Newbie’s Ultimate Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

What’s great about online casinos is that you’re not restricted when it comes to cash flow. It’s because you can easily move your money from one online casino to another without any hassle. Because of the fluidity and ease in transferring from one to the other, online casinos realized that they need to be competitive in order to get customers. Thus, online casino bonuses are born. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

  1. Sign-up or Welcome Bonuses

Sign up bonuses are growing in popularity nowadays because of the interesting thought that goes around it. These are also called as welcome bonuses by some as it attracts gamblers into creating an account on a specific online casino site.

So how does this bonus work? Take for example this scenario. Let’s say you deposit $100 on the casino. The casino will then give you another $100 for free, which you can use to bet later on. This means that you get $200 by simply depositing $100.

But as amusing as it sounds, there’s a catch to this. You need to make another deposit for you to bet or even withdraw the bonus. This is what you call as the wagering requirement. This requirement may come in two ways.

It might either be a bonus amount multiple or a multiple of the deposit and bonus’ total amount. This makes the betting requirement look lower than what it’s supposed to be.

  1. No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are the most popular online casino bonus out there. This is also one of the reasons why the page by is growing in popularity among punters. This kind of bonus lets you play games without having to risk your own money.

What’s great about it is that you can easily start your online gambling endeavor even if you don’t have much money. This also lets you earn capital first so that you can enjoy your gambling session later on. Though the bonuses are much smaller, it’s still worth the try.

  1. Cashable Bonuses

Cashable bonuses are smaller in amount compared to other bonuses. However, they’re usually more valuable. This helps you increase your betting variant and size, which leads to higher winning chances. Once you reach the maximum betting target, you can then lower down your betting amount while simultaneously getting the bonus.

  1. Non-Cashable Bonuses

There are also these non-cashable bonuses. These are bonuses you can’t cash out because, in the first place, they’re not even real cash. Most people call these as phantom bonuses because of their intangible element. It’s a bonus that online casinos give you so that you can use it in your games. It’s just like a gaming privilege (e.g. an extra spin).

You also can’t withdraw this one. Instead, the bonus accumulates in your account, making it easier for you to continue playing in the online casino over and over again. Though these are referred to as bonuses, they’re really just a marketing gimmick to give the online casino an edge over its competitors.


To sum it all up, it’s very clear that the growing number of online casinos have a huge effect on its customers. Because of the stiffening competition, online casinos are now making sure that their clients get the best experience. And that’s the whole point of why bonuses exist — to get a steady pool of players.

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