Betting System in Focus: The Kavouras System

The popularity of roulette has been raging on for centuries. Whereas once the game can only be played in a land-based casino, there are now other avenues that it can be enjoyed, like online casinos. In fact, roulette is also taking the Internet by storm based on the growing number of players going online for the game.

Through the online platform, our favourite casino game can now be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and with all the utmost convenience since it can be played at the comfort of your home; there’s no need for you to go on a trip to a nearby brick and mortar casino.

Whether your preferred mode of playing is face to face or remote, perhaps there’s a need for you to have a strategy to help increase your odds of winning. If not, at least to even out the casino edge.

This roulette betting strategy that we are going to share today is a unique one such that it is based on the game’s own system – randomness. Read on to learn more about the Kavouras betting system.

Quick Overview

The Kavouras is a roulette betting system which name was derived from the man who designed the strategy. Kavouras believed that to maximise profits from playing roulette, the player needs to play more rounds as possible.

His method has four basic ideas:

  1. The varied the numbers you bet on, the higher the chances of winning. According to his personal accounts, he always bet on at least 20 numbers around the wheel. For him, this will make the game less volatile while at the same time, it reduces the chance of running into a losing streak.
  2. The more random the numbers to bet the better. As what we always say, roulette is a game of pure chance. For each spin, a particular number will always have the same chance of coming up – 37 to 1 (European roulette) or 38 to 1 (American roulette). For Kavouras, him choosing the numbers to bet shouldn’t be any different. The author of this method is known to pick random numbers from the wheel. Moreover, the amount of his bets are also as chaotic and precarious.
  3. Bring more chaos to the game. Since the game is rooted in chaos and randomness, so should your play style. For those using the Kavouras, you should never bet the same amount of wager on a number. If possible, you should try to spread out the amount of your bets per round.
  4. Keeping ‘em low. It also advised when using the Kavouras to keep the bets low, like the lowest that is allowed. The winnings may not be that much but so are the losses.
  5. A registered win means a profit is being made. In the Kavouras roulette strategy, a win is automatically considered as a profit that should be stacked up in a player’s bankroll. Since the amount of bet is so low, there’s a probability that a player’s payroll won’t run out that fast. As we always say, more funds to bet means more rounds to play. This further means that there’s more chances of winning.

Do you think you can ride with the wave of randomness of the Kavouras betting system? If so, why not try using the strategy the next time you play in a live roulette game? Good luck!

Winning Roulette Systems Finally Unveiled (Part 1)

Like any other casino players, roulette enthusiasts are also always on a hunt to find the best way for them to have fun and win in their favourite game. There’s no point sitting on a roulette table, whether in an online or offline casino, just to burn all those bankroll without expecting any return. Sure, luck may struck back but these moments don’t occur on a daily basis. For a player, he needs to find a way wherein he can ensure that he’s not only getting the fun, but the profit as well.

In this article, we look at some of the most popular betting systems deemed to be effective for use in a roulette game where real money is involved.

Again, these strategies don’t necessarily eliminate or reduce the casino’s edge. What they do is to offer the player the chance to somehow even out the odds with the house and increase his chances of having a successful roulette gaming experience.

Note that when considering to use the betting strategies indicated herein, you must first look at your own bankroll. Are your funds ample enough to finance your game? How much can you afford to lose? If you’re looking for a way to have a better grip of your gaming finances, then you might want to check our own Tips on How to Better Manage Your Roulette Bankroll. Otherwise, let’s proceed to the meat of this discussion.

What a better way to begin the roulette fun than by starting off from the simplest roulette betting systems. They are easy to remember and apply in a game even by a novice player.

The Oscar’s Grind

This betting system is probably one of the safest kind of strategy a roulette player can use in his gameplay. As hinted by the name, using this system can be a bit grinding. The winnings may come small but they arrive in a steady flow. This is because the player would stop a specific betting cycle after he makes ONE unit profit. He would then start again from the beginning if he wants to continue. Learn more about Oscar’s Grind through this link.

