Codeta Casino Christmas Promo Galore 2017

It’s Christmas at Codeta Casino and you better believe that big things are about to come your way. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice for the whole year, this Holiday season you can still expect some of the most exciting promos, bonuses, and giveaways that you only once can imagine. Whether you’re a blackjack game … Continue reading “Codeta Casino Christmas Promo Galore 2017”

It’s Christmas at Codeta Casino and you better believe that big things are about to come your way. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice for the whole year, this Holiday season you can still expect some of the most exciting promos, bonuses, and giveaways that you only once can imagine.

Whether you’re a blackjack game lover, a roulette enthusiast, or a slot machine fanatic, Codeta Casino has got something to make your Yuletide a splendid one. Free spins, cashbacks, and lots and lots of cash prizes awaits to those who are loyal patrons of this awesome UK website casino.

And so, without any further ado, let’s have a quick rundown of the promos and bonuses coming this December.

December Gift Hunt

Loving blackjack games? Then you’ll further want to play this beloved card game here at Codeta Blackjack. Cash prizes are up for grabs for those who can hoard the most Christmas cards.

Mechanics: Four Christmas-inspired cards will be hidden in the deck of cards. Each card has a corresponding point.

  1. Christmas bells cards = 10 points
  2. Christmas tree cards = 20 points
  3. Snowflake cards = 50 points
  4. Christmas gift cards = 100 points

Players only have to collect to be rewarded with the following according to the points earned:

  • Between 500 – 999 points and receive £10 Cash (or currency equivalent)
  • Between 1000 – 2999 points and receive £25 Cash (or currency equivalent)
  • Between 3000 – 4999 points and receive £50 Cash (or currency equivalent)
  • Over 5000 points and receive £100 Cash (or currency equivalent)

Promo ends: Dec. 31, 2017

Weekly December Tournament Live Edition

It’s Live Casino Week and live casino goers are up for some glitzy fun! For three weeks, three tournaments will be held. For each week, winners will get to win at least £100!

These are the games of the week:

  1. Week 1 (4th-10th of December): Live Casino Hold’em
  2. Week 2 (11th-17th of December): Immersive Roulette
  3. Week 3 (18th-24th of December): Codeta Blackjack

Mechanics: Just challenge the dealer to get a chance to win lots of cash prizes. Top five players who wager the most will receive £100 each. Win every week and you might just rake a total of £300 cash prize going straight to your account.

Weekly December Tournament Slots Edition

Free spins, free spins for everyone! For three weeks, three tournaments will be held and 15 winners will get to take a share of the whopping 1,500 free spin giveaways!

Mechanics: Just spin and win the most in the week. The top five players who wagered the most in the week will get 100 free spins each. Lucky winners can further amp up the surprises by winning every week, which will get them a total of 300 free spins.

These are the featured games of the week:

  1. Week 1 (4th-10th of December): Flowers Christmas Edition
  2. Week 2 (11th-17th of December): Fruit Shop Christmas Edition
  3. Week 3 (18th-24th of December): Secrets of Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

If you believe it’s already over, think again. Codeta Casino’s Advent Promotions just keeps getting more exciting with the unbelievable offers happening every Sunday, for the entire month.

Check out the amazing offers below:

  1. Sunday 3rd December: 50% up to £100 or a Cashback of 10%
  2. Sunday 10th December: 50% up to £100 or a Cashback of 10%
  3. Sunday 17th December: 50% up to £100 or a Cashback of 10%
  4. Sunday 24th December – Christmas Special!!!: 100% up to  £50 or a Cashback of 20%

Sign up for your Codeta Casino account today to join these amazing promos and grab the gorgeous bonuses.

New Halloween Special Casino Promos for October-November 2017

Some festive folks are already thinking about Christmas but us online casino enthusiasts still have a lot of reasons to hold on for the Halloween. One of which is the amazing casino promos and bonus from our friendly UK web casino sites.

Sure, the Halloween is a season to be scared, but this time, you’d be frightened for your lives if you miss to check out all these fabulous promos.

Whether you’re looking for some reload bonuses, cash drops, cashbacks, huge cash prizes, or just the pure fun and excitement of playing your favourite online casino game, this week’s promo list will get you covered!

