on all the Sundays of May.

Ready to claim your awesome Sunday deal? Just make your deposit and claim the bonus “Sunday Extra.” Go over to the casino and play any of your favourite games. Rinse and repeat on next Sunday!

Embark on a Viking adventure with Mr. Green

All hands on deck as we set our sails for a slot machine journey where big wins and huge cash prizes await. The dapper Mr. Green is teaming up with the Vikings to give you some raging Nordic adventures you will never forget. All you have to do is hop in and play the “Vikings Go Berzerk” starting May 10 up to May 11 where you get the chance to trigger a cash reward. The reward will be proportional to your bet size. This means that the bigger the wager you place, the bigger the booty you can haul out.

Don’t miss out on this campaign. Head on to this link to register and start the plundering!

What’s new at All British Casino?

The Brits are loving it and so should you, too. All British Casino is offering one of the most amazing sign up deals that online casino players must take note of. New members are guaranteed to receive a 100% bonus to initial deposits made up to £100.

If the “double your in-game money” promo isn’t enough to raise your eyebrows, then check this. Along with the top-up bonus, news players can also get a total of 100 free spins that you can use to play on select slot machines!

Grab the new deals from Mr. Smith!

Aside from the huge bonus money you can get just by signing up at Mr. Smith, the casino is also well-loved for its delightful daily deals. Yes, while everyone is holding back their promos to offer it on a special date, Mr. Smith is doing it on a daily! What is even more surprising, every weekdays there will be a whole new batch of daily deals that the patrons can take advantage of.

Just for this week, you can spin on your luck for more free spins and cash prizes. Live casino lovers are also getting 10% back of their money up to £100 if they don’t win until midnight. Coming up is the “Bag a Bonus” promo where players can get 50% up to £15 of their deposit made on this particular day, Thursday. And to end the week with a bang, Mr. Smith is giving away £10 bonus when you wager £50 or more on “Cleopatra” plus.

Awesome roulette game bonus from Gala Casino

What a way to end the list with the exciting bonus offer from Gala Casino! Our beloved roulette game fans out there would certainly want to sink their teeth in with the casino’s “revolutionary” bonus program.

You would certainly want to take a bite on the £200 Roulette Welcome Bonus offered only here at Gala Casino. Just make a deposit of at least £10, accept bonus terms and conditions, get your 50% up to £200 bonus straight to your account, and you’re on your way to spin your fortune!

You’d definitely love the wide selection of roulette games available here at Gala Casino. From the classic European and American roulette wheel to other interesting roulette game variants like Mini-Roulette and Key Bet Roulette, this is definitely your one-stop shop.

New Promos from UK Casinos

Last week, we brought to you the hottest promos from our favourite online casino gaming affiliates: Royal Panda, Mr. Green, Codeta & All British Casino. If you thought that was it, then you’re totally wrong. Because even if the week is almost drawing to a close, the fun and surprises here at Roulette-Games UK are still getting started as we once again offer you the latest promo updates from these online casino sites.

Without any further ado, let’s start it off with Royal Panda.

Per the usual, newcomers to the Royal Panda are getting one of the warmest welcome hugs with the casino’s exciting signup bonus which is up to £100. What would happen here is that the online casino gaming website (check out our comprehensive review here) will match up the first deposit you made with a minimum of £10 to £100. Aside from the double money surprise, you are also viable to receive the Loyal Panda Points for playing your favourite casino games at Royal Panda. You can accumulate your LP Points to buy gifts at their Loyal Panda Shop.

Royal Panda Casino promotions

Royal Panda also has a great idea for you to have a great weekend. Every Fridays, a weekly 50% Bamboo Bonus up to £150 is offered at the site. Any Royal Panda patrons can join the fun just by making a deposit before this Friday (April 28, 2017) ends.

So what’s new from Mr. Smith?

Craving for some online slot machine adventures? Mr. Smith Casino is dropping the latest promo for the latest title in their Fairytale Legends slot machine series, “Hansel & Gretel” and it’s mind-blowing! The lucky winner of the Hansel and Gretel Fairy Tale draw, which runs from April 24 to April 30, is entitled to get the VIP trip to Hollywood for 2 package. Other than having the chance to walk along the sunny, star-studded streets of Hollywood, the winner and his/her companion will gain access to Paramount Studios where they could catch up with their favourite actors working behind the cameras. Of course, you and your tour partner won’t be strolling around empty-handed. A pocket money of £250 will be given for you to spend while you enjoy Los Angeles.

