Betting System in Focus: The Law of the Third

For roulette players who are looking for a betting system that is based on hard facts and numbers, you are in for a treat. This week, we are putting The Law of Thirds betting system in focus.

The Law of Thirds is actually an interesting betting system derived from a common probability theory which is called in the same name. It postulates than in 37 (in the case of European roulette) or 38 (as with the American roulette wheel variant) spins, 1/3 of the numbers, which is roughly 12, do not appear. On the other hand, within 37 or 38 spins only 2/3 of the numbers (roughly 25), do appear. This statistical data also means that some of the numbers appear multiple times within 37/38 spins.

The real question here is, how can this information be translated into a system that could help you win at the roulette table?

Law of the Third vs Andrucci Roulette System

The system is sometimes compared to the Pivot System wherein a player tries to identify the so-called “hot numbers,” or numbers that appear more than once.

In our previous Betting System in Focus article, we have also discussed the Andrucci Roulette System. In a nutshell, the premise is quite the same: the player, through keen observation and data keeping, should identify these “lucky” numbers and bet on them.

But what makes the Law of the Third quite unique in its own right is that it can be easily implemented and the risk is relatively low.

Guide in Using the Law of the Third Roulette System

  1. When playing in online roulette casino, take note of the numbers that come up soon as you sit in the game. While doing so, you can make single unit, low risk outside bets like on Red or Black, Even or Odds, etc. just so you could sit out while you observe the spin results.
  2. Wait for exactly 9 separate numbers to come up.
  3. Hold on for 2 more spins. This is called the Safety Stop.
  4. Make straight up bets on all the 9 numbers. Do this for 3 spins.
  5. Stop.

Logic behind the Method

The basis behind the system, according to the Law of Thirds, is that you can expect at least one of your nine numbers to appear in the next three spins.

We mentioned above that the risk is relatively low. This is despite the fact that we are talking about straight up bets. How could this be?

To better answer the question, let’s have an illustration using the system. Suppose you make £1 bet on each number for 3 spins. In one spin, you’d be wagering £9 in all. Multiply that to 3, this gives you a total of £27. When your number comes up (at least one of them), you’ll win £36. This is based on the straight up 35 to 1 payout. See more about odds and payouts here.

Will the System Actually Work?

We hate to tell you this but, what makes roulette such an exciting game is that you never know what pocket the ball will land. Unlike the games of blackjack or poker, roulette is played in what is called an “independent trial process.” Meaning to say, all the events that occurred in the previous round has no direct effect on the next outcome. Thus, all numbers on the roulette wheel has the same odds of coming up, which is 37 to 1 or 38 to 1. In short, the roulette wheels do not have a memory. Still, the system banks on the idea that a number or numbers are often likely to repeat down the road.

Our advice is that you can play with this system but only as a money management technique such that it tells you to leave the table after making a hit. Otherwise, don’t think of it as a bulletproof, roulette money-maker system.

The Multi Wheel Roulette Game: Is It Worth The Try?

At its very core, roulette can be considered as one of the simplest casino games anyone could ever come across with. Whether you’re doing it in land-based or an online roulette casino, the steps to follow are as easy as 1-2-3. The croupier spins the wheel, a number or a group of numbers are chosen at the roulette table, prizes are then paid out if what you bet comes out after a spin. Looking past its simplicity, there’s an unmatched level of tension and thrill to be had as players anticipates what lucky pocket the ball will land into. With massive payouts and relatively high chances of winning, this wheel and table game has become one of the most popular casino game choices worldwide.

While brick and mortar casinos may have the limited freedom to make improvements, online roulette casinos have endless opportunity to bring new and exciting aspects to the game. Thanks to game developers who provide quality roulette gaming platforms to web casinos, this centuries-old favourite can be experienced in a different way.

Let us introduce to you the Multi Wheel Roulette. If you think the game has become more complex to deal with, don’t fret. In this article we’re going to lay out everything about this online roulette game variant.

Playing the Multi Wheel Roulette

At a glance, the Multi Wheel Roulette is nothing more different than your regular roulette. The object is the same: predict where the ball will land. This time, however, you’ll be doing it with extra more wheels!

