The Simple Roulette Strategy

If you’re like the others, you may also have been searching for a very simple roulette strategy that you can use whether you’re playing roulette online or offline. Aside from the ease of use, you might also be interested in betting methods which are really effective. If that is so, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’re going to share to you a very simple, easy to apply, roulette strategy: the Simple Roulette Strategy. Yes, even the name is not that complicated to understand and it tells you right away what to expect.

A Popular Strategy

What makes the Simple Roulette Strategy famous among casino players is that it is being used by the famous 70’s action star John Wayne. It is said that the Oscar Award winning actor was a fan of the strategy that he even mentioned it in one of his autobiographies. Though Wayne is not already around to attest the efficiency of the Simple Roulette Strategy, it is widely believed that the roulette enthusiast was passionate about it.


To reiterate, this strategy is quite simple yet very effective to use even by a novice roulette player. Unlike systems like the Martingale, players don’t need huge resources to pull off the Simple Strategy. Despite this, anyone still has the potential to rake big winnings.

How It Works

At the beginning of the game, the player has to choose two colours from the middle column. For example, in a European roulette table, we have 5 (red) and 17 (black). The player puts 1 unit straight up bet on each of the number. Then, he places another 1 unit bet on each corner of 5 and 17. See the picture below:

In the case above, we have a total of £10 bet placed in this round. We were able to cover 18 numbers of the roulette wheel, which is actually half of all the numbers. This makes the Simple Roulette Strategy, simple yet very effective to use.

Possible Outcomes

There are three possible outcomes from this arrangement

If either 5 or 17 will come out (as per our example) the player wins £37 plus his initial bet returns, since it’s a straight-up bet and it has a 37 to 1 payout.

Another scenario would be for either of the numbers 2, 6, 8, or 4 (surrounding numbers of 5), and 14, 18, 20, and 16 (surrounding numbers of 17) to come out. If this is so, then the player wins £18.

The last would be for numbers 3, 1, 9, 7 (neighbours of 5) and 15, 13, 21, and 19 (neighbours of 17) to come out. In this case, he will lose a total of £1.

As we can see here, the goal of the Simple Strategy is to target two numbers for a straight up bet (5 and 17, in our example). Meanwhile, the surrounding bets act as insurance should either of the numbers won’t come out.

To lose £1 in this round would mean nothing if you got paid off £38 or £18 for a lucky spin. As a safety precaution, we recommend using the Simple Roulette Strategy with at least £100 in your balance.

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