Positive Progression Roulette Betting Systems

With the possibilities of winning real cash, it’s no wonder that passionate players of roulette would seek ways to beat the house. Through years of trial and errors, casino goers can now take advantage of well-developed betting strategies which are a great help in overcoming the casino edge. If not, at least with the aid of these systems, players are ensured that they won’t be leaving the roulette table with empty pockets.

In this post we will reveal some information about positive progression betting systems – why is it popular, especially among the frugal type of players, and how it can help you have an enjoyable and profitable roulette gaming experience.

Positive Progressions

Is an umbrella term referring to bets that are often used in games with high casino advantages such as our very own favourite, roulette, as well as craps. Baccarat and blackjack players are also known to be using positive progression betting systems.

These methods require players to only increase bets when winning and decrease when losing. Though it sound that easy, it is in fact quite complicated. The reason is that, it is difficult for players to make precise prediction as to when his next lucky streak comes around and when will it end.

In essence, positive progression system is about the gradual increase of bets during winning streaks and/or the slow decline or abrupt decrease of units when in a losing run.

The reason that it’s quite popular among expert and beginner roulette players is that somehow, there’s a guarantee that one could not experience long series of loses. Most of all, a player’s bankroll won’t burn out that quickly when using one of the positive progression betting methods.

The Key to Having A Successful Gameplay

In using positive progression systems, players should make sure to accumulate small winnings before raising up the unit bet. This is very important if the player wants to have a profitable roulette game session.

The usual scenario is that, the player tends to immediately raise up the stakes once he gets into a winning streak but fails to secure any amount of profit which is taken from his betting funds to his main payroll. This is one of the causes for dissatisfaction or frustration as players begin to wonder where his earnings have gone through.

How to Apply Positive Progression Systems in Your Next Gameplay

To make a better grasp of the process, let’s look at this example: suppose a player establishes a base betting unit of £10. Keeping in mind that when using positive progression system, he will only has to increase the stakes with another £10 if he wins and go back to the base unit if he loses.

In this setup, he can already make an estimate on his potential earnings. For instance, if he bets on red with £10 and the color comes up 5 times in a row, his total amount of winning would be £150. This is how it goes:

First bet – £10

Second bet – £10 + £10 = £20 (profit £10)

Third bet – £20 + £10 = £30 (profit £20)

The succeeding bets will bring £30, £40 and £50, respectively.

In the event that the player wagers £60 on the sixth spin but unfortunately fails to win, he will lose £60. Based on the original target profit (£150), he will have a clean earning of £90.

Examples of Positive Progression Roulette Betting Systems

There are a lot of betting strategies that comes to mind when talking about positive progression system. To name a few: Base Two System, Base Five System, and One Half Up.

Betting System in Focus: The Parlay System

The Parlay Betting System is one of the oldest betting strategies that has been around since the 16th century. It is popularly being used on games like blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

This particular betting system falls in the positive progression category wherein the player increases his bet only after a win and reduce back to the original betting unit when in a losing streak; just like this betting strategy. The Parlay, in a sense, is similar to that of the Paroli system which is why players sometimes refer to it as a “pyramiding” strategy.

What makes the Parlay system unique, however, is that it is much easier to understand and apply even by the most novice of all online roulette player. Moreover, it is a method wherein it is possible for you to win big without even risking a great part of your own bankroll. In short, you’re playing against the house using its own money.

Interested? Read on as we explain how the Parlay betting system works.

The Basics of the Parlay System

As mentioned above, the Parlay resembles that of the Paroli strategy but the latter would require you to use your own money before you can clinch for that big win. Here, it’s the casino’s own funds that you will be playing for your own advantage.

To get started with the Parlay, you need to decide on your initial bet size. This will be the base unit to which you either increase from (when you win) or to return to (when you lose). The system also needs you to establish a max win limit. This is the limit which dictates as to when you should take your winnings off the betting table. For a much clearer discussion, here’s an illustration:

You have an initial bet of £10 upon sitting at a roulette game and your max win limit is £80. Let’s also assume that you are going for an even money bet which pays out 1:1 (Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18/19-36). If you win this round, your next bet will become £20. Come the next spin and you won, your bet would now be £40. This happens until you hit your £80 win mark and only then will you start over again with a £10 bet. The profit from that run should of course be stocked up.

However, winning streaks can be very difficult to come by. So, in the event that you lose at any time during the betting cycle, you automatically return to your initial bet and start working up again from there.

Why Set A Max Win?

The reason we put a max win limit is first, to prevent the player to get swayed by and just ride along with his winnings until all of it returns to the casino’s pocket, plus so much more. Secondly, by stocking up, you would see exactly how much profit is being made in a single cycle.