Mechanics of the Game

On top of a single standard roulette table, the Multi Wheel Roulette needs 6 to 8 roulette wheels to play with. The betting options found in a regular roulette game can also be found in this version.

Rules of the Game

As mentioned, the goal of the game is to correctly predict the outcome of each spin. The same betting rules apply. Players select betting chips to place at the desired betting area. Each limit applies for each wheel bet. Typically, all of the available wheels are engaged per round. However, players still have the option to play just one of the wheels.

Betting information can conveniently be found in an in-game window. Here you can find the number of active wheels you are playing, the amount of chips on the table, and the bets. The total bet depends on the active wheels engaged. It is calculate as Wheels X Wheel Bet.

After making the bets, players can then click the spin button. After every turn, each wheel will show their respective winning number and the board will display the winning amounts. Usually, winning bets will remain on the table. However, players have the option to remove them and start the betting placement from scratch. By clicking “Re-Bet” the roulette platform will repeat the same bet placement from the last round.

The Pros of Playing the Multi Wheel Roulette

Think of a multi-hand blackjack game when playing Multi Wheel Roulette. Basically, it is of the same game but the player is engaged more than one at a time. Meaning, instead of betting on one potential outcome from a single wheel, in Multi Wheel, you are betting six or eight different outcomes from six or eight different wheels. This further means that your chances of hitting huge are higher just by a few simultaneous spins. In a nutshell, the Multi Wheel serves best to roulette players who are looking for that next level of thrill and profit. For them, a regular roulette wheel game might already be too slow and the winnings, a bit grindy.

The Cons of the Game

When you take a closer look at it, there’s a disadvantage when you play Multi Wheel Roulette. The main thing that might suffer in this set up is your bankroll. Take note, each bet is placed per wheel. For example, you bet £5 on 17 and you play 8 wheels. Here, you are actually betting the same amount for every wheel (£5 x 8) and this puts you at a £40 one time wager.

Are the Odds More Favourable than A Single Wheel Roulette?

Nothing’s changed really when you talk about the odds. Playing more wheels at a time only multiplies the speed of the game as well as the total bets placed.

What Strategies to Use?

Since the nature of the game is basically the same, there’s no apparent reason to change your betting strategy. Our advice is to use what works best for you. Looking for one? Check out this link right here for our suggestions.

So, should you try the Multi Wheel Roulette game variant? Depends on your level of play. This type of game is actually pretty easy to get familiar with if you’re already playing a great deal of standard roulette. However, if you’re still new to the game, there’s the tendency that you might be having a hard time wrapping your head on this fast paced version of roulette.


Betting System in Focus: The Andrucci Roulette System

Regardless if you’re eyeing to play roulette in an online casino or at a land-based casino, most likely than not, you would be up against long-term odds that may eventually fall to your disadvantage. If you, just like any roulette enthusiasts, would like to make serious profit, it’s important that you come up with a strategy that will help you bag a significant win. One way to do it is to establish and execute a type of roulette betting system that guarantees a big-time win.

Introducing, the Andrucci Roulette Betting System. The origin of the system’s name is still up to debate. Others claim it is based on a certain roulette player and expert, Mr. Andrucci, while there are those saying that it’s just a name pulled out of thin air. No matter what it is, we came here to learn and master the system, and so we proceed.

The Theory behind the Andrucci Roulette System

In a nutshell, the objective of the Andrucci online roulette system is to identify the numbers which occur frequently during the course of the game. Based on the Chaos Theory, the system states that over the long run, every number, including the single zero and double zero, on the roulette wheel will eventually appear at the same number of times.

However, when talking short term, some “lucky” numbers will still be able come up more often than the other numbers on the wheel. How often? Experts of this system claim that at least a couple of numbers will appear up to 8 times. This happens long before all the numbers have come up at a specific game.

For the Andrucci roulette betting system to work, a player should be able to recognize these “lucky” numbers, and bet on them as the possible outcome.

