Which Roulette Betting Layout is best?

When it comes to you having a winning session playing Roulette online then you are always going to be in the lap of the Gods, however being such a volatile yet completely random table game you could win a small fortune in a very short space of time with some luck in playing!

However, one aspect of playing Roulette online that we think you do need to be aware of is that most casino sites are going to be offering you more than one variant, and every single one of the games you can access and play will have its own unique house edge on offer.

Part of the very fine art of mastering the Roulette wheel is for you to understand fully the differences between each of the variants on offer, and also know just what house edge you can expect when playing every single Roulette game online, and make an effort to only play the variants which do give you the best chances of winning, or not losing as much over the long term!

There are of course three main types of Standard Roulette games available online, and they include the American, European and French variants. When playing the American Roulette game you will discover on the betting layout and on the wheel too there are two zeros in play.

Sadly due to the additional double zero the house edge on that variant is huge working out at 5.28% which means it should be a game you never play! You are going to be much better off playing the European Roulette game which boasts one single zero as that variant has a much lower house edge of some 2.70% on offer.

Unless you prefer placing just even money wagers, in that case the French Roulette game does offer the very lowest house edge on its betting layout on those wagers. That house edge is just 1.35% due to you getting half of your losing even money bets back when zero spins in or on some variants of French Roulette the losing stakes remain on the betting layout for the next spin instead of being removed.

Playing Casino Games at Poker Sites

Many online gamblers do not stick to just one game when having a bet online, for they will tend to play a large and very varied range of games, and that is also very true of online poker players too.

What you are going to find when you play online poker is that there are lots of additional games of chance on offer at those sites not just poker cash ring games or poker tournaments, and as such you will always be able to have a bet on any additional games you fancy trying your luck on.

If you sign up to an online poker site you will find that you can choose to play at any open poker table and once that table has launched and loaded onto your computer screen you can then opt to play a range of casino games in the same window as small side games.

You will find that the Roulette games for example that are available at side games at most online poker sites will give you just as much of a range of different table stake limits as when you are playing at a casino site, and as such you can play for low, medium or even very high stake amounts. There is also the option if you wish to dip your toes in for free games.

However, you will of course want to have the best chance of winning and with that in mind do make sure that you play the Roulette games with the lowest house edges, for if you play for example the American Roulette game you are going to find it can and will suck away at and eat your bankroll away much quicker than when you choose to play the lower house edge Roulette games such as French Roulette or European Roulette!

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