No need to go out and dress up as your creepy alter-ego. We make sure you only get the best of the Halloween treats, and not the tricks!

And so, without any further ado, let’s start splitting some hairs with the latest Halloween promo from:

Royal Panda

Ghoul times are coming for fans of the crazy slot machine games Blood Suckers and Blood Suckers 2. Huge cash prizes are to be shared among lucky players. To join, simply dare yourself to enter into any of the slot machine game. Play 20 consecutive rounds or more or get one of the top 10 spin streaks. A whopping £1,500 worth of cash is waiting to be ravaged.

If you think you’re man enough to face these scary challenge but still don’t have a Royal Panda account, then make one through this link right here.

Codeta Casino

Cash drops, reload bonuses, and cashback promos are all but the crazy things happening here at Codeta Casino. For two weeks, this friendly casino will be treating their patrons some copious amounts of ghastly online casino goodies which are only exclusive to them.

Already happening is the Cash Drop promo where a total of £200 will randomly pop up into their Live Casino players’ account.

The Reload Bonus, meanwhile, will surely get you into frenzy. From Oct. 27 to the 29th, your minimum deposit of £20 will activate the Live Casino games reload bonus.

From the last day of October up to the 5th of November, Codeta Casino will be giving their Live Casino players 20% Cashback for all their deposits.

Three treats to make you go loco. Just treats and no tricks! Sign up for your account now!

Mr. Green Casino

Roulette lovers better get ready! The dapper Mr. Green is coming back with his Lucky Roulette Numbers promo. It’s here where you can get as much as £20 cash going straight to your bankroll, every single day.

From Oct. 23 to the 27th, all LIVE Roulette table players are invited to bet on the Lucky Number of the day. If your single number minimum bet get a hit, then Mr. Green will give an additional £20 in cash to your payroll.

Looking to try your luck this week? Sign up for a Mr. Green Casino account today and find out for yourself how lucky your number can be!

Newest Slate of Casino Promos for September 2017

The new month is here to bring the latest, the newest, and the hottest slate of casino promos for our online casino game lovers.

Our friends over at Gala Casino, Mr. Smith Casino, and Codeta Casino are all up to drop the most recent offers for their respective loyal patrons. Slot machine players, for instance, will surely take delight on the cash prizes waiting to be won. For our online roulette lovers, a different kind of gaming experience is about to come on your screens. Be sure to stay tune on this post because we’re going to bare all the details of this wonderful and exciting casino promo.

Let’s now begin with Mr. Smith Casino

It’s been a while since we last heard of Mr. Smith but his return to the promo scene has been more than a breath of fresh air. For their members, their summer is about to get as scorching as the sandy beaches of the Caribbean because of the casino’s Endless Summer Mission.

Slot machine players are about to forget the rainy day blues when they learn that Mr. Smith Casino will be giving away a total of £50,000 worth of cash prizes. You could be the one of the 500 players who can dive in and take a bite on the prize pool.

Per promo mechanics, between August 25 to September 3, players only need to complete the following checklists:

  • Collect 50 Free Spin symbols in Golden Fish Tank
  • Collect 3 Feature Caps in Spina Colada
  • Collect 25 Sunny Wilds in Sunny Shores

The top prize winner will receive a whopping £8,000 cash prize going straight to his account.

Of course, it’s never too late for you to take your share of loot! Sign up now!

More Slot Machine Surprises from Gala Casino!

Just when you though the fun is over, Gala Casino is yet again bringing the good tidings and fortune with the second stage of their £200K Playtech Adventure prize draw adventure promo!

You heard that right! The £200,000 total cash prize is still up for grabs until the promo period ends on September 15, 2017.

To join the fun-fest, players simply has to wager on the slots to be enumerated below. One entry into the prize draw will be earned for every £10 wagered.

The slot machine games are:

  • Tiki Paradise
  • Ice Cave
  • Roaring Wilds
  • Holy Grail
  • Life of Brian
  • Heart of the Frontier
  • American Dad

If you wish to receive double entries into Draw 2, you can simply play at the AGE OF THE GODS™ GOD OF STORMS.