How to Use the Andrucci System

There’s a three-step process to remember when using the Andrucci system:

  1. The player must pay close attention to the roulette wheel going at least 30 spins. He must be able to keep track on how frequent each number on the wheel wins. The benefit of online casinos is that they provide history of the previous spins and display them on a screen. On brick and mortar casinos, the option would be to jot down the details on a paper, that is, if the establishment will allow.

A useful tip for online roulette players: when using the system, record the spin history and translate the information into a histogram. Through this method, you will get a more graphic representation of the data. Give or take a dozen of spins, your histogram would be able to tell you which number/s appear more frequently.

  1. Thanks to your histogram, you are now able to identify your “lucky” number/s that you will be betting on.
  1. Bet straight on that lucky number/s and stick with it for 35 spins. If you could win even at least twice within the 35 spins, guaranteed, you will be making a decent profit. Just remember though, every single straight up bet should be of the same amount throughout the first 35 spin betting series.

Does the System Actually Work?

Technically and mathematically speaking, no one number should win more than the others. But let’s not forget that each number has the same chance of coming up in each spin. That is why, even if you look at the results over the short term, you could still see these “lucky” numbers appearing more than often.

But time and time again we say, that roulette is after all, a game of chance. Even to pick out that “lucky” number depends on luck. Should Lady Luck favours your side, then the system may work perfectly for you. Otherwise, it will definitely be a painful experience to suffer a long losing streak.

Betting System in Focus: The 3/2 Roulette System

Any casino player would want to bet on as many numbers on the roulette table as possible. There are many ways to do it. Some may work, but truth be told, the majority of it would fail.

Suppose you put two equal bet units on Red and Black or Even and Odd numbers at the same time. In this way, you were able to cover all the pockets of the roulette wheel. Sounds promising, but when you take a closer look, you’d find out that you are not actually making a single penny out of this betting scheme. Still, you insist on the idea of covering more numbers per betting round to ensure frequent wins and you’d like to do it with lesser risk. How can you pull it off? Turns out, there’s a system that might help you.

It is called the 3/2 Roulette Betting System. Roulette experts consider this system to be a healthy compromise for players who want to cover more numbers on the wheel without too much sacrifice. Moreover, the betting system is very flexible to use as compared to other roulette betting strategies because it has two options that work pretty much the same way as the other.

How Does this Betting System Work?

There are basically two, distinctly opposite methods of the 3/2 roulette betting system. These are:

  1. Betting three units on Red and two units on the second column
  2. Betting three units on Black and two units on the third column

The system calls for the player to choose one of the betting options. Regardless of which path he takes, he will still get the chance to bet a 3/2 ratio on both a colour and a column.

For an illustration, let’s say you go for option 1 and you have £5 as base unit. Under the system you will bet £15 on Red and £10 on the second column.

Using the 3/2 betting system enables the player to virtually cover more than half of all the pockets in the wheel. This obviously puts him at a greater advantage against the casino, while at the same time, giving him better odds at winning.

Logic Working Behind the System

It’s quite bold to say that the 3/2 betting system is one of those systems which offers a much favourable outcome for the player. Reading further will give you a clearer insight of these claims.

Take a look at the three inside bet columns of a regular roulette table. In the first column to the right, you’ll notice that there’s an equal distribution of Blacks and Reds (6 blacks and 6 reds). The second and the third, however, have shown skewed color distribution.

2nd 2 to 1 column + Red

As you can see, the second column has eight blacks and only four reds. For those who missed our article regarding colour distribution in a roulette wheel, the wheel has 36 numbers (excluding the single zero and the double zero) and it is evenly divided into 18 black and 18 red numbers. Given this fact, option 1 can cover a total of 26 pockets (18 reds on the outside bet + 8 blacks on the 2 to 1 column). Computations will give you 70% coverage of the wheel!

3rd 2 to 1 Column + Black

The same thing happens with option 2. There are eight red pockets against 4 blacks. Using the same strategy, you will still have 26 numbers covered in just one spin.

