What is Spingo and Is It Worth the Try?

Almost all of the exciting casino games being played around the world today originated in land-based casinos. These establishments, however, may fall short and sometimes are limited in the variety of games to offer to their patrons. On the contrary, the online platform gives game developers plenty of wiggle room to experiment, innovate, or create entirely new unique casinos games. Such games may prove to be too complex or confusing to play when put in a real setting, but they never fail to deliver that different level of fun and excitement when done in the virtual world.

One great example of these unique, virtual casino games is the “Spingo.” This wheel-based, roulette-looking game was designed by Microgaming and is now being enjoyed by a lot of Internet casino players. The term, as you may have guessed it, is derived from “spin” for roulette and “go” for bingo.

Unlike roulette, the learning curve for spingo can somewhat be too steep for beginners. Adding more to the challenge of playing is the fact that there’s a lot of movement going on and it could prove to be too hard to follow. That’s hardly a problem at all, however, when you get to learn the basics and follow the steps.

Overview of Spingo

Basically, Spingo works in such a way that a roulette player may find to be familiar with. It’s object is to predict the result of each round which in turn, is determined by the combination of a bingo raw and the wheel’s spin.

The game uses 21 balls that are drawn from a hopper: two each numbered 1 to 10, plus one ball that is numbered zero. There’s also a wheel that has 25 coloured slots which are of follows:

  • 8 yellow slots
  • 8 red slots
  • 8 blue slots
  • 1 green slot


Before a round commences, the players will make bets on a betting layout specifically designed for spingo but roulette enthusiasts may find to be familiar with. Like our favourite online roulette, there are a variety of bets available in spingo including Even/Odd.

  • Color (Red, Yellow, Blue) – bet wins when the ball lands on either colors
  • Green – bet wins when the ball lands in this color
  • Number/Color – player picks specific number and color
  • Number – player picks specific number
  • Zero – bet wins when the ball lands on zero
  • Odd/Even – bet wins when ball lands in the appropriate number
  • 1-5/6-10 – bet wins when ball lands in the appropriate number range

The game then begins when the wheel is spun. Players can then watch a drawing system similar to that of lottery where numbered balls blow up from a sheath. The first numbered ball to land on a particular colored slot in the wheel determines the winning bet.


What’s nice with spingo is that even novice players can easily follow through with the payouts as they are made available on the screen. But for the purpose of this article, they are as of follows:

Game Pays
Red 2:1
Yellow 2:1
Blue 2:1
Green 23:1
Specific number (1 – 10) 9:1
Zero 19:1
Odd/Even 1:1
1-5/ 6-10 1:1
Color and number combination 31:1

Spingo is popular because it offers roulette lovers an entirely new twist on the casino game they so love to play. If you ask if the game is worth trying, we personally would say yes. While Spingo may not hold an appeal to non-roulette players, the simplicity of its rules and mechanics can be very enticing. Once you fell into the groove of the game, there surely be a lot of good times to enjoy.

Betting on Double Zero Roulette

The roulette is probably one of the most popular and favourite casino games played both online and offline. This game of chance has its roots that can be traced back to Europe. As early as 17th century, French people from all walks of life had been enjoying what they called the “little wheel.” During the chaotic times of the French Revolution, waves upon waves of French immigrants were arriving in the ports of the US, seeking refuge from the dangers back home. They brought along with them their hopes and dreams of a better and safer future. In return, the Americans were gifted with the roulette.

According to history, the first Americanized French roulette wheel only has the numbers 1 to 28, a single zero, a double zero, and an image of an American bald eagle. Should the ball landed on either of the two zero pockets and in the eagle as well, the house would take all the bets save for those bets made on that specific winning pocket.

This gives the house a whooping 12.9% edge. Obviously, the game became a staple among casino establishments. The problem was that players were avoiding the roulette which forced the casinos to make some revisions, this removed the iconic eagle symbol in the process. Eventually, it became what is now known as the double zero roulette or the American roulette.

The American Roulette Wheel

Unlike the European roulette wheel which has 37 slots (numbers 1-36 plus a single zero), the American variant has 38 slots in total (numbers 1-36, a single zero, and a double zero). Just like its predecessors, the numbers are colored red or black, while the zeros are colored green.

