Betting on Colors: Perfect Roulette Strategy?

Except for the zero (single and double) which has the color green, the numbers in roulette are basically divided into two types – those that are colored red and those that are black. In roulette, you can make bets based on these colors. This kind of bet is called the Color Bet. In this bet, the players would only have to predict whether the next spin will result to a Red or Black number.

The Color Bet field in the roulette betting layout can be found labelled in its respective color. Just like in this image below:

Since this is an outside bet, the payoff for a Color Bet is 1 to 1. This means that, for example, your £1 will win another £1. Depending on the casino, the zeros are not oftentimes not included in the colored bet.

What makes this bet quite popular, especially among beginners, is that it’s so easy to carry out and there’s no need to think that much. A player only has to choose between red or black.

Furthermore, you don’t have to bother yourself as to what number came up. In an online roulette casino, you just have to look at the color of the pocket to where the ball lands.

Chances of Winning

Betting in Red or Black is a great way to play and win in roulette. In this setup, the player’s chance of winning a spin is almost 50/50. Note: it is said “almost” because we cannot discount the casino advantage (which is the single and double zero). This means that if the ball falls on either of the zeros, you would lose no matter which color you chose.

For exact figures, the odds of winning in a European roulette when betting on colors are 48.64%. In the American roulette, the player’s chance is smalle at 47.36%. Still, both figures are quite impressive.

How to Bet in Colors

As already stated, Betting in Colors is very easy. Perhaps this is as simple as betting on Odd or Even. All of you have to do is device which color you would like to put your chips. Here’s the breakdown of the numbers:

  • There are 8 even and 10 odd numbers in Red
  • There are also 8 even and 10 odd numbers in Black
  • 0 and 00 are green

Strategies to Pair With

Betting in Colors is by itself, quite effective. However, if you want to maximize further your profits, you can use even money bet systems like this or this.

Successful Color Bets in History

One of the most famous color bets made in the history of the game was done by Ashley Revell. In 2004, he left London and flew to Vegas with everything he has worth £135,000. To say that this is a high-risk gambling journey would be an understatement. It’s a one-way trip because he already got no place to return to should he lose.

The whole world held its breath (the game was televised) as he put all that he had on black. In a sudden change of heart, he pushed his chips to Red. The ball landed on 7, which is a red. All of a sudden, Mr. Revell doubled everything he has and went home a happy man.

The Greatest Roulette Strategy the World Has Ever Known

Some roulette strategies work, others do not. They’re basically methods deemed to help players win at roulette. In most cases, they are mechanics or rules telling the user when to bet and where to place it.

With a game as exciting as roulette, it’s never a big surprise to find out that there are more strategies being formulated just for this game as compared to other casino games. Sad to say, there’s still a lot who consistently lose their hard-earned money. Why? Maybe because they haven’t heard about the greatest roulette strategy the world has ever known.

The Street and the Split

As what you might have learned in this post about the kinds of inside bets, there are actually a variety of wagers that players can make when playing roulette. In this particular article, we’re going to tackle about the Street and the Split.

Street or Trio is made by placing a chip or a stack of it on the line which separates the dozens betting area from the interior part of the betting table.

Depending on the house rules, some casinos may allow players to put chips on the opposite side of column. Just like the ones below:

A trio/street bet pays out 11 to 1.

A split, meanwhile, covers just two numbers. In this strategy we’re going to introduce today, we’re going to use this bet only to deal with the zeros. This bet pays out winning players 17 to 1.

There are two things we are going to look for using this system. First is the trend. Second is the necessary action to take once the trend has been spotted.  

How to Apply the Strategy

We begin by taking note of the last two numbers that came up. Next, we find out which two streets the numbers belong to. If these numbers are in the same street, then go back as many spins as needed until you have the last two streets on which the ball has fallen into.

Take this sample situation: the last two numbers are 12 and 32. The two streets covering these numbers are 10, 11, and 12 and 31, 32, and 33.

If, for the next few rounds, the last two numbers are 4 and 6. This time, we will be looking at the last three numbers the ball has landed into. With 4 and 6 in mind, the third number is 26. This means that the streets involve are 4, 5, and 6 and 25, 26, and 27.