Interested to take part in the promo? Sure you do! Not a member yet? What are you waiting for? Create your Gala Casino account now.

Life is a Cabaret, here at Codeta Casino!

How do you feel playing your favourite roulette online game while at the same time entertained with one of the world’s top-class Cabaret performances? Indeed, “life is a cabaret, old chum!”

Yes, Codeta is making your roulette gaming experience a memorable one because it’s the Cabaret Weeks at Codeta. You’d be playing roulette live via Authentic Gaming in select land based casinos all over Europe. And since it’s the Cabaret week in Batumi, this means that players will also get to enjoy watching live performances and acts everyday, from August 21 to September 3.

Everyone’s a winner here at Codeta Casino! If you still haven’t join the club, hit this link right here to register and take pleasure on your roulette games with the cabarets on the side.


Placing Bets When Playing Roulette: Does the Seat Placement Really Matter?

While others may believe that the only thing that matters most in a roulette game is what the roulette wheel tells, there are also other aspects which may or may not have a direct effect on the success of a roulette gameplay.

People may disregard them as just one of those old wives’ tales, but knowing the right seat to take can affect how you play the game, especially when you’re in a land-based casino.

First off, a player should consider looking for a seat that is comfortable and can accommodate proper body posture. This prevents the body from getting stressed out especially if the game lasts that long. If this is not observed, an aching body will eventually affect how you play the game. For sure, anyone with an aching back won’t be able to focus his attention in the game when he’s suffering from the uneasiness brought by the pain.

After comfort, comes the aspect of strategic positioning. Yes, it does matter and here’s the reason why. If the player wants to reach all the parts of the betting layout, he needs to take that particular seat which serves the purpose.

A busy roulette session

Know that timing is of the essence when playing roulette, even more so when it comes to putting your wagers. Basically, the betting begins once all the bets from the previous round, both winning and losing, were already cleared or paid out by the dealer. Now that the layout is cleared, the croupier will begin receiving the bets. The players approximately have about one minute to make their bets.

Players can still make wagers though even during or while the ball is rolling in the wheel. However, when the ball starts to decelerate or slow down, the dealer will now wave his hand over the table and will say, “no more bets, please.” After which, everything is now being left to lady luck.

Any bets made after this point will be dismissed. There are cases when the player has unknowingly made a past post (a bet placed after the allowed period) and the dealer will just void his bet. The worst thing that could happen here is for the floor manager/supervisor to take further action, like kicking the player out of the establishment.

Again, time is of the essence when placing bets which is why the player needs to gain full access of every single bet made available in the roulette table. To do this, he will have to take that favourable seat.

So what are these “perfect” seats to take?

Depending on the shape of the table and the given situation, these are typically the best seats where all of the betting parts are reachable:

  • Seats at the center of the front of the roulette table
  • The last seat around the backside
  • The last seat next to the dealer

If possible, avoid the seat where the column bets are located.

Now there are times when the crowd can get dense, in this case, the player would be left with no choice but to make do of what’s available.

If you wish to free yourself from this dilemma, then we have a perfect solution just for you! Why not play in an online casino?

Roulette games in online casinos aren’t all RNG’s (random number generator). In fact, there are web casinos in UK that offer live roulette gameplay.

Playing live roulette does feel like playing in a real, brick and mortar casino. This article dishes more reasons why it’s best to play live dealer roulette online.

In case you’re looking for a live dealer roulette online, then we recommend these web casinos:

  1. Codeta Casino
  2. Euromoon Casino
  3. Gala Casino
  4. All British Casino
  5. Royal Panda Casino

How to Stay Safe and Secure When Playing Online Roulette

While some play online roulette just for the sheer pleasure of it, others are getting into the game in hopes of earning money. But for them to draw real cash, they have to opt in using the same thing. With real money involved, it’s not surprising at all that there will come forth a horde of predators who will prey on the pockets of these unsuspecting online casino players.

With this situation at hand, it might be right to ask if it’s really safe playing roulette online? And is there a way to keep oneself from falling victim of such crimes?

