Is It Possible to Beat the Game with An Online Roulette Algorithm?

Basically, all outcomes of casino games are based on randomly generated numbers. In roulette, it is the roulette wheel which acts as the random number generator. In a dice game like craps, it is the dice that produce the random results. When talking about slot machines, there is actually an electronic device inside the cabinet that dictates how long or how quickly the reels will spin.

In the same vein, online casino games operate in a variety of random number generators (RNG). However, instead of physical objects like wheels or dice, the randomization are being produced via complex computations.

In this article, we asked the question if an online roulette game can be rigged or cheated. In the part of the player, there are those saying that it is actually possible for someone to hack his way into the system and predict the next winning pocket. But is there any basis to the claim?

Understanding RNGs

Before we could verify anything, let us first take a better grasp on Random Number Generation. Online casino games use Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNGs) in particular. PRNGs are based on an algorithm, a complex series of computations, which generates long stream of numbers. These numbers don’t just appear out of nowhere. Instead, the formula needs an initial value, known as the random seed number. From this initial number, the algorithm will then be able to compute lists of numbers.

Sequences of numbers produced by an algorithm can be as small as a few hundreds of places while others can come up with close to 250,000 numbers long.

These algorithms are no secret magic formulas, though. In fact, anyone can find a list of algorithms commonly used in PRNGs online. You might be thinking, if this is the case, then anyone can exploit the information and use them against the establishment. However, what prevents online casinos to go out of business is the seed number which they keep a secret.

Now, unless you have these two factors present, then beating an online roulette game with an algorithm is not possible.

Algorithms in Live Roulette

Unlike an RNG roulette, live roulette has a physical wheel and ball used to determine a winning number. “Algorithms” used to win in live roulette is different from its bot-generated counterpart as it is now based off the science of physics.

Players do it by looking for those faulty tables. To find one, all they have to do is to observe and keep data on how the ball lands on the wheel. These methods, however, have long been thwarted by casinos. These establishments also keep close tabs on the random distribution of the numbers in a specific wheel, and if they sense irregularities, they are quick enough to replace that table.

Online Roulette Algorithm Will Always Fail

Against the house, any online roulette algorithm will fail in the long run. Whether it is for RNG or a live roulette, such algorithms are created using the Martingale betting system. If you can remember from this post, the Martingale system require players to double up their bets until they hit a win.

Using the algorithm and the system may prove to be profitable but only for a very short-term. Down the road, any player is doomed to lose money due to the fact that he doesn’t own an infinite bankroll. Furthermore, online casinos place caps on the maximum bet allowed per game.

Despite the fact that there’s no bulletproof algorithm that anyone could use to beat online roulette, the game can still be quite fun and exciting with some handsome profits on the side.

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