With this at hand, we are going to make two equal and separate street bets on these two streets. We keep doing this until either one of the trio bets wins.

Since there are two street bets made, the odds are 5:1.

If you win, bet all the money you’ve won on the last two streets the ball has landed. You are actually playing the casino’s money against it this way.

With a payout of 11: 1, your £6, for example, would become £66. But since you’re doing two streets, your real profit is £30. Wager this amount on the streets the last two digits belong (£15 each) and you’d likely to win £150. Now, this time, you stick on the £30 bet mark, which means you get to keep the rest as profit. Keep betting at this mark until you lose. In that case, begin the cycle again.  

Now, if the ball lands on single zero and the double zero (in the case of American roulette), just consider this situation as just another street. However, the one you’ll make here is a split bet, since there are only two numbers.

Number Symbolism in Roulette: Do They Mean Anything?

In these times when almost everything can be explained by science and logic, there are still some things that remains to be fully explained. For example, numerology. By definition, numerology is any belief “in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.”

In short, numerologists (obviously the people who observe this way of thinking) believe that numbers do have a relation or influence on us and the events that happen in our lives.

The belief has its roots way back from the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Mesoamerica, and China, etc. During these times, people make some marks to chart the moment of the planets, follow the moon patterns, and even keep track on the flooding of the Nile River.

Even the Greeks, in the past, had this thought that numbers formed the foundation of the universe, adding that everything inside it ran on a numerical harmony.

Even Christianity has specific leanings towards numbers and its implication to the faith. Remember the belief that roulette is the devil’s game because all of the numbers in the wheel would sum up to 666, which is believed to be the devil’s number?

There are still a lot of religions and beliefs out there which consider numbers having mystical implications.

Do They Really Mean Something?

Though it’s hard to fathom, we still cannot deny the fact that sometimes, these so-called mere coincidences do make amazing patterns which may give weight to the mystical premises. There are evidences that may confuse those who do not hold such beliefs.

Somehow, it all boils down to personal choice. Numerology is, in its essence, a matter of conviction. Even men with great stature are into this. Take for example, Sean Connery. His fascination with number 17 served him well during one of his casino exploits where he won £10,000.

Numerology in Roulette

It’s easy to find an average gambler who puts faith in lucky numbers especially if we’re talking about roulette. We all know by now that roulette is a game heavily influenced by luck. Unlike blackjack or poker where you can count the cards, in roulette, all events are unique and all the numbers have equal chances of occurring as the last. Meaning to say, you can’t control anything in the game other than your bets. That is why, numerology is being used in the game.

We have a lot of betting systems introduced in the website which are aimed to help players find their lucky numbers. For those who are curious enough, you can find your lucky digit by checking online for numerology laws and formulas.

Moreover, you can choose numbers on the wheel that bear great significance in your life like the birthday of a loved one, anniversary date, house number, car plate number, etc.

Roulette players, meanwhile, search for their lucky numbers by applying certain methods and then bet on it only in that specific session.

We’d like to know how you play roulette. Do you based your choices from your list of lucky numbers? Do they help you figure out what to do in the game? Let us hear from you down in the comments.

Lucky Numbers in Roulette: Are They For Real?

Roulette is a game that is heavily based on luck. There is no way a player can influence the result of a spin. Every number has an equal chance of coming up as with the previous spin. This is unlike blackjack where players can do what is called card-counting. If you got a sharp memory and a very observant eyes, then winning in this card game is quite easy. Compared that to roulette, this never happen at all. In this game, all that you can take hold of is your bet and how much you are going to opt in. After the dealer spins the wheel or you press the button (if playing RNG roulette online), what’s left for you is to cross your fingers and hope that one of your numbers will register a win.

Having established this fact, it is now safe for us to say that playing roulette is about trusting your luck. Whether you believe in this idea or not, we can’t deny that there are circumstances in this life that have a direct influence to numbers.

Lucky Numbers in Roulette

When talking about lucky numbers, the things that come into our mind could be birthdays, car plate numbers, house numbers, anniversary dates, etc.