The truth of the matter is, the Internet CAN be a very dangerous place. It’s a given advice for anyone who puts their hard-earned money on the line to remember that they are on the Web and that anything can happen for them here.

In this article, we give some pointers on how to stay safe and secure when playing roulette online.

Play with the Proper Gear

The only way to gain access on the Internet is through a PC, a laptop, or a mobile device. One of them is your gateway to having fun and earn profit. Given its importance, somehow, it’s best to call them as your “tools of the trade.” A barber’s tool of trade is his scissors; a musician, his guitar or piano. Most probably, they won’t come to the workplace with a blunt tool or an out of tune instrument. They need to be in the pristine working condition, or else they will fail at their job. Same as with playing online roulette: your computer (in any form) should be in a tip top shape. They need to have the newest operating system installed, security update patched, etc. Even if a website casino claims to be secure and can cater any OS or type of computer, you’d still definitely reap the benefits when you go for that extra mile.

Take Extra Care of Your Account and Credit Card Information

It goes without saying that you should never share your online casino account information with anyone over the phone or chat. It is supposed to be private and it should only you, and no one else, who gets to know about it.

As with your credit card info, same advice applies. Moreover, when doing a transaction, make sure you are hosted in a secure connection. One tell-tale sign would be the padlock symbol and the word “secure” found beside a website address. Take a look at an example below.

Trust Your Gut

Sometimes, there are web casinos that would tell you to download a certain software on to your PC so that you can play their games. If you are worried it might bring a host of viruses and malwares, stick to sites which offer instant flash games. They play on the browser and you don’t need to download anything. Still there are sites which have both options. In this case, you might be limited to games playable only through flash.

Opt for Trusted Names

To further safeguard your credit card identity from any fraudulent acts, make sure that the site you choose is known, not necessarily famous, but well-respected. You must have seen them getting advertised on TV or heard them being recommended by a friend.

If you ask us, then these are the online casino names that we trust the most. We believe they can give you the best kind of online casino entertainment which is also safe, secure, and fair.

List of casinos:

Euromoon Casino

Mybet Casino

LeoVegas Casino

Royal Panda

Celtic Casino

Gala Casino

Mr. Smith Casino

All British Casino

Mr. Green Casino

Codeta Casino

Awesome Daily Deals and Amazing Facebook Promo from Codeta Casino for August 2017

Indeed, good things do come to those who patiently wait because loads upon loads of amazing bonuses and cash prizes are coming ahead this August courtesy of Codeta Casino.

There would still be more than a couple of months to go before Christmas but it’s already like one for the loyal patrons of Codeta Casino.

The casino just recently announced that their most anticipated Live Casino Week promo is back for another round and live table game players will surely love every bit of it.

Starting from the 7th of August up until the 11th, players will get to enjoy the Live Casino Week filled to the brim with amazing reload bonus offers.

Whether you are a lover of online roulette or a card game enthusiast, there is something for you here. That is why, stick around because we’re going to dish out more details down below.

Meanwhile, social media savvies and online casino players of the same kind, you’re also up for a big surprise!

Live Casino Week

Within the inclusive week mentioned above, players will get the chance to enjoy their favourite table games with up to £25 extra bonus on the side, each day.

On Monday (August 7) – players who make a deposit during the day can claim the bonus of 50% up to £25 which they can use to play on one of Codeta Casino’s exciting Live Roulette table games.

On Tuesday (August 8) – same good thing happens: a deposit made during the day will earn a bonus of 50% up to £25 which can be used to play Codeta Casino’s Live Baccarat table games.

On Wednesday (August 9) – yet again, deposits made on that day entitle the players a bonus of 50% up to £25 that can be used to play on one of Codeta Casino’s Live Casino Hold’em tables.

On Thursday (August 10) – once again, a deposit made during the day would earn a bonus of 50% up to £25 to be used on Codeta Casino’s Live Blackjack tables.

On Friday (August 11) – the fun never stops: players who make a deposit during the day can claim a bonus of 50% up to £25 which can be used to play on ANY Live Casino table games offered here at Codeta Casino.