When you are able to make a return of your investment, only then you would realize that you are now actually using the casino’s money (which is basically the profit) to have more fun while fattening up your payroll.

Pros and Cons

The main advantage when applying the Parlay system in your online roulette game is the mere fact that it is based off on positive progression. Relatively speaking, there’s a much higher chance for you to earn decent cash while at the same time face lower risk of losing money as compared to negative progressions like Martingale or Fibonacci. These two systems, like most of its kind, would call the player to double up on his bet each time he lose a spin.

Looking at the other side of the Parlay system, its efficiency will, however, fall short when we’re talking about long-term play. In a much worse situation, a player could lose his entire bankroll if luck is nowhere to be found.

If you don’t want this unfortunate circumstance to befall on you, we recommend that you read our article about managing your roulette bankroll.

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Betting System in Focus: The Ascot Strategy

One of the oldest and the most recognized roulette betting systems is the Ascot Strategy. It is used primarily on roulette games both by offline or online casino players, however, the method can also be applied to many other casino games like baccarat or craps. Furthermore, the Ascot is often regarded as a near variation of other popular betting systems like the Contra D’Alembert.

The Ascot strategy is commonly applied on even money bets like Red/Black, Odd/Even, and 1-18/29-36 bets on the roulette table. These outside bets pay only one to one but beginning and seasoned players love to place wagers on this side of the table for its high odds of winning. For such reason that the betting system we highlight today can best be used on even bets.

The Basics of the Ascot System

There isn’t too many details to remember when you decide to try out and use the Ascot system. It is relatively easy to learn, remember, and apply.

Basically, the strategy works in such a way that the player increases his winning bet by one unit in a series of wagers determined beforehand. When luck runs out, losing wagers are then decreased by also one unit, down the same series of wagers.

The betting series used in Ascot may vary from seven to eleven numbers. Pro users recommend opting for odd numbers like 5, 7, 9, or 11. However, players can pick any numbers of their own.

Let’s take a look at how the system is used…

Let’s say the player picks 7 numbers: 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 30. He then puts his even money bet in the middle of the series which is 8. Here, the player’s first bet would be eight units. If he wins, he moves up to the next number in the series which is 13; that would call him to make 13 units of bet. If he loses, he will go down one step, and that is 5 units.

Having won the highest number in the series or if not, lost the lowest digit, the player needs to stop and start the process from the very beginning.

Pros and Cons

This betting strategy has become popular among online roulette players around the globe because it gives them the opportunity to stay in the game for much longer time with just a relatively small amount of money being used. Despite the fact that the system cannot fully overcome the house edge, still, the even money bets required to be made in this method puts the player at a much favourable stance. Even more so, using the Ascot system will be of great advantage if it is applied when playing French Roulette which has special rules like the En Prison and La Partage. We explain in full detail how the two rules can work for you in this article.

Talking about disadvantages, the biggest weakness of the Ascot strategy lies on its own system. This happens in such a way that the alternating series of wins and losses while playing at the highest bet levels can destroy player’s potential to earn huge profits.

For example, when suffering a losing streak, the player will be forced to make a big reduction of his bet size. This goes downhill if luck is hard for him to find. Should the tide changes, he needs to move up slowly along a series of numbers.

All in all, we think the Ascot strategy is worth trying for. If you only know how to manage your bankroll correctly and how to win at online roulette, then there’s no reason for you not to have a wonderful online roulette gaming experience.



Betting System in Focus: The Oscar’s Grind

Online roulette players like to keep it safe and so for most of their games, they tend to make wagers with even money bets. These types of bets, as we thoroughly explained in this previous article, pays off one to one and these are Red/Black, Even/Odd and the 1st 18 numbers/2nd 18 numbers (1-18/19-36). As you can see, the odds of winning comes close close to 50/50 and it’s no wonder that expert and novice roulette players alike love to put chips on this part of the roulette table area.

One of the best betting strategies to go along with even money bets is this week’s Betting System in Focus: the Oscar’s Grind.

The strategy is somewhat new to the consciousness of the players but its simplicity and efficiency makes it very popular throughout the casino world, online or offline.

Regarding its origins, the word on the street is that it was first mentioned back in the 1960s in a book by the author Allan Wilson. In his work, he talked about Oscar’s Grind – a name inspired by a supposed to be true-to-life gambler called Oscar. The “grind” part implied that a player’s profit may come in small but steady winnings. Still, there’s no evidence that could pinpoint to the fact that Oscar is a real person, Wilson, however, described him as a keen roulette player who frequents the casino and wins by small amounts.

The Basics of the Oscar’s Grind

The Oscar’s Grind betting system, as already pointed out, is a perfect system to use when playing on even money bets. It is quite easy to comprehend even by beginners as you are only supposed to follow a cyclical betting pattern. If followed correctly and if luck permits, you are guaranteed to make one unit profit after each successful cycle.

The strategy calls on the user to stop when he already makes one unit profit and start again from the beginning if he wishes to continue. It’s that simple.

For a much clearer illustration: suppose you bet on red and the spin comes up with, for example, red 7, then congratulations, you have achieved the goal of the system.

In a different scenario where your bet loses, your next bet should be of the same size. This goes on until you hit a win. From here on, your next bet will be one unit bigger than the last.

See the chart below:

Bet Result Profit
£1 Loss –          £1
£1 Loss –          £2
£1 Win –          £1
£2 Win +     £1 (start from the beginning)


Regarding the amount of bets to be placed on the betting table, since Oscar’s Grind is a progressive betting system, the player only has to increase when he wins and reduce when he lose. In this particular strategy, the player is required to increase by one unit and decrease with the same unit amount.

Guide on Using the Oscar’s Grind

The system requires for the player to keep his bets in a reasonable range so that if a losing streak occurs, he can easily compensate and manage his losses.

To better use the system, the player has to first set the betting limits and ensure that his bankroll is enough to make wagers throughout the duration of the roulette playing session.

Pros and Cons

Oscar’s Grind is a betting system that works perfectly for those who wants to stay long in the game while keeping their bankroll at a healthy state. Some systems like the Martingale, will cause you to increase stakes significantly after every lost bet. Oscar’s Grind works the opposite and only tells the player to amp up his bet when he wins.

For such reasons, it is easy to imagine a scenario wherein a player is running on a ten straight losses. However, he is able to offset the losses even with just four consecutive wins.

Since the rule says to begin again when a profit is made, the player is also forced to take stock with his winnings.

On the other side of the coin, the profits in this system is painfully slow to come around. Players who like their game fast-paced and full of action may want to steer away from this system.

There’s also the problem of losing streaks which could easily drain your payroll. Our advise is if you feel not particularly lucky, it’s best to come back tomorrow and take another shot at your fortune.


Betting System in Focus: The One Half Up

Both offline and online casino players have been constantly trying to develop and innovate betting systems that will allow them to gain edge against the house.

Generally speaking, wagering systems are based on raising and lowering your bets. It is sometimes being referred to as money management strategies. There are two sub-categories to these systems; a negative betting or a positive betting progression.

Negative Progressions

Negative progressions are systems that calls the player to increase bets after a loss. Its goal is to get back to even after a win. The most common example of this is the Martingale where players have to double their bet after every loss. Needless to say, this kind of progression can be very dangerous to practice as one can lose his entire bankroll with the hope of offsetting the losing streak.

Positive Progressions

The opposite of the aforementioned scenario is the positive progression wherein the player is called to bet more when in a winning streak and less when losing. To illustrate this concept, let’s bring out this article’s Betting System in Focus: The One Half Up.

The Basics of One Half Up Betting System

In its essence, the One Half Up requires a player to remain constant with his initial bet and increase only when he wins two bets in a row. From here, he can already increase the bet by one-half (50%) of his original bet. For an illustration, consider this scenario:

A player makes a £10 bet and wins. He is now even but he doesn’t need to progress just yet. He bets the same amount in the next spin and wins again. He is now ahead with £10. With two consecutive wins, he should now increase 50% of his bet, which is now £15.

In this case, he has a profit of £5 which he can take stock. Should he win one more time in the next round, the succeeding amount of his bet must be £20.

If luck suddenly runs out, the player returns to his initial betting unit which is £10. All in all, he still got £15 in the clearing.

Who Uses the One Half Up?

This betting system is very popular among online roulette players, most especially the beginners. Unlike seasoned roulette players, novice casino gamers still find it hard to memorize sequences of other betting systems which are, oftentimes, quite complicated. Even more so, greenhorn players are not that keen when it comes to sizing up bet unit sizes. In this system, all they have to remember is to win twice in a row and only then they can move up their bet by half.

Aside from the newbies, One Half Up is also a go-to roulette betting formula among players who don’t mind grinding up to get huge accumulated wins. If one has to take a look at the system, it is indeed quite a bit “grindy” and the rate of the profit’s increase is slow.

However, the beauty of this technique lies on the fact that it greatly reduces the risk for the player to burn out his bankroll fast.

Admittedly, the One Half Up Betting system is best used when playing blackjack. But the sound logic behind the money management method makes it very applicable to other casino games like baccarat, craps, and of course, roulette.