The Drawbacks

Are there any loopholes in the system? Depends on what type of roulette player you are. Playing with the 3/2 betting system can be a bit grindy. Unless you’re hitting the columns consecutively (2 to 1 payout), the winnings won’t be that substantial as compared to a Straight (35 to 1) a Split (17 to 1) or a Street (11 to 1). Learn more about roulette odds and payouts here.

Nevertheless, if what you’re looking for in a roulette game is longevity and low-risk investments, then the 3/2 betting system is the way to go.

Making an Odd Bet in Roulette

Betting on odd is a popular betting option among roulette players. The low risk coupled with its ridiculously high winning odds make it very appealing to both beginners and long-time gamers alike. Like the even bet, the odd bet puts more favor towards the player; and we’re going to explain it further why.

What exactly is an odd bet?

For the uninitiated, a roulette wheel has 36 numbers in total. This excludes the zero (in a European roulette wheel) and the double zero (exclusive in an American roulette game variant). The 36 numbers are split into two with 18 being even numbers and another 18 for the odd ones. Note that zero and the double zero numbers do not count as either odd or even.

Now, an odd bet is an example of an outside bet. An outside bet is one of the two main categories of roulette betting; the other one is an inside bet. The latter refers to the bets on a single number (straight), a split (2 numbers), a street (3 numbers), a square (4 numbers), a topline (5 numbers), and a 6 line (6 numbers). The probability of winning in an inside bet is marginally low but the payoff is huge. For example, in a straight, the payout is 35:1, which means your £1 gets £35.

Outside bet is a different story. These are bets made on groups consisting of many numbers. You might also include the red or black bet as well. The payout, however, is quite low. This is where an odd bet belongs.

If the player decides to place his bet inside the odd bet box and when the ball indeed lands on one of the odd numbers in the wheel, then he is paid out 1 to 1.

Odds of getting odd

We said earlier that there are 18 odd digits out of the 36 numbers. People sometimes think that this puts the odds of winning an odd bet 50/50. Not entirely so. You see, the casino has got to earn money and the surefire way to do this is by increasing their edge. (House edge explained more here). The solution to this problem are the green-colored zeroes.

Let’s take a look at the European roulette wheel. This roulette variant only has one zero, so that gives 37 numbers in all. To calculate the probability a player could win an odd bet, we divide 18 (the total odd numbers) by 37 which gives us 0.486 or 48.64%.

The American roulette, meanwhile, has zero and double zero on top of the 36 numbers. From here, we calculate it as 18 divided by 38 equals 0.4736 or 47.36%.

Both figures look closer to 50% but apparently between the two, the American roulette wheel stands with the highest casino advantage thanks to its extra double zero.

A good rule of thumb: when you’re either in a land-based or online casino, try to look out for the game that offers the better odds to the player. In roulette, that would obviously be the European roulette wheel.


At a glance, here are the advantages on why you should make that odd bet:

  • Almost 50/50 winning probability
  • Easy to make
  • Low risk
  • Perfectly compatible with popular roulette betting systems like Martingale, D’Alebert or Fibonacci


Making an Even Bet in Roulette

There are a lot of ways to make bets in roulette. An even bet is one of them, and that’s what we are going to specifically tackle today.

Even bets in roulette is an outside bet that has a payout of 1 to 1, meaning, your £10 will win another £10. Sounds neat! What is even more exciting is the fact that there’s always half a chance for you to get an even number. If this is not enough to convince you that an even bet is definitely one of the best bets to make in roulette then this article will further explain to you why.

Taking a closer look…

As we said, there’s a lot of betting options that a player can choose from when playing roulette. The bets, however, have their own respective odds of winning or losing. Players can choose if they want to take high risk bets, with payouts that are relatively large, or low risk bets, with low payouts to come along with it.

In both European and American roulette wheels, there are 36 numbers and they are split into two: 18 even numbers and 18 odd numbers. The zero and double zero (in the case of the American roulette), do not count as either even or odd.

What is an Outside Bet

Roulette has two main betting category: inside bets and outside bets.

An example layout of an American roulette table

Wagers made on a single number or a group of adjacent numbers found in a roulette table is an inside bet. They offer high payouts (35:1 for straight; 17:1 for split; 11:1 for street; 8:1 for square; 6:1 for top line; 5:1 for 6 line) but the probability of winning is quite low.