Codeta Casino Facebook Campaign

As mentioned above, Codeta Casino is holding a Facebook promo for their members where they can have the chance to win £100. All they have to do is go over to the official Codeta Facebook Page and hit LIKE. On the 21st of August, the website casino will draw 10 lucky winners who will get to take a bite on the whopping £1000 cash prize. The campaign period runs from August 15 to August 20.

Per the usual, ALL active members of Codeta Casino are entitled to take advantage of this amazing offer. For the Facebook promo, new players opening their Codeta Casino account before or during the campaign period are eligible to join the promotion.

Of course, if you wish to take part of the festivity, then you are most welcomed to do so! No more reason to delay, join the ever-growing Codeta Casino family. Start your journey to casino greatness by following this link.

We wish you good luck!


Betting System in Focus: The Parlay System

The Parlay Betting System is one of the oldest betting strategies that has been around since the 16th century. It is popularly being used on games like blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

This particular betting system falls in the positive progression category wherein the player increases his bet only after a win and reduce back to the original betting unit when in a losing streak; just like this betting strategy. The Parlay, in a sense, is similar to that of the Paroli system which is why players sometimes refer to it as a “pyramiding” strategy.

What makes the Parlay system unique, however, is that it is much easier to understand and apply even by the most novice of all online roulette player. Moreover, it is a method wherein it is possible for you to win big without even risking a great part of your own bankroll. In short, you’re playing against the house using its own money.

Interested? Read on as we explain how the Parlay betting system works.

The Basics of the Parlay System

As mentioned above, the Parlay resembles that of the Paroli strategy but the latter would require you to use your own money before you can clinch for that big win. Here, it’s the casino’s own funds that you will be playing for your own advantage.

To get started with the Parlay, you need to decide on your initial bet size. This will be the base unit to which you either increase from (when you win) or to return to (when you lose). The system also needs you to establish a max win limit. This is the limit which dictates as to when you should take your winnings off the betting table. For a much clearer discussion, here’s an illustration:

You have an initial bet of £10 upon sitting at a roulette game and your max win limit is £80. Let’s also assume that you are going for an even money bet which pays out 1:1 (Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18/19-36). If you win this round, your next bet will become £20. Come the next spin and you won, your bet would now be £40. This happens until you hit your £80 win mark and only then will you start over again with a £10 bet. The profit from that run should of course be stocked up.

However, winning streaks can be very difficult to come by. So, in the event that you lose at any time during the betting cycle, you automatically return to your initial bet and start working up again from there.

Why Set A Max Win?

The reason we put a max win limit is first, to prevent the player to get swayed by and just ride along with his winnings until all of it returns to the casino’s pocket, plus so much more. Secondly, by stocking up, you would see exactly how much profit is being made in a single cycle.

When you are able to make a return of your investment, only then you would realize that you are now actually using the casino’s money (which is basically the profit) to have more fun while fattening up your payroll.

Pros and Cons

The main advantage when applying the Parlay system in your online roulette game is the mere fact that it is based off on positive progression. Relatively speaking, there’s a much higher chance for you to earn decent cash while at the same time face lower risk of losing money as compared to negative progressions like Martingale or Fibonacci. These two systems, like most of its kind, would call the player to double up on his bet each time he lose a spin.

Looking at the other side of the Parlay system, its efficiency will, however, fall short when we’re talking about long-term play. In a much worse situation, a player could lose his entire bankroll if luck is nowhere to be found.

If you don’t want this unfortunate circumstance to befall on you, we recommend that you read our article about managing your roulette bankroll.

Want to try out the betting system? We know you do! Check out these amazing promos from our favorite online roulette casino websites.

Codeta Casino


Gala Casino


Euromoon Casino


LeoVegas Casino

Newest Casino Promo You Should Checkout This Week

We bring you today the latest casino promotions from our favourite online UK casino friends. Here you’ll find some of the coolest casino bonuses and deals to help you chill out the scorching heat of the summer.

Whether you’re a lover of online roulette, a slot machine enthusiast, or a card game goer, there’s always something for you in this week’s casino promotions and bonuses. Watch out though, as some of the offers only last for a specific date and so you must be quick in your toes to grab them while they’re still available.

Without any further ado, let’s start off with the Warrior Wednesday bonus from Celtic Casino.