Some of the most extreme sources would be dreams. Yes, there are people who claim to see numbers in their sleep and actually use them to win lots of cash.

Regardless from where you got your number from, we have this strong belief that this will bring us good luck. This is why when we sit down at a roulette table, we thought of these numbers and bet on it.

Belief vs. Data

I don’t know about you but according to some gamblers, having a couple of these lucky numbers in their choices somehow gave them that mystical feeling of confidence. Most often than not, when players exude positivity they attract this positive energy as well. Have you seen a sore loser who keeps on winning? Exactly! It’s always the happy, upbeat, and confident player who gets to rake the cash.

Maybe this is true but the fact remains: it is not a guarantee that a person will always win when he bet on his lucky number(s). After all, the game itself, is as precarious as this life.

What Are Your Lucky Numbers?

The most common lucky numbers out there are 7 and 3. Others, may choose 8 or 9. But choosing them is entirely based on your gut-feel.

If you’re like us, there is still a more systematic way on choosing lucky numbers that you can use when playing roulette online or offline.

You might want to check our article on the Lucky Numbers to Bet where we laid in the most popular digits used by roulette players. There’s also a strategy that you can use as introduced in our Betting System in Focus.

Again, with lucky numbers or without, it must be remembered that playing roulette is about losing and winning. Anything can happen. What you can make of though is how you handle your bankroll.

For us, we believe that part of the player’s success is on how he manage his roulette bankroll. If you want to learn more about this aspect, please check our article on bankroll management tips.

Strategy to Use When Betting on the Dozens

Having a betting strategy is key to have a successful and enjoyable roulette gaming experience. If you think playing roulette is for you, then you might want to consider implementing some set of betting systems that you need to use every time you play the game. Otherwise, if you’re just in an online roulette casino to splurge money and get high with the excitement, while at the same time hope that your money will return, then this post may not apply to you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about this particular strategy that if executed correctly, might earn you lots of profit per session. This is called Betting on the Dozens.

Bets on Dozens

This bet is one of the most popular outside bets used by roulette players. Depending on the variant, the roulette betting table is divided into three sections as shown in the image below:

Basically, the Low Dozen has the numbers 1-12. The Medium Dozen, meanwhile, has the numbers 13-24. For the High Dozen, there are numbers 25-36.  For convenience, let us call each section as L (Low), M (Medium) and H (High) as we go along the discussion.

Another thing to note, this system is only applicable for use in an RNG (Random Number Generated) roulette game.

Using the Strategy

Betting on the dozens is easy to do. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Without betting, press “spin” on the roulette wheel.
  2. Using a pen and paper, note as to which section the ball lands. Is it in L, M, or H?
  3. For the second time around, press “spin” and note down the result.
  4. Keep doing the same process for up to 7 times.
  5. Should a single zero or double zero comes out, record as it is.

What we are trying to do here is to find that “special sequence.” Simply put, it is a sequence wherein one section does not appear in five consecutive spins.

For example, you have this tally – L, M, H, H, M, M. In this case, L hasn’t appeared in the last 5 spins. If we arrived with this kind of sequence, then we have found our “special sequence.” So in the given example, we will wager on L.

We will bet on L until one of its numbers come up. However, we have a special betting pattern to follow. Basically, we move up our betting amount as high as it can go. Check out this chart below:

Bet # Bet Amount (£) Profit (£)
1 1 +2
2 2 +3
3 3 +2
4 4 +2
5 6 +2
6 9 +2
7 13 +1
8 20 +2
9 30 +2
10 45 +2
11 67 +1


For the strategy to be successful, make sure that you stick to the pattern and never deviate from it.

As soon as you win at any point of the cycle, STOP. Go back to the beginning and find that SPECIAL SEQUENCE again.

The money earned using this strategy may not be that much. However, slowly but surely, you’re grinding your way to amass considerable amount of profit.


In the case that we presented here, the probability for the ball to not land on one section is .675 or 67.5%. Meanwhile, the chance for the ball not to land on a section 11 times is only .008%.




