Learn to win at roulette by playing online

While a real casino offers an exciting atmosphere for playing and winning at roulette, a good way to practice strategy and build-up experience is to play online roulette.

Here at roulette-games.co.uk we offer tips and advice on how players can win at roulette and also which casinos are offering the best bonuses on a regular basis.

The other attraction for playing online is that it’s possible to play for free in most casinos which helps build confidence as well as experience.

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The other bonus for playing roulette online is that the player can use various tools to help them at the table – real casinos will not even allow a piece of paper at the table.

We have discussed previously the reason why players should always opt for the European roulette table because the odds of winning are slightly better since American roulette tables have 38 holes with the added ’00’.

Strategies for playing roulette online

Previous articles here have also discussed the different types of strategies for playing roulette online that roulette players can employ in a bid to win substantial sums of money.

As regular visitors will appreciate, there are a wide variety of strategies available and we are working our way through them – and even putting some of them to the test!

One of the most popular strategies for winning roulette is to adopt the Martingale theory for betting which essentially sees the player doubling their bet every time they lose.

One reason that the system is so popular, particularly with new players, is that it’s simple and straightforward to adopt.

However, it should also be appreciated that more experienced players do not use this system because they believe it’s a risky strategy.

Let’s take a look at the Paroli roulette strategy

Bearing this in mind let’s take a look at the Paroli roulette strategy which is the opposite of the Martingale system.

Again, it’s a very simple method to adopt and after every win, the roulette player should double their bet. This means they do not double their bet after a loss.

In addition, this betting system is also a tad safer than the Martingale system and some players may appreciate that they are actually betting with the bank’s money and not their own. This, however, isn’t actually the case.

Both of these systems are actually progression strategies and they work well for outside bets such as red or black and even or odd – and they make it easier to cover the board to win back previous losses.

The downsides to progression betting systems is that the roulette player can run out of money quickly or reach the table’s limit.

Inside bets provide the best chance of winning

That’s why many people who use Paroli will that bet on inside bets to provide the best chance of winning so roulette players will place money on a split or single numbers. While they will not win as often using inside bets, they will generate more cash to cover previous losses.

In future, roulette-games.co.uk articles will examine more closely why there’s no sure fire method of winning at roulette and look at strategies that do not involve progression betting.


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