Wednesdays are source of pure delight for loyal patrons of Celtic Casino. For every re-deposits made during this day of the week, members are entitled to get a 25% Re-Deposit Bonus which pays up to £1,000. To put into a perspective, if you top up your account on this day with £4,000, you will have a total of £5,000 – all yours to play on any casino games you like. What a great way to fatten up the purse!

So, if you want to enjoy this mid-week top-up bonus and if you’re not yet a Celtic Warrior, then you may begin your adventure by clicking this link right here.

Cashback Promo from Codeta Casino

Playing with real money in an online casino is, shall we say, a risky business. Codeta Casino truly understands the plight of its players that is why to make your gaming experience smooth and worry-free, they are offering a 10% Cashback promo. This is great, especially if you suffer one of those days where luck seems too hard to find.

The promo is applicable for those who play in Codeta’s Live casino. For every single week of the month, players can take part of this amazing bonus which can cover your net loses with up to £200, meaning you could get a total of £800 back to your account.

What’s needed is for you sign up to your account and enter the code 4WEEKSOFCASHBACK and your hard-earned cash is now insured. With that being settled, all you have to do now is face the dealer and let the games begin!

Interested? We know you do. Make your Codeta Casino account today and play with a peace of mind.

Whole Month Roulette Fun with LeoVegas Casino

There’s a month-long worth of surprises waiting for online roulette players here at LeoVegas Casino. Throughout the duration of July, exciting cash prizes or amazing free gameplay offers can be won.

Between Mondays to Wednesdays, online casino roulette gamers who play NetEnt Live’s Koi Princess for 10 complete game rounds will automatically receive a ticket. This will then be the player’s entry to the casino’s online roulette promo. There will be a total of 100 winners who can take a bite of the whopping £5,000 cash prizes given each week. First prize gets the lion share of £1,000! Consolation prize winners are also in for some treat as each will receive a significant amount of cash prizes which will go straight to their accounts.

If you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity, then it’s not yet too late to catch up! Begin by signing up for your LeoVegas Casino account through this link.



How to Get the Best Online Roulette Gaming Experience

Among all other games you can find in a casino, roulette is definitely a game that is designed with the player’s entertainment in mind. The thrill and big wins that come along with it makes roulette a very recognizable game both in real life and even in fiction. Given all these desirable features, how can you get the best experience out of every roulette game you play?

Whether you are playing online or offline on American, European, or French version, it’s 100% possible for you to get the most out of every roulette spin. However, to say that you would like to “bust the house,” “break the bank,” or “hack the wheel,” is pretty much a far-fetched goal.

Let us hold this dear truth close to our hearts that online roulette casinos, and its brick and mortar counterpart, always have the edge in every game. More on roulette house edge here.

But should these factors stop you from having the time of your life while earning a dime?

As we thought so, here are some surefire tips to ensure that you get to enjoy your online roulette game, as you should:

Your rhythm, your game

Roulette, in its essence, is simply just about predicting where the ball lands in the roulette wheel. That’s all about it but what makes it beautiful is how the player plays the game. To enjoy it the most, you need to play it by your own style and in your own rhythm.

Just because everyone in a roulette table are betting their arms and legs on each spin, doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. If you feel like going frugal on your bets, then what’s stopping you? The guy next to you can’t dictate how you play your game. This is all about you, your own decision, your own call, that is all that matters.

Player’s strategy is the best strategy

All the roulette betting systems we put up on this website would mean nothing if the player decides to follow his own playing strategy. And for us, it’s the best thing a player could do!

As we constantly remind in our Betting System in Focus article series, a betting strategy that can fully overcome the house edge is yet to be made. We say that if you think you have discovered a good betting system and you deemed it to be effective to use in every online roulette game you play, then by all means, stick to it!

Plan your game ahead

Now when we said that you play your game your way, doesn’t entirely mean that you play recklessly. Just like any endeavour in life, you need to approach the game with a plan when playing online roulette. To play impulsively can be very costly and it could be worse if you’re doing it with a hot head.

Stay on top of your game by setting up a pre-game spending limit. In this previous article we thoroughly discuss how to set losing and winning limits when playing roulette.

