Lucky Numbers in Roulette: Are They For Real?

Roulette is a game that is heavily based on luck. There is no way a player can influence the result of a spin. Every number has an equal chance of coming up as with the previous spin. This is unlike blackjack where players can do what is called card-counting. If you got a sharp memory and a very observant eyes, then winning in this card game is quite easy. Compared that to roulette, this never happen at all. In this game, all that you can take hold of is your bet and how much you are going to opt in. After the dealer spins the wheel or you press the button (if playing RNG roulette online), what’s left for you is to cross your fingers and hope that one of your numbers will register a win.

Having established this fact, it is now safe for us to say that playing roulette is about trusting your luck. Whether you believe in this idea or not, we can’t deny that there are circumstances in this life that have a direct influence to numbers.

Lucky Numbers in Roulette

When talking about lucky numbers, the things that come into our mind could be birthdays, car plate numbers, house numbers, anniversary dates, etc.

Some of the most extreme sources would be dreams. Yes, there are people who claim to see numbers in their sleep and actually use them to win lots of cash.

Regardless from where you got your number from, we have this strong belief that this will bring us good luck. This is why when we sit down at a roulette table, we thought of these numbers and bet on it.

Belief vs. Data

I don’t know about you but according to some gamblers, having a couple of these lucky numbers in their choices somehow gave them that mystical feeling of confidence. Most often than not, when players exude positivity they attract this positive energy as well. Have you seen a sore loser who keeps on winning? Exactly! It’s always the happy, upbeat, and confident player who gets to rake the cash.

Maybe this is true but the fact remains: it is not a guarantee that a person will always win when he bet on his lucky number(s). After all, the game itself, is as precarious as this life.

What Are Your Lucky Numbers?

The most common lucky numbers out there are 7 and 3. Others, may choose 8 or 9. But choosing them is entirely based on your gut-feel.

If you’re like us, there is still a more systematic way on choosing lucky numbers that you can use when playing roulette online or offline.

You might want to check our article on the Lucky Numbers to Bet where we laid in the most popular digits used by roulette players. There’s also a strategy that you can use as introduced in our Betting System in Focus.

Again, with lucky numbers or without, it must be remembered that playing roulette is about losing and winning. Anything can happen. What you can make of though is how you handle your bankroll.

For us, we believe that part of the player’s success is on how he manage his roulette bankroll. If you want to learn more about this aspect, please check our article on bankroll management tips.

The Lucky Numbers to Bet When Playing Roulette

We can’t emphasize enough that a roulette game, whether it is land-based or online, is a game based on pure luck and there’s no way to accurately predict what number the ball will land into. This total randomness makes roulette one of the most favourite casino games all over the world. However, despite the precarious nature of the game, there are still players who are somehow attached to certain “lucky” numbers. Why? Do they have any basis on why they particularly choose this number or sets of numbers?

We are a bunch of superstitious human beings and we can’t deny that. Almost everyone in all walks of life have this affinity to make up routines which we hope could influence the outcome of an event to our own advantage. Perhaps, it is a way in which gamblers can systematically guess the next number rather than just pulling the figures out of thin air. Regardless of the reason, at the end of the day, it all boils down to luck.

Lucky Numbers from All Over the World

Gamblers have different ways of coming up with their lucky numbers. Some pick it up from their own respective cultures. For example, Western players would look up to the power of the number seven to bring them good luck. The Chinese, however, favours numbers like six, eight, and nine, because they exude positivity. There are also people who watch out for unlucky numbers like #13, as they believe it brings bad fortune.

Aside from culture, there are individuals who based their lucky numbers on personal events or information. A lot of players tend to use the dates of their wedding anniversaries, the birthdays of their loved ones, their age, and even their house numbers or car plates.

Popular Lucky Numbers

Writing this post got me thinking, if everything in roulette is random, then how can you explain the magic of number 17? Case in hand is Mike Ashley. He is a Newcastle boss who went over to his favourite casino, wearing his football shirt with the number 17 on it and bet on the said number. In just one spin, he raked £1.3 million just by placing his chips on 17.

The pocket number 17 in a roulette wheel

We also previously mentioned the spectacular betting tale of the actor, Sean Connery, in one of his Italian casino escapades. He placed 5 consecutive bets on the fabled number, lost the first two and won the rest of the spins. Take note that the probability of him hitting the same number in the fifth spin is 50,000:1.

Such stories inspired people from across the globe to always put a bet on the number 17. When asked, croupiers would agree that the most frequently chosen number to bet on is 17, which by the way, happens to lie at the centre of the roulette game board.

Just like 7 and 17, the number 3 is also one of the favourite picks. The Latin phrase saying “omne trium perfectum” roughly means that good things come in threes. 3 primary colors, 3 bones in the human ear, 3 piece suit, the 3 Blind Mice, the 3 “Lord of the Rings” books, 3 Wise Men, 3 strikes and you’re out, need we mention more examples?

Do these numbers make sense?

In a nutshell, yes and no. Yes, in a way that it gives people more confidence when putting wagers on their lucky numbers. Even though they might lose so many times using them, a single win can erase all the failures and can further deepen the belief that this number brings them good fortune. No, because, all the 37 numbers (European roulette wheel) or 38 numbers (American roulette wheel) have the equal chance of coming up in the next spin. Like we said above, luck is what all that matters. So just enjoy and have fun on your online casino roulette game.