Mastering the Wheel: A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Live Roulette

When delving into the realm of roulette, a fundamental principle emerges: the playing rules laid here for every type ensures absolute consistency across all forms of play no matter the variation chosen. However, within this domain, two major versions can be highlighted. European roulette that only has one Zero spot on the wheel. The two prominent types of the Roulette have been identified to be the American Roulette which has both Zero and Double Zero positions on the wheel. The explanation pertaining to the significance of the following zero will be provided in the following elucidation. Most importantly, the payout odds appear to be well balanced in relation to the various games with such ratios as 35:1 for straight-up bets, 1:1 for even money, and 17:1 for Column bets. However, deviation can be identified in Lightning Roulette that is produced by Evolution Gaming where for straight up bets 29:1 payout is offered. This suit is necessary to facilitate the offering of exciting bet multipliers of up to 500 x into a new strategic level in the playing of roulette.

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Types of Live Roulette

European Live Roulette

European Roulette, which features a wheel with numbers ranging from 1 to 36 and one Zero compartment has earned an impressive 97.3% RTP (Return to Player) mark. Being a most popular version of Roulette, the European variant is instrumental in acting as the initial guide to the numerous branches of Roulette, namely available in the market. Of course, every top casino site Live casino provider presents this title, but the difference is in the peculiarities of the playing interfaces and selected possibilities to improve the game. Authentic Gaming deserves the special attention due to the unique design of its interface, the availability of the multiple betting options with the help of which this software enables the betters to use the convenient shortcuts to the frequently used ones. As for the gameplay, Playtech and Evolution stand out due to the detailed statistics on prior spins offered by the companies. In all interfaces there is a Racetrack feature that helps setting bets on numbers and their neighbors, notes on bets and options to save favorites. Sophisticated interfaces add much more level to the gameplay asking to bet on hot and cold numbers and allowing direct staking according to the data analysis of previous outcomes.

American Live Roulette

American Roulette can thus be said to differ from the European version through the American wheel that has numbers 1 to 36 as well as a Single Zero and a Double Zero. This configuration leads to an RTP of 94 dot 74; lower than the European version of 97 dot 3. Depending on one’s position, be with the odds or aiming for an edge, or completely new to gambling, it might be wise to avoid this version unless working for the casino’s returns is desired. Considering the fact that there are numerous European tables that can be played through the internet, why would anybody choose to play American Roulette, when there’s a way better option that has better probabilities and a certain edge to the players.

French Live Roulette

The uniqueness of French Roulette is established with the baize layout that is somewhat different from the typical designs used in other versions of the same game, and which helps in reminding the people about the earlier roots of this game. The hallmark feature of this variant lies in the implementation of the La Partage rule, which offers players a notable advantage: get a return of half of the even-money bet when the ball drops in the Zero pocket. According to this rule, the RTP of the game is pushed up to a rather high 98 dot 5%, which is more than the European Roulette variant with the RTP of 97 dot 3%. Selecting to play French Roulette with the special La Partage rule is clearly completely favorable when playing regarding even money bets, though there are no perks applicable to Straight up or Column bets. Only one table is provided for layouts inside the playing interface, which is why studios care about choosing the French layout to take advantage of the La Partage rule. Indeed, for players interested in High Stakes Roulette that can get better payout rates, French Roulette is by far one of the best options that can give a thrilling return game play.

Roulette Live Streamed Directly from Brick-and-Mortar Casinos

The early period of streaming observed a large presence of tables to stream from land-based casinos, which represented appalling video quality and restricted interaction with the dealers. To overcome these problems, a new type of game – Studio live dealer Roulette using the HD camera for dynamic first class gaming. Currently, the concept of Live-streamed roulette is coming back into the limelight with advanced technology providing players with high-definition streams from the casinos. This again has similarities with the real studio the viewer gets to stream this show in high definition. Since 2015, streaming from land-based tables has gained traction for several reasons: the trust resulting from the casino-streamed content, the willingness of the land-based casino operators to expand their shares to the online sphere by employing the live streaming services and the emergence of specialized providers like Authentic Gaming, which focuses solely on providing the live streaming services from the reputable land-based casinos only. For fans willing to get the feeling of the seabased casinos, there is a wide range of outstanding opportunities offered in the frameworks of various solution providers, with the necessary focus on personal preferences, which guarantees the appropriate level of satisfaction.