Why Play Roulette

Said to be the queen of casinos, both online and land-based, putting aside regular sports bets, roulette remains to be one of the most popular games gamblers love to play.

You might haven’t been yet to a casino before, but you got to admit, it’s easy to recognize roulette because of its signature wheel and accompanying table layout. It’s hard to imagine a casino establishment without roulette.

For a quick overview, it was the French people who have first tried playing this game. Its name, “roulette,” is in fact derived from their language which means “little wheel.” From here on, the mystery and intrigue spread like wildfire and soon, it was found in almost every casino.

One of the reasons which spiked roulette’s popularity is its playing mechanics. It’s virtually brainless; you don’t have to torture yourself learning the ways on how to play. If you’d be so inclined, you can just get inside a casino or log in to your favourite web casino, pick a roulette game session and you’re already in for some fun! You may, however, need to learn a few basic, and when we say “basic,” we mean the simplest kind of rules to remember. For example, the types of bets (inside and outside) as well as the odds and payouts. Aside from these, you’re already good to go!


You really can’t deny the degree of thrill and excitement felt by players who were able to try playing roulette. It’s a different kind of experience when you’re at the table, watching that white little ball called “pill” get into motion. Swirling and swirling, round it goes. In a blink of an eye, that ball will land into a numbered pocket. Only then that you’ll be able to know if the number you predicted will come up or not.

We’ve tried all the sorts of casino games out there but nothing can compare the tension you’d feel waiting for the fate of your bet be decided by the wheel and ball.

This reason alone, makes roulette an instant favourite for people who look for their daily dose of adrenaline rush.

Different Betting Odds

Aside from its high entertainment value, another aspect which makes roulette very interesting and quite profitable in this case, is the availability of other betting odds. This means that you can give yourself more opportunities to win larger amounts of money. That is, if you get lucky.

For the sake of comparing, blackjack finds players stuck with 1:1 odds. This is to say that blackjack players are stuck in a “double your money” scheme of playing.

With roulette, however, you can make bets with odds ranging from 1:1 with the highest up to 35:1. If you put it this way, it is possible for your £10 wager to become £350 (plus your original bet)!

If anything, this proposition alone can make someone grab a seat and start spinning.

A Very Social Game

If money and entertainment are no problem for you, then you might also like playing roulette because of its high social value. It’s really fun chatting and laughing with other roulette players at the table. This could definitely blossom into friendship or a worthwhile relationship.

What about you? What are your reasons why you want to play roulette? Share in the comments below.




Old Pro Gambler Reveals Winning Roulette Strategy

If you’re like everyone else who is serious when it comes to playing roulette, whether online or offline, then there may come a point that you’ve scoured the internet for the best playing strategy there is. There are a lot out there which claims to be the best. With proof and evidences, it’s easy for us to get swayed into thinking this could be it.

However, if we come to take a closer look at all of these roulette betting strategies, there is one thing that they share in common – money management.

Yes, for the handful of methods we share in this website, we can fairly deduce that at the bottom of everything, winning roulette could just be about managing your money well. Of course, we should not forget the fact that roulette is a game that relies heavily on chances. Which is why, we cannot rule out the luck factor.

Old Pro Bares Details of Success

We come across an article about an old gambler who shares the same view with us. For this person, it’s not really the system itself that is important. Rather, it’s how you manage your funds.

According to him, it all boils down as to how “conservative” or “risky” a player wants to bet when in a game that decides how successful or tragic his gameplay will be.

As we may already know, high wagers calls on for high return. Low bets, low profits. But there are “in-between” bets that will surely satisfy most roulette players, he said. Instead of covering a lot of numbers on the roulette table, this pro-roulette player prefers to settle in the middle range.

For him, it’s more effective for a player to bet on 63% of the numbers on the wheel (23 numbers in European Roulette and 24 numbers in the American variant) for a 50% return. In this case, the recovery rate is acceptable because a player only has to win twice for him to make up for a losing bet.

Another system he shared on his post is betting on 3 lines. They are as of follow:

  • 0,00,1,2,3
  • 7,8,9,10,11,12
  • 25,26,27,28,29,30

It turns out that these numbers cover a huge tract on the roulette wheel.

