The Best Strategy to Use When Playing Spingo

In this previous post we introduced to you what is Spingo and gave you the reasons if the game is worth your time and effort.

Basically, Spingo is the combination of two favourite casino games: Roulette and Bingo. Designed by Microgaming, this unique game draws inspiration from the spinning action brought by roulette. It has a wheel and numbered slots. Meanwhile, the chutes to where multiple balls come out bears significant semblance to the game of bingo.

Like roulette, Spingo works in such a way that the player predicts the result of each spin. The game, however, uses a total of 21 balls with two each numbered from 1 to 10, plus one ball that has a number zero. The wheel, on the other hand, has 25 coloured slots (8 yellow, 8 red, 8 blue, and 1 green).

For more basic information of the game and how to play it, please refer to this link. As of this particular post, we’re only going to talk about the strategy on how to win.

First off, let’s look at the house advantage on each type of bets you could make when playing Spingo:

Number bet – 4.76%

Colour bet – 4%

Zero numbered bet – 4.76%

Green colour bet – 4%

Colour and number bet – 2.48%

Even/Odd bet – 4.76%

Low/High (1-5/6-10) – 4.76%

Go for Combinations

As you can see, the colour and number bet has the lowest house edge in Spingo. And so, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise when experts of this game recommends making combination bets. For instance, you want to make a bet on the number nine. You could definitely just make a straight up bet.  However, you’re further thinning out the house edge if you bet on each of the three possible results of nine: Red 9, Blue 9, and Yellow 9. Furthermore, the payout of the number and color combination is 31:1, which is the largest in the game. The specific number (1-10), on the other hand, only pays 9 to 1.

Cover as Much as Possible

If you plan to wager with the amount larger than the minimum, it’s best to do it while covering a huge part of the betting layout. For example, if you intend to make a £10 bet on yellow, it would be better if you put instead ten £1 bets on all the yellow numbers. Similarly, this cuts off the house edge significantly while you raise up your odds of winning.

Other Bets

You can always experiment with the type of bets that you can make in Spingo, and it’s quite profitable, to say the least. For instance, instead of betting £3 on the number 6 (which would win £27), why not bet £1 on a Blue 6, Yellow 6, or Red 6. This way, you can make £2 (32:1 payout) more of profit if any of the three bets come out.

As with roulette and any other online casino games, Spingo still relies heavily on luck and there’s no way that a player can influence the outcome of a spin. Even more so that most of Spingo games available to play online is RNG or Random Number Generated.

We still have to see more playing strategies to be made of this game. But to play Spingo still has a lot of potential for excitement and profits to be made like our favourite online roulette.

The 7 Reasons Why More and More People Prefer to Play Online Casino Games

To make money and to have fun are probably two of the main reasons why people play casino games. With the rapid development on internet technology, gambling at the comfort of one’s own home becomes even more accessible than ever. In fact, for some players, the amount of amusement and potential profits can be even higher than when they play in brick and mortar casinos. But why exactly they prefer playing online casino games? We look at the reasons here:

  1. There’s the lesser feeling of intimidation
A busy roulette session

We come to think of physical casinos as a place where there’s an incessant droning of countless slot machines, the ear-piercing tinkling of coins, the intermittent exclaims or moaning of casino players, as well as the dimly-lit interiors. These factors, among many others, can be an excruciating gaming experience for those who are quite inhibited or cagey people.


In comparison, to play casino games online is way much easier, more comfortable, and less intimidating for people who leans more towards the peace and quiet. And did we mention the pressure to be in your best attire when going to a casino place? That is exactly a challenge which online casino games totally eradicate.

  1. Wider game selection

There’s definitely a wider array of game selection when playing in online casinos than in the real world. Sometimes, certain establishments would be restricted to offer a particular kind of game depending on its hometown’s regulation. But that’s not the case online.

  1. Great form of pastime for everyone (of legal age, of course)

By just turning on the computer, anyone who has an account can instantly gain access to internet casino games and get his/her dose of entertainment, as compared to real casino places where there’s the need to travel.

Sit, log-in, and start playing is by far, the perfect playing arrangement for those who wants to stay at home, and even individuals who are at work. This is great for housewives who are in search for excitement during their free time. Employees can also quickly open up online casino sites when in break time using their computers or even mobile devices.

  1. Security

Who is not afraid for their lives when they are in the public, carrying lots of cash for gaming? For the more paranoid players, online casino gaming platform is the best solution. Online casinos have these various deposit and cash out methods that they can take advantage of. Moreover, they’re safe and secure.

  1. Accessibility to information

This is probably one of the best reasons why seasoned casino players are joining the online casino gaming craze. Majority of online casino gambling websites like this and this [I intend to insert affiliate links here. Can I do that?] provide vital gaming information like history, guidelines, statistics, and even tips! It’s a plus especially for beginners.

  1. Fun beyond boundaries

While the world is still in a commotion with the issues regarding migration and multiculturalism, casino games online has long already been a venue of unity and respect among players who look past beyond nationality or race. This might sound cheesy, but casinos online are great places to struck new friendship and establish associations.

  1. Loads of freebies

Last but not the least, more people are attracted to play in casino gaming sites because of freebies! Yes, you’ll find most casino websites to be generous when it comes to free stuff. They do this to stay in business and gain new players/subscribers.

They could offer big discounts, sign up bonuses, and even free real money that you can use to play. It would be too crazy for you to pass these good things up. What are you waiting for? Head over to these casino websites, now. [1] [2] [3]