Playing roulette like James Bond: The strategy

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world and has been for a long time now. This is partly down to the fact that roulette combines suspense, excitement, joy and frustration all at the same time. Furthermore, it is a tough game to beat –many have tried and failed to do so and that is what makes people come back for more. There are numerous different strategies that have been used in order to attempt to beat the casino at Roulette. However, none are as simple and effective as the James Bond roulette strategy.

James Bond is perhaps one of the most successful gamblers to come out of the world of fiction. Add to that his super suave persona and license to kill and you have a character that men want to be and women want to be with. If you are familiar with the James Bond franchise, then you will know that few gamblers have superior finesse and charisma at the casino tables than Mr Bond. And it was Bond’s force of presence at the table and his actual use of the following method that brought about the James Bond roulette strategy.

What you need to know about this strategy is that you can’t just gamble any sum you want. Firstly, you need at least £200 to gamble with. To put it simply, you need to bet £140 on high numbers (19-36) and follow this up with £50 on six numbers (13-18) and then a final £10 on 0 as insurance.

Can I only use this strategy when playing at a live casino?

Although Mr Bond was always a live casino player, if you are an online casino regular then you can still make use of this strategy. The James Bond roulette strategy is perfect to use when you are playing at any online roulette casinos. Moreover, playing online means you don’t have the pressure of a Roulette dealer waiting for you to make your move, so you can learn this strategy at your own pace. Essentially, there are three bets that you must make if you want to play this strategy successfully.

Outcomes of the James Bond strategy

Using this method, should you spin a number from 19 to 36 (with a bet of £140) then you will make a profit of at least £80. Should one of the numbers from 13 to 18 come up, you will make a profit of £100. If you hit the unlikely chance of a 0 and see the green colour on the roulette wheel, then you will make a £160 profit.

Using this strategy, you should be able to make small but regular profits. Chances are that one of your three bets will come through, so you will be able to rake in the money. However, do not fret if the Roulette ball lands on a different number.

What happens if the Roulette ball lands on a number between 1 and 12?

If this unfortunate scenario happens then the best situation is to double your bet by using the Martingale strategy. For this strategy to work, the player must bet double the chips they have lost every time they lose. So if you bet 5 chips and lose, you need to bet 10 in the next round – simple.

Using the Martingale strategy offers an opportunity to quickly re-gain your losses – but remember, this is not guaranteed. If you find yourself losing too much money, then you should always step away from the table. Do not try to recover your losses by betting amounts that you cannot afford to lose. Walk away from the table and try again another day with a fresh body and mind – there will always be a roulette table open for you to play on.

Has the James Bond strategy been proven to work?

The reality is that when it comes to any strategy for casino games, over a prolonged period of time, it is very difficult to come out ahead of the casino. More often than not, the casino wins. When playing Roulette, the odds are always in the favour of the casino. However, if you are clever then you can still come out on top of the casino.

The best way to play the James Bond strategy is by taking a leaf out of the book of Bond himself. Use your brain, play intelligently and get out once you are ahead – don’t go chasing more and more money. Remember, you are likely to lose slightly over 50% of the time. Using this strategy, it is recommended that once you have made your profit for the day, you should immediately leave the table. James Bond knew when to leave a dangerous situation and so should you. Also, the more you win by taking the win and run strategy the more money you will have in your bankroll when you run into an inevitable losing streak.

Would James Bond use this strategy?

More than likely, if Bond gave up his 007 status and job to become a professional roulette player, he would make sure that he took some gadgets from Q branch in order to help him turn the odds in his favour.

With this being said, if technology is your thing then you should read up about roulette computers. Although this is most likely classed as cheating, this is almost certainly what Bond would do if he was taking in the atmosphere at a casino owned by an international terrorist. Although, let’s face it, Bond always wins when it comes to playing card games, no matter what the odds. There is no shortage of casino scenes to choose from in the James Bond franchise. Whether, like in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ he is playing Roulette in Portugal, or fighting bad guys in the setting of a Macau casino, Bond’s visits to casinos are rarely dull.

Summing up

  • The beauty and popularity of the James Bond roulette strategy lies in its simplicity.
  • The player only needs to remember three bets.
  • Bet #1 requires the player to bet at least £140 on numbers between 19-36.
  • Bet #2 requires the player to bet at least £50 on numbers between 13-18.
  • Bet #3 requires that the player bets at least £10 on 0 as an insurance bet.
  • This strategy only works on the European roulette

No roulette strategy is fool-proof, however, using a strategy will almost always increase your chances of winning. The James Bond strategy is, of course, just one of many roulette strategies. If you have not tried this strategy before, then you should give it a go. Many roulette players rate the James Bond strategy as the best. Experience it for yourself and best of luck at the wheel!

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