How vs. Where

This old pro gambler made a point when he said that most roulette players only know “where to bet” but not “how to bet.” Oftentimes, we are just concerned about remembering the pattern of the betting cycle. However, it is also important for us to know how to increase or decrease bets at the right time.

In our previous posts, we put emphasize on being flexible when using roulette betting systems. Though they may offer a guide as to what numbers to pick or how much to bet, still, the last call falls on player.

For example, in positive progression betting systems, the rule is to only increase only when winning and decrease right away when losing. Generally, the increase rate is low, thus the profit generated is also not that significant. But there are times when the player has to make a decision on his own rather than follow the blueprint to a tee. Personally, I find it quite surprising to end up with unpredictable results.



Chasing Losses on Roulette: Should You Take Another Spin or Not?

Imagine yourself, all laid back on a weekend with your jammies on. You opted to throw in £300 into your online casino account because you feel like you having a few spins. You said for yourself that you can’t really afford to burn all that money in one sitting. However, you’re in the mood and to lose £100 or £150 won’t hurt that much.

And so, you were at the lobby, picking a roulette table to join in. It’s a European roulette table because you know too well that an American variant has a higher casino advantage as compared to the other one.

The rounds were favourable to you, and you begin to scrape £200 within 30 minutes of playing roulette. Slowly, you move from even-money bets to making inside bets. And with luck on your side, you actually believe that you might be able to leave the game tonight with double and triple the money from where you started.

Later on, you found yourself throwing some mindless £10 straight bets plus some £15 outside bets hoping to score a bigger payout.

However, things didn’t go as what you expected. Rounds after rounds, you were losing at least £25 per spin. After some time, the £200 you made vanished. Now you’re back to square one.

When Frustration Kicks In

It’s a bit frustrating to have lost all those money you’ve won. Sure, your initial £300 is still intact but you’re thinking that with that payroll, you might be able to recoup what you’ve earned.

Unfortunately, things went down south since then. Your main fund begun to deplete, little by little. You pushed through. Like an automaton, you clicked “repeat” on your bet while grating your teeth.

Still, the results were unfavourable to you. In just about a handful of spins, you’re now down to your last £100. You’re getting serious. You said to yourself, that you need to claim back the lost £200. If it happens, you will then leave the table.

You positioned your chips, all of the £100 on a dozen bet, with the hope that the 2 to 1 payout will even things out. You clicked spin, closed your eyes, and crossed your fingers with a wish that one of the 12 numbers will come up.

But then, your heart sunk when your last £100 was gone. You never felt your mouth so dried up before. There’s tension in your hands. Your mind racing when you begin to realize that this month’s rent hasn’t been paid off yet. You need that money back. There must be a way.

You were sweating profusely as you reached out for your wife’s credit card. You need to get that £300 back, you said to yourself.

Chasing Your Loses

That was quite a tale but that is supposed to home down a point: chasing a considerable loss might land you in a difficult spot.

Sure, some of us are guilty of chasing losses once or twice. We’ve been there and if we’re being honest, we can concur to the fact that most of it never ended up good.

Cut the ChUk casino website, best online casino deals, betting in roulette,ase

We strongly believe that chasing losses is never a good roulette playing habit. Understand the fact that the game is as precarious as life, and you never know what comes up after a spin. Our advice is for you to shake off that feeling at the earliest opportunity you got.

Put in mind also that you have the same chance of losing as with winning. No matter what kind of roulette betting system you use, you can never guarantee the outcome.

Again, play to enjoy and have fun. Earn profit if you must, but never allow yourself to get caught up in the moment.



The £5 A Spin Roulette Betting System

There are different kinds of roulette players. There are those who come to a casino or log into his online casino account bringing with him a hefty pocket. Depending on his whims, he may splurge on huge bets as big as £100 per spin. Now that’s one sizable bet.

Meanwhile, there are roulette players who are so adept with the game that a simple roulette betting system would bore him to death. That is why, he looks for a method that is either unusual in form or very complicated to