High Definition Live Roulette

High Definition Live Roulette implies live studio tables with Multiple HD cameras, which tends to give players a feel of getting a view of the Roulette table. It was pioneered by Evolution Gaming in the game Immersive Roulette with a presenter sitting beside a wheel in a dark studio without a conventional table. Later on, Evolution came up with Immersive Lite, which applied the multi-camera angle setup but included a whole table setup in the main studio. Playtech is the only other provider other than Evolution to have adopted this kind of HD table; in fact, they have a very similar HD table to Evolution called Prestige Roulette. The evaluation of these two games is similar to flipping a coin, because, in order to establish which of the two is superior in its gameplay, one has to make a subjective decision and they both deliver excellent gameplay.

Live Speed Roulette

Over the recent periods, there has been a notable increase in the addition of Speed Roulette variants mainly for those orienting towards offering players with faster opportunity in terms of spin-to-spin time. To address this need, important actors of the industry, including Evolution, Playtech, and NetEnt, have developed their specific strategies. Evolution’s set-up also supports in-play betting, registering a spin-to-spin time of 25 seconds just like in Immersive. On the other hand, Playtech has developed the ability to increase speed by decreasing the amount of time taken in placing bets and has a typical 34-second spin cycle with a full standard table configuration. On the other hand, Pragmatic spin duration is 42 seconds- a much slower spin as compared to the faster spins they have to offer. Standard Non-Speed tables, on the other hand, would require spin times of around 48-60 seconds: quite a marked contrast in terms of time. In addition,  Land-Based Streamed tables may further prolong gameplay time to include onsite casino patrons throughStreamed tables. Although Evolution and Playtech differ by an average of 9 seconds concerning game speed, the differences in the presentation of services offered by both providers are quite negligible, suggesting that competition is high when it comes to Speed Roulette.

Live Double Ball Roulette

Currently, Double Ball Roulette can only be found in Evolution Live Casinos section, but there are not so many online resources for this game, which makes it exclusive. In this rather unique variation of the game, the dealer shoots two balls at the same time, spinning the wheel, which also creates a high level of excitement of the regular roulette. Besides the common game mechanics based on the principles of the European variation of the roulette, the players have an opportunity to stake the enhanced bets in relation to the rules of the Double Ball additional option. A notable highlight includes the chance to achieve a remarkable 1300:1 payout in case both balls are identical on the same number; this, despite its unpredictability, seems to be somewhat more frequent in terms of appearing than one might expect watching dedicated sessions at these tables.

Native Language Live Roulette

Gaming lovers that participate in live casinos can now get a number of tables and dealers who speak different languages and this creates an opportunity and makes live casino players globally happy. The major point is the choice of the casino compatible with the language which is critical to eliminate language barriers while playing. And among the top contenders with rich native-speaking live roulette tables and dealers list, such powerful brands as Leo Vegasr, Unibet and Dublinbet. Evolution Casino dominates in this aspect with the widest coverage of native language dealers, while Playtech and Pragmatic Gaming ranked second and third, respectively, thereby indicating the industry’s appreciation of turning to the global audience and multilingualism in live casinos.

Auto or Slingshot Roulette

Automatic and Slingshot Roulette give a rather different experience from the implicit Live Roulette since they do not include the live dealer in it. This new variation turns the wheel’s operation automatic with the help of compressed air, whereby special controlled air pressure is used to set the wheel spinning and release the balls into it. This setup gives the possibility of consecutive spins; thus, enhancing a much faster game play that is more vibrant and enticing. There are other forms of this game that might come with slight differences like La Partage; other forms may also come with a native speaking computer voice to entertain the player. These auto wheels are preferred in most of the land-based as well as in the online casino οwing to their fast spinning and uninterrupted gameplay that appeal to a segment of players who are interested in fast deals as impressed in roulette tables.

