Tipping at a Roulette Table: How Should It Be Done

Tipping is an act which shows a person appreciates what the service provider has done for him. Whether you are the receiver of the tip or the giver, it brings warmth to the heart knowing that it can make someone happy. It doesn’t have to be that much. Just a small amount can already put a smile on a person’s face. And this thing works even when you’re playing roulette.

Regardless if we’re talking about playing roulette live in a brick and mortar casino or in an online environment, you need to consider tipping your dealer. Of course, this doesn’t work if you’re in a website casino and is playing one of their RNG (random number generated) roulette because there’s no dealer involved. Otherwise, it’s nice to show your appreciation to your dealer for doing you a great service.

While it may not be that hard to convince you to tip your croupier, there are, however, some points to consider when doing so.

Etiquette When Tipping

Let us remind you that the following guidelines on tipping are not imperative and the act should be done according to your will. But then, sometimes, we have to address some issues that might be overlooked by some people. For example, tipping beyond your means.

This goes without saying that give what you only afford to give. Sometimes, there are people who tend to forget the size of their bankroll and they just let their emotions take rein of their decisions. What will be left of them are nothing but regrets and an empty payroll.

Our advice is for players to tip an amount that is proportionate to his playing funds. For example, if he is wagering £1 per spin, it would be unwise for him to tip £5 or £10 when he wins, otherwise his money will run out quickly.

Tipping should be, first and foremost, be dependent on the size of your win and your bankroll.

The frequency of tipping should also be given with consideration. For instance, you are doing great in your game so far. You might want to tip only after every 4 or 5 wins. Like the above scenario, tipping every time you win will make it impossible for you to accumulate profits.

Again, the goal of a roulette player is to have fun and earn real money. It’s not always that a player will register a win. Even more so, a win is hard to come by. Sometimes, you got to hold on to those winnings so you can play more and win more.

The Proper Way of Doing It

Tipping your friendly croupier is not like you’re just about to hand him/her your tip. There is a way to do it. Suppose you bet a £100 on your lucky number 17 and you won. Now, at a 35 to 1 payout, that’s a lot of money. The other players at the table congratulates you and so your dealer. You’re feeling generous, and you want to share the happy feeling and so you opt to give some.

After you are announced to be the winner, the dealer pushes your enormous stack of chips towards you. This is the time when you take a couple or a handful, if you are so inclined, of chips and place them on the table portion outside of the betting layout. This hints the dealer that the money is intended for him and not your bet for the next spin.

Benefits of Tipping

There’s a lot of benefits of tipping. There are dealers who live off with their income from earning tips. Second, a well-tipped dealer is a happy dealer. A cheerful dealer will of course invite positivity in the atmosphere and so the game becomes better. Tipping will also likely to convince other players to follow suit.