Making Double Zero Roulette Bets

Betting on an American roulette game is basically similar in form with the single zero roulette where the player has a big selection of bets to make. Each bet has its own respective payouts and odds. There are two main categories of roulette bets:

Inside bets – these are bets made either on a specific number, a number pair, an adjacent group of numbers, or a column. Despite the low odds of winning, the payouts for inside bets are quite higher than those of the outside bets.

Outside bets – these bets are made to cover a large group of numbers (odd/even, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 1-18, and 19-36). Players can also bet on the color outcome or if it is odd or even. Payouts are low but the chance of winning is high.

American Roulette House Edge

Despite the improvements made on the game, the American roulette still has the higher advantage for the house with 5.26%. To make it even worse for the players, this roulette game variant doesn’t apply the European rules of “La Partage” and “en prison.”

However, there are select casinos in Atlantic City and tables in Las Vegas that offer “La Partage.” For the uninitiated, the rule dictates that when the ball lands in either of the zeros, all players get half of their bets back. This particularly makes the house edge from 5.26% to 2.63%.

In this instance, playing the American roulette is favourable. However, it’s hard to find casinos such as the ones mentioned above that offer “La Partage.”

When playing online casino games for real money, one should be wary of the type of roulette he/she would play. We highly recommend going for the European or the single zero roulette.



The 7 Reasons Why More and More People Prefer to Play Online Casino Games

To make money and to have fun are probably two of the main reasons why people play casino games. With the rapid development on internet technology, gambling at the comfort of one’s own home becomes even more accessible than ever. In fact, for some players, the amount of amusement and potential profits can be even higher than when they play in brick and mortar casinos. But why exactly they prefer playing online casino games? We look at the reasons here:

  1. There’s the lesser feeling of intimidation
A busy roulette session

We come to think of physical casinos as a place where there’s an incessant droning of countless slot machines, the ear-piercing tinkling of coins, the intermittent exclaims or moaning of casino players, as well as the dimly-lit interiors. These factors, among many others, can be an excruciating gaming experience for those who are quite inhibited or cagey people.


In comparison, to play casino games online is way much easier, more comfortable, and less intimidating for people who leans more towards the peace and quiet. And did we mention the pressure to be in your best attire when going to a casino place? That is exactly a challenge which online casino games totally eradicate.

  1. Wider game selection

There’s definitely a wider array of game selection when playing in online casinos than in the real world. Sometimes, certain establishments would be restricted to offer a particular kind of game depending on its hometown’s regulation. But that’s not the case online.

  1. Great form of pastime for everyone (of legal age, of course)

By just turning on the computer, anyone who has an account can instantly gain access to internet casino games and get his/her dose of entertainment, as compared to real casino places where there’s the need to travel.

Sit, log-in, and start playing is by far, the perfect playing arrangement for those who wants to stay at home, and even individuals who are at work. This is great for housewives who are in search for excitement during their free time. Employees can also quickly open up online casino sites when in break time using their computers or even mobile devices.

  1. Security

Who is not afraid for their lives when they are in the public, carrying lots of cash for gaming? For the more paranoid players, online casino gaming platform is the best solution. Online casinos have these various deposit and cash out methods that they can take advantage of. Moreover, they’re safe and secure.

  1. Accessibility to information

This is probably one of the best reasons why seasoned casino players are joining the online casino gaming craze. Majority of online casino gambling websites like this and this [I intend to insert affiliate links here. Can I do that?] provide vital gaming information like history, guidelines, statistics, and even tips! It’s a plus especially for beginners.

  1. Fun beyond boundaries

While the world is still in a commotion with the issues regarding migration and multiculturalism, casino games online has long already been a venue of unity and respect among players who look past beyond nationality or race. This might sound cheesy, but casinos online are great places to struck new friendship and establish associations.

  1. Loads of freebies

Last but not the least, more people are attracted to play in casino gaming sites because of freebies! Yes, you’ll find most casino websites to be generous when it comes to free stuff. They do this to stay in business and gain new players/subscribers.

They could offer big discounts, sign up bonuses, and even free real money that you can use to play. It would be too crazy for you to pass these good things up. What are you waiting for? Head over to these casino websites, now. [1] [2] [3]