Trip to Hollywood promo from Mr. Smith Casino

Did we forget to mention that non grand prize winners are also up for some surprises? Yes, 500 consolation prize winners will share the £20,000 prize pool! What are you waiting for? Sign up now to join the promo! You can learn more about the casino via this link.

Any new offers from Codeta?

Codeta promotions

While there’s nothing really new from Codeta Casino, the hype is still as fresh as ever with their one-of-a-kind top-up or cashback promo. When you make your first deposit, you are automatically eligible for the bonus wherein you either get 10% extra on your winnings or 10% back on your losses. Sounds perfect, right? You’re always a winner when you play here at Codeta. So sign up today! To find out more about the casino, you can head over to this page.

What’s sizzling over there at All British Casino?

It’s a whole lot of spinning at All British Casino this weekend. Get ready to take a journey to fantasy land with “Hansel and Gretel,” the newest addition to their online slot machine collection. With 5 reels and 20 pay-lines, there’s definitely no reason for you to pass up this exciting game. To make it even more thrilling, this Sunday, April 30, the casino website is putting up a “Surprise Spins Sunday” promo. Lucky spinners will receive a “surprise amount” of Free Spins. Players only have to make a deposit of £20 and up from Friday (April 28, 2017) to Saturday (April 29, 2017) to join in the fun.

All British Casino promotion


Hot Promotions from Our Online Casino Gaming Affiliates: Royal Panda, Mr. Green, Codeta & All British Casino

Everyone’s loving our previous article “Easter 2017 Casino Bonuses & Promotions You Don’t Want To Miss” where we highlighted some of the exciting Easter Holiday promos from our online casino gaming affiliates. This week, we will keep the ball rolling for our lucky online casino players and readers as we drop more non-holiday promotions that we believe you can’t afford to pass up.

  1. Royal Panda
Royal Panda promotions

Let’s get the dice rolling with the exciting offers from the Royal Panda. This one’s a big welcome surprise for those who are new to the online casino gaming website. To make their patrons feel at home, the casino gaming website will double up your signing deposit so that you would get twice the means to have fun on their video slots, table games and even their live casino.

Here’s how it works for them: the casino betting site will match your first deposit for up to $100. It’s just that simple! But wait, there’s more. Since they are more than happy to have you on their site, Royal Panda will be giving their new members Loyal Panda Points, right off the bat! Want to learn more of these exciting offers? Head over now to this link.


  1. Mr. Green

Mr. Green’s idea of fun is to take his players into an adventure trip they’ve never ever been before in their lives. To start off, the dapper man will be giving “fantastic bonuses” to those who dare take the journey with him.

Mr. Green promotions

There’s a lot to choose from! The first one would be “DOUBLE Your Money” bonus where new players will get twice the amount of their initial deposit. There’s also up to 100 Free Spins on their “Starburst” slot machine. As if that wouldn’t be enough to gather steam, the betting website in UK will be giving 5 free spins daily for 20 days!

Furthermore, Mr. Green is promising an exhilarating LIVE Casino Experience to their patrons and new players alike where they have the chance to win big pot prizes! Should they lose, they would trigger the LIVE Casino Second Chance. If you want to know more about this, just get over to this link


  1. Codeta
Codeta promotions

At Codeta, the dare is to beat their dealer! And what a better way to further pump up the hype but by offering a handful of thrilling bonuses for their new casino roulette players like winning multipliers (up to 10% of any amount!). If lady luck seems quite elusive for you, Codeta is guaranteeing a 10% back on any of your losses if you sign up, deposit, and start playing on their casino website. More details about their great offers can be found here


  1. All British Casino

Although relatively new to the online casino gaming scene, All British Casino is already featuring one of the best online casino experiences. By joining the patriotic casino online dealer, new signees are guaranteed to receive tons of fun and rewards like a 100% welcome bonus and a total of 100 free spins on slots including “Starburst,” “Aloha!,” “Cluster Pays,” and “Pyramid: Quest for Immortality.” 

All British Casino promotions


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