Roulette Game Basics: The Table and the Chips

Learning to play roulette, whether we’re referring to online or offline game, is as easy as A,B,C. In this post, we’ll shed out some basic details about roulette.

The game comes in two major variants – the European and American roulette. Both are similar in so many ways except for some features like the roulette wheel and its corresponding betting layout.

To get more acquainted with the various roulette betting options and its corresponding rules, let’s take a look at the two game variants:

Table Layout

The tables of both the American and the European roulette is typically covered in green felt layout. Printed boxes can also be found on its surface and their purpose is to indicate the type of bet a player makes.

The numbers found in the table is either black or red. The single zero and double zero (in American roulette) are, however, colored in green.

The table is further divided into two major parts according to the type of roulette bets. The part in which all the numbers, including the zero, can be found is the inside bets portion.

Outside of the numbered boxes are the additional bets called outside bets. These bets, meanwhile, cover up 12 and 18 numbers at one time.

Take a look at a European Roulette Table:

Here’s how an American Roulette Table looks like:

See the two, one can attest that there isn’t that big difference between them. Still, the American roulette table offers unique betting opportunities like the call bets or more commonly known as the announced bets. This bet still has other moniker which is “French bets,” this is because this type of wager was originally and predominantly played in France. It is rare to find such bets in casinos, whether land-based or online. Should you happen to stumble upon one, players are advised to learn the rules first as it can differ from establishments to establisments.

Roulette Chips

In roulette, the bets are predominantly made using special colored chips. These can’t be used in any other casino games. This is because there can be up to 8 players sitting at the same time. Dealers or croupiers could easily be confused which player made such a bet if they all use the regular ones. For this, a roulette player is assigned with a distinct colored chip that only he can use as long as he is in the game.

Using the chips is easy. The dealer only has to ask the players to denominate their chips in an orderly pile. After which, the dealer places a chip of a specific color and another of a particular denomination near the wheel. This is to control the payouts.

During a game, the player will then choose the chip value that he would like to wager in for a particular number or groups of it.

Roulette chips basically retains no value when used outside the game. This is unlike in any other casino games wherein you can use it as a form of currency to pay for something. In roulette, a player would need to exchange his chips before he leaves the table after a game.



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