More Schemes Used By Players in the Past to Beat Roulette

In a previous post, we discussed about the methods people use in the past to beat the roulette odds. The first one we mentioned was tampering the fret of the roulette wheel. Here, they are able to tone down the erratic movement of the ball once it was released by the croupier. The other method they use involves the sleight of hand and is called Past Posting. Here, the player manages to post a bet right after the allowed betting time.

Just like the purpose of the two previous methods, this post will talk about more schemes used by players in the past to beat the roulette odds. The kind of roulette game being referred to in here usually happens in a live casino.

Ball Tripping

The ball, whether we’re talking about online or offline roulette, is that one little round thing that determines the winning number in a particular roulette spin. The “pill,” as it is commonly called in the circle, is an object of obsession among those who wish to take control of the result of a spin. They believe that if they can influence as to where the ball lands, then it means that the casino is already done for. Which is why, they come up with the following ball tripping methods:

Finger Trip

To pull off this stunt, a team of two is required – one is the distractor (the bettor) and the other is a visual tracker (the one who trips the ball). The distractor is usually a lady who can easily attracts everyone’s attention. The tracker, meanwhile, sits at close proximity to the roulette wheel, with his hands positioning on the rim. During a game, the latter would signal the bettor to do her part and while the others are distracted, he would then flick a finger over the rim. This would be enough to knock the ball off the track and go into the number or number section of the wheel. Obviously, the two conniving entities have already agreed upon which number or group of numbers to bet on beforehand.

Horsehair Trip

If you think the finger trip scam is already risky enough, wait until you heard about the horsehair trip. This stunt involves the actual modification of the roulette wheel. For those wondering, doing such a thing to the wheel was actually viable in the past because surveillance systems were not as impeccable as what we have today. Even more so, wheels were often left unattended during off-hours.

Basically, the scheme would need the fraudsters to drill holes between the back of the ball track as well as on the outside portion of the bowl. The hole is small but enough for a horsehair to pass through. The hair serves as the “tripping device.” Just as what you can imagine, the scammer would pull on the horsehair to control the outcome of the spin.


The methods deemed to beat the house gets more creative than ever with the introduction of electromagnets. Apparently, the scheme involving magnets won’t require wheel modifications and tandem performances. However, the schemers would have to swap the pill with a special ball that can attract to the magnet. They did so either by a sleight of hand or by teaming up with the dealer. Once the condition was set, the game can now be rigged.

It’s the women that usually use the electromagnet method by putting them in their handbags or purses. Sometimes, “elderlies” were also involved in the scam thanks to their wheelchairs. These chairs, it turns out, carry high current devices enough to magnetize the ball to their desired number zones.

These days, electromagnets are prohibited inside a casino and any device that produces such an effect can set off an alarm system.

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