The One Half Up Betting System

Another easy to apply roulette betting system is the One Half Up. This method, which belongs to the Positive Progression Betting category would call on the player to increase his bet BY ONE-HALF only when he wins two bets in a row. Like the Oscar’s Grind, the One Half Up has a fail-safe system which prevents you from losing too much of your bankroll. Learn about the One Half Up here.

The Kavouras System

Sometimes, you just want to do the most outrageous thing. This happens especially when luck seems hard to come by. The Kavouras system caters to that. Basically, it calls on the player to cover up to half the numbers in the roulette betting table in NO PARTICULAR arrangement. The betting sizes may also differ from each wager. Here, all the player has to do is to wait for the ball to land in a number pocket. This system can be quite expensive to pull off but it sure does make the heart beat faster.

The Mass Egale

This system can hardly be called a betting strategy. It does not belong to either the positive or negative progression betting pattern. There’s NEVER REALLY ANY PROGRESSIONS in the Mass Egale because for every round being played, the betting amount placed is the same as the last. The player doesn’t have to remember any pattern as he only has to put that chip or stacks of chips, over and over until he stands up from the betting table. If you wish to learn more of the Mass Egale, you can check about it here.

The Best Betting Systems That Will Help You Win At Roulette (Part 2)

The second part of our article series where we go into detail about the best roulette systems to use is finally here, and it just keeps getting better. For those who missed it, click on this link which will take you to the first post. Otherwise, let’s get moving and get to know the rest of the roulette betting systems that work.

  1. The Paroli Roulette Betting System

Disregarding its original Latin meaning (which is actually “one that is equal”), the Paroli system is basically a positive betting progression. This is often being compared to the Martingale System, which we have discussed earlier, but they do differ greatly. The Martingale is a “double your bet after one loss” system while the Paroli will see you doubling your wager after each win.

The object of this betting system is to achieve three consecutive wins in a row. This happens while doubling the bet for each win. Should the wager loses, for example in the first bet, the player will be “flat betting” with one unit until it wins. Next up, he will double the bet. If it loses, he will return flat betting one unit until it wins. This time, the second bet (which is already 2X the first) will be doubled again. The third win would be the end of the progression.

  1. The Oscar’s Grind Roulette Betting System

Oscar’s Grind, as tedious as it may sound, is probably one of the simplest online casino roulette system to use and it doesn’t require much explaining. Roulette players who love to put their chips on either Red or Black, Even or Odd, and in 1-18/19-36 can find this betting system quite effective.

The ultimate aim here is to win just one bet. For example, if you bet £1 on red and that color came up in the spin, then awesome, you already won using the system. Realistically though, you will lose a few spins. However, regardless of how many spins it would take for your bet to win, the bet size should be the same all throughout. And then, when it actually wins, the next bet will now become one unit bigger than the last.

Take a look at the chart below:

Bet Result Profit
£1 Loss –          £1
£1 Loss –          £2
£1 Win –          £1
£2 Win        +     £1 (perfect time to cash out)


  1. The Shotwell Betting System

The Shotwell system is yet another popular roulette betting system that has been used ever since it became known to the public in 1978. Its main objective is to cover a particular set of numbers that are evenly placed on the roulette table. The strategy behind it is to give the player a better shot at winning, although, it could take a great deal of time and money to do so.

It works in such a way that a player would place a unit of bet that entails a six-number setup and then associate it with four straight up bets. There would be 10 numbers covered in total for each spin. Technically speaking, there’s a 25% chance that one of your numbers get pocketed.

  1. The Kavouras Betting System

If frustration kicks in or if you just feel like doing something outrageous, then you might want to take a look at this rather unique roulette betting system called the Kavouras Bet. In its essence, the system inclines on the notion that everything happens in a rather chaotic fashion. As such, players would cover up to half the numbers in the table with bets in different sizes. There’s no specific method in selecting the number, just put it where you like it and just wait and see what pocket the ball lands into.

To wrap up, allow us to say that there isn’t really a single system that could guarantee a 100% win. Unless of course you employ the help of a computer system that could accurately predict the outcome of the spin by way of complicated math computations, but that is entirely illegal.

What we have here are just some of the common betting strategies you can use to get a highly entertaining and hopefully, high-yielding online roulette game experience.