Don’t be in a hurry

It’s a marathon, not a sprint when playing online roulette. Sure, betting an entire life savings in an odd bet would certainly get your heart-rate pumping but when you lose it, it’s no fun at all. To risk and lose everything in one spin won’t bring much enjoyment. So our word of advice here is to prolong your game to experience maximum pleasure. Moreover, more game time means more chances of winning.

Do you feel like you have the patience of a saint, then you might want to try using the Oscar’s Grind betting system.

Play online!

What’s the best way to play roulette? We say, doing it in your own turf, right at the comfort of your own home. In a landbased casino, there can be distractions such as people peering over your shoulders, the deafening chatters, the drowning lounge music, etc. Furthermore, when you are in a gambling house, there’s also the tendency where you can spend your money for what you do not intend for.

On the other hand, playing live roulette online can bring you close-to-real-life gaming experience. You can see the roulette wheel spins in real time, you can interact with the croupier, and also, the winnings you can make are real money! If these reasons aren’t enough, how about the fact that you can wear your favourite pajamas into the game without the fear that a security guard will haul you out of the vicinity?

Are you ready to amp up your roulette gaming experience? Head on to these recommended live dealer roulette websites. Enjoy and good luck!

  1. Codeta Casino
  2. Gala Casino
  3. Euromoon Casino
  4. Mr. Green
  5. Celtic Casino


Latest UK Casino Promos for July 2017

What a great way to begin the new month with a new slate of online casino promos. If June has barely satisfied your cravings with the most profitable online roulette casino bonuses and promos, then July is here to top up the need.

You will surely love what our favourite online roulette casino affiliates has to offer this month. Whether you are already a member or someone who is still eyeing for the opportunities to join in the fun, no worries, these UK casinos got your back.

Weekend Bamboo Bonus from Royal Panda

The big and cuddly panda bear of Royal Panda seems to always have the right idea to liven up each and everyone’s weekend. The casino is offering a Weekly 50% Bamboo Bonus, up to £150, for its avid patrons.

Royal Panda Casino promotions

What it means is that registered members of Royal Panda casino will get to receive an extra 50% top up of their funds which they can use to play more games and win.

Royal Panda casino players can claim their 50%-up-to-£150 Bamboo Bonus right away if they make a deposit this Friday. But wait, there’s something more hidden in those black and white fur. It turns out that players could get to enjoy this extravagant cash promo again next Friday and even on the succeeding week because the promo is here to stay and its happening every weekend!

If you want to take part in this amazing weekly deal to boost your balance, then start making your Royal Panda member’s account through this link.

Cashback Promo from Codeta Casino

If you are like us who are always on the lookout for fun and thrill from table games, then Codeta Casino might just have the right pill for you. Whether it’s online roulette games, baccarat, or blackjack, which gets your blood pumping through your veins, this casino surely knows how to make your every gaming experience something to remember and look forward to.

Newly registered players will surely love it here because at the end of your first week, Codeta is offering two promo options.

First, if you want to get more out of your winnings, then you may opt for their 10% extra boost on any amount. Then, if lady luck is hard to come by, Codeta guarantees 10% back on your losses.

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LA Getaway and Wild Cash Prize promo from Mr. Smith Casino

Dreaming to visit the wild sunny L.A. and brush elbows with your favourite celebrities? Are you a Jurassic fan wanting to see first-hand the roaring dinosaurs in their natural habitat? Wanting to have more cash on your payroll?

If your answer is yes to all of the questions above or if you just want to lay back and play your favourite slot machine games, Mr. Smith Casino is here for you!

The casino is holding a Jurassic Trip of a Lifetime to L.A. for 2 plus a Celebrity Home Tour and VIP Theme Park promo for all the slot machine enthusiasts out there! The list of this mind-blowing prizes doesn’t end there. Non-trip package winners will also get to share a bite out of the £25,000 prize pool wherein 5 of the luckiest cash prize winners will receive £1,000 each.

Daily cash drops of £10 have already been happening since June 22 and will continue to be so until July 5.

To win one of these amazing prizes, casino players will only have to play “Jurassic World” where they can receive 1 ticket to join the draw.

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