Chasing Losses on Roulette: Should You Take Another Spin or Not?

Imagine yourself, all laid back on a weekend with your jammies on. You opted to throw in £300 into your online casino account because you feel like you having a few spins. You said for yourself that you can’t really afford to burn all that money in one sitting. However, you’re in the mood and to lose £100 or £150 won’t hurt that much.

And so, you were at the lobby, picking a roulette table to join in. It’s a European roulette table because you know too well that an American variant has a higher casino advantage as compared to the other one.

The rounds were favourable to you, and you begin to scrape £200 within 30 minutes of playing roulette. Slowly, you move from even-money bets to making inside bets. And with luck on your side, you actually believe that you might be able to leave the game tonight with double and triple the money from where you started.

Later on, you found yourself throwing some mindless £10 straight bets plus some £15 outside bets hoping to score a bigger payout.

However, things didn’t go as what you expected. Rounds after rounds, you were losing at least £25 per spin. After some time, the £200 you made vanished. Now you’re back to square one.

When Frustration Kicks In

It’s a bit frustrating to have lost all those money you’ve won. Sure, your initial £300 is still intact but you’re thinking that with that payroll, you might be able to recoup what you’ve earned.

Unfortunately, things went down south since then. Your main fund begun to deplete, little by little. You pushed through. Like an automaton, you clicked “repeat” on your bet while grating your teeth.

Still, the results were unfavourable to you. In just about a handful of spins, you’re now down to your last £100. You’re getting serious. You said to yourself, that you need to claim back the lost £200. If it happens, you will then leave the table.

You positioned your chips, all of the £100 on a dozen bet, with the hope that the 2 to 1 payout will even things out. You clicked spin, closed your eyes, and crossed your fingers with a wish that one of the 12 numbers will come up.

But then, your heart sunk when your last £100 was gone. You never felt your mouth so dried up before. There’s tension in your hands. Your mind racing when you begin to realize that this month’s rent hasn’t been paid off yet. You need that money back. There must be a way.

You were sweating profusely as you reached out for your wife’s credit card. You need to get that £300 back, you said to yourself.

Chasing Your Loses

That was quite a tale but that is supposed to home down a point: chasing a considerable loss might land you in a difficult spot.

Sure, some of us are guilty of chasing losses once or twice. We’ve been there and if we’re being honest, we can concur to the fact that most of it never ended up good.

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We strongly believe that chasing losses is never a good roulette playing habit. Understand the fact that the game is as precarious as life, and you never know what comes up after a spin. Our advice is for you to shake off that feeling at the earliest opportunity you got.

Put in mind also that you have the same chance of losing as with winning. No matter what kind of roulette betting system you use, you can never guarantee the outcome.

Again, play to enjoy and have fun. Earn profit if you must, but never allow yourself to get caught up in the moment.



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