Live Roulette with Side Bets

Indeed, side bets, as a creative invention of the land-based casinos, are gradually appearing more often in the sphere of online gaming, both as a cool supplement and a useful lure for slot lovers to try their luck in the table games. These side bets are a little bit of variety and allow a player to get a feel for the high payout seen in slots. New side bet products are launched, for example, Spread Bet Roulette with the possibility to bet on the outcome of a spin within the selected range and Lucky Ball Roulette with the Fruity Side bet offering the maximum coefficient of 100 to one. However, Playtech’s Football Roulette also presents the features related to the sport theme, where presenters are discussing the football issues while offering the Goal side bet which the players can receive up to 100 times their bet for the right prediction of one of five randomly chosen neighbor numbers. On the other hand, Portomaso/Wirex adopts Hi-Lo side bet concept and it is offered in their land-based streamed tables and Auto roulette; where players are allowed to make bets that the next gambling number will be hi or low when compared to the previous one. This feature entails an option to roll the winnings to the next bet as it builds up to a jackpot which makes the game to be comprehensive and much more exciting.

Live Roulette with Progressive Jackpots

The use of Progressive Jackpots is steadily advancing in the context of Live Casino Games and expands the diversity for players. Playtech was the first to introduce Progressive Baccarat which set the tone for Evolution in introducing Jackpots that are associated with some of their games such as Casino Hold’em and Caribbean Stud Poker. At the moment, only Playtech supplied Progressive Jackpot on Live Roulette, and the tables to play it are the Live Age of the Gods Roulette Table and the Age of Gods Bonus Roulette table. Despite the fact that they are Roulette derivatives, these games have four Progressive Jackpots that can be won at random at any time increasing the entertainment level and the possibility of big wins. The Progressive Jackpots that are exhibited in this casino are peculiar in the sense that 1% of bets made on Roulette and the other Age of the Gods games that are available in the live casino go towards feeding the Progressive Jackpot, thus making it very dynamic and ever growing to give players the chance to win a Progressive Jackpot while they are participating in their favorite live casino games.

En Prison

In the sphere of roulette, the En Prison rule develops a particular kind of chance for the even-money bet when it loses upon the ball’s landing on zero. The term “En Prison” causes the original bet to be ‘imprisoned’ on the table for the next spin to determine whether it will be released from prison or lost. If the following spin leads to a win then the player doubles his or her stake money; in the other case if it leads to a loss, then the bet is lost. As for the En Prison proposition, it brings a rather interesting variant in gameplay but it does not bring as much benefit as the geographic La Partage rule slashing the house edge to 98. 5%. The Superieur table developed by Authentic Gaming gives the client a chance to opt for the rule of En Prison within the specific French design, offering people the choice between the En Prison rule and La Partage allowing the clients to select what would best suit them or their plans.

Mobile Live Roulette

Mobile Live Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most preferred gaming service types of mobile live casino games for the players for the flexible option for gaming on the go. While so many suppliers demonstrate their adaptations of mobile live roulette, Leo Vegas stands out as the top choice for so many games at once. As for all of them, every variation works the same, with further capabilities of Portrait and Landscape for the player. Facilitating the comfort and smooth flow of the game, some players can reduce the dealer’s side of the screen, which shows the dealers’ faces in most games, to a minimal or even eliminate it completely. More to the point, some software providers such as Playtech enable players to rearrange the position of the live dealer stream so that the table is visible. When presenting some of the samples that include a video captured using a mobile phone, the preference for gameplay slightly inclined towards a tablet to give a better feel. Thus, although technically one may play it on a mobile phone, the options of the screen might be not large enough, and therefore, the user is suggested to switch to a more appropriate device if he or she intends to spend an exciting time

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