On the contrary, wagers made on large groups of numbers or colors (black/red, even/odd, 1-18/19-36) carry high probabilities of generating a win and is called an outside bet. Needless to say, the payouts are lower as to compensate for the higher odds.

The Probability of Getting An Even Number

Except when the ball falls into the pocket of either the single zero or the double zero, then a player could win in a roulette almost half of the time per spin when he opts for an even number bet.

Supposed to say that we include the zeros into the computation of probability. In the European roulette (which now has 37 numbers in all): 18/37 = 48.64%. This further means that the odds of getting an even number is 1.01-to-1. The American roulette wheel (with single zero, double zero, and 36 numbers) has this: 18/38 – .04736 or 47.36%. This arrives to the true odds of winning which is 1.11-to-1.

Both winning percentages are virtually close to 50%. But when comparing just between the two roulette wheels, the European variant offers the player a much better chance.

En Prison

Aside from the two aforementioned roulette wheel types, casinos also offer French roulette, which is basically European in design. In this particular game, there is a rule called “en prison.” It refers to the event when the house detains your even bet if the outcome of a current spin is zero. Should the next spin gives off an even number, then you get back your imprisoned bet. If not, then the bet is forfeited.

To wrap up, we recommend roulette beginners to make outside bets like the one being discussed in this article. While it doesn’t give off a huge payout, however the low risk somehow gives the player that much needed confidence to play roulette.

Tips that will help you win at online roulette

As hopeful as we are, it’s not that quite shocking to know that there are many people who actually think that they could win big money when playing online roulette. Either for fun or for a living, they have all the reason to believe so. But for them to say that they can do it with a single roulette betting strategy, that is already crossing beyond the line.

Close up image of a roulette wheel

There are countless books and online roulette betting tips out there that discuss how to “easily” beat the game if you use their technique. There are also those so-called experts who make bold promises that they could help you rake big fortune when you follow their “well-crafted” and bulletproof strategy in playing the roulette. As expected, their hapless victims would have to pay big money to access that secret sauce to success.

This is a fair warning for our dear readers, especially those who are new to online roulette gaming, that in most cases, the above scenarios are nothing but pure scam.

Here at Roulette-Games UK, we bring straight to the table, some of the popular and time-tested roulette betting strategies and tactics that we hope could work on your favour. And the good thing here is that, it’s all for free! Take note: what we have here are strategies, not roulette betting systems. You can find our detailed discussion about it here.

So now we go straight to the best betting strategies for roulette:

Slow but Steady

“Slow but steady wins the race,” so the adage goes. We translate it to roulette gaming as “drizzle can still make a cupful of rain.” Yes, you heard it here first! What we mean here is that a few discrete winnings can still add up to significant amount of money. This technique, however, would involve you having multiple online roulette gaming accounts and a lot of patience.

Multiple Accounts

We are quite aware that online casino betting sites only allow a single account per person. But there are still other ways where you can get around with the rule, legally!

One of which is by borrowing another person’s account. Whether he’s a friend, a family, or someone significant, any account owner would be too happy to loan you theirs if you promise them split winnings.

Another way is to look for individuals, most preferably from the overseas, to create accounts for you. For a payment, these people can setup it up for you. Take note though; make sure that the online casino allows players from those countries.

We don’t actually recommend using fake identification for expected negative repercussions.

Take advantage of the offers!

Yes, there are online roulette gaming websites that are offering amazing bonuses in their promotions. Seasoned players, beginners, and avid members alike, can enjoy discounts and big prizes. To make it even more exciting, there are online casino sites that offer roulette gaming for free and for real money. Take advantage of this opportunities for you to hone your roulette gaming strategies and skills while reducing the risk of losing your money. In this page, we offer the latest updates on special bonuses from our affiliate sites so you better stay tuned.

A stack of casino chips

The internet is an ocean of ideas and no one can claim that their ways are the best unless you have tried it on your own. The better path here is for you to actually play and figure things out. This could mean losing some money, but the experience you gained will all be worth it.

Good luck!