How to Stay Safe and Secure When Playing Online Roulette

While some play online roulette just for the sheer pleasure of it, others are getting into the game in hopes of earning money. But for them to draw real cash, they have to opt in using the same thing. With real money involved, it’s not surprising at all that there will come forth a horde of predators who will prey on the pockets of these unsuspecting online casino players.

With this situation at hand, it might be right to ask if it’s really safe playing roulette online? And is there a way to keep oneself from falling victim of such crimes?

The truth of the matter is, the Internet CAN be a very dangerous place. It’s a given advice for anyone who puts their hard-earned money on the line to remember that they are on the Web and that anything can happen for them here.

In this article, we give some pointers on how to stay safe and secure when playing roulette online.

Play with the Proper Gear

The only way to gain access on the Internet is through a PC, a laptop, or a mobile device. One of them is your gateway to having fun and earn profit. Given its importance, somehow, it’s best to call them as your “tools of the trade.” A barber’s tool of trade is his scissors; a musician, his guitar or piano. Most probably, they won’t come to the workplace with a blunt tool or an out of tune instrument. They need to be in the pristine working condition, or else they will fail at their job. Same as with playing online roulette: your computer (in any form) should be in a tip top shape. They need to have the newest operating system installed, security update patched, etc. Even if a website casino claims to be secure and can cater any OS or type of computer, you’d still definitely reap the benefits when you go for that extra mile.

Take Extra Care of Your Account and Credit Card Information

It goes without saying that you should never share your online casino account information with anyone over the phone or chat. It is supposed to be private and it should only you, and no one else, who gets to know about it.

As with your credit card info, same advice applies. Moreover, when doing a transaction, make sure you are hosted in a secure connection. One tell-tale sign would be the padlock symbol and the word “secure” found beside a website address. Take a look at an example below.

Trust Your Gut

Sometimes, there are web casinos that would tell you to download a certain software on to your PC so that you can play their games. If you are worried it might bring a host of viruses and malwares, stick to sites which offer instant flash games. They play on the browser and you don’t need to download anything. Still there are sites which have both options. In this case, you might be limited to games playable only through flash.

Opt for Trusted Names

To further safeguard your credit card identity from any fraudulent acts, make sure that the site you choose is known, not necessarily famous, but well-respected. You must have seen them getting advertised on TV or heard them being recommended by a friend.

If you ask us, then these are the online casino names that we trust the most. We believe they can give you the best kind of online casino entertainment which is also safe, secure, and fair.

List of casinos:

Euromoon Casino

Mybet Casino

LeoVegas Casino

Royal Panda

Celtic Casino

Gala Casino

Mr. Smith Casino

All British Casino

Mr. Green Casino

Codeta Casino

Betting System in Focus: The 666 Strategy

We know exactly what you’re thinking: it’s the number of the devil, and yes, it might sound evil, but it’s no more than that – just a name of an amazing roulette betting strategy. If done properly, the 666 roulette betting strategy can be your magic formula to have a successful, enjoyable, and most of all, profitable online roulette gaming experience.

The Overview of the Betting System

The overall basic concept of the 666 roulette strategy is for the player to cover as many numbers on the roulette betting table. Depending on the player, the system calls for different sizes of bets to be placed.

This method of wagering banks on the assumption that with so many numbers covered, one of them would definitely come out in a spin. This can be applied to any of the three roulette game variants: the European, the American and the French roulette. But if possible, we recommend for it to be used on the European or the French wheel because both versions holds the lowest house edge of 2.7% and 1.35%, respectively.

As already mentioned, the roulette 666 strategy covers almost all of the numbers but except for four. In this scale, the player needs a lot of betting money to make the system work.

For beginners who wished to utilize the 666, they can start off with the base amount of £66. However, should you wish to amp up your gains or just to heighten up the tension, you can go up with the higher multiples of 66 like £132, £198, and so on. You only need to factor in the value as well as the betting units that will be mentioned below.

Procedures on How to Use the System

  1. We start off by placing a bet of £36 on RED.
  2. We then make a Split bet (which has a 17:1 payout) of £4 each on the following numbers:
  • 0 & 2
  • 8 & 11
  • 10 & 13
  • 17 & 20
  • 26 & 29
  • 28 & 31

Check out the image to see how it’s done. If made right, this first batch of inside bets should total to £24.

  1. Once again, we make another inside bets. But this time around it will be a Straight Up which pays out 35:1. There will be 7 numbers to choose from and we only pick 3 of them. The numbers to select are: 4, 6, 15, 22, 24, 33, & 35. With that in mind, we then put £2 bets on each of the 3 chosen single numbers.
  2. Having closely followed the procedure, we should only have four single numbers left that don’t have bets. It’s pretty much a slim chance but if luck is indeed really hard to find and one of the four unlucky numbers comes up, then we lose a total of £66 (as base multiple).
  3. However, if favoured, we should net a win of £6, which is not bad considering we could just grind our way up to huge accumulated winnings. Again, we can double, triple, or quadruple up the base multiplier of £66 to make a single spin more profitable.

Now, you might ask, why the name of 666? It’s because the numbers on a roulette wheel, whether it is European (which has 36 plus a single 0) or American (which has 36, a single 0 plus a double 0), would add up to 666.

Personal Advice

While losing in an online roulette game cannot be prevented, controlling how you lose your bankroll can help you to have a fun and memorable gaming experience. It’s best to bet by the minimum – it might not yield that much, but the fact that you still have a lot of money to spend means you have more game time. And more game time further means more chances of winning.

Looking to try out this strategy? Here’s our top pick live casino websites.

  1. Euromoon Casino
  2. Mybet Casino
  3. Leo Vegas Casino
  4. Celtic Casino
  5. Mr. Smith Casino


The Latest Casino Bonuses and Promos – May 2017

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Royal Panda

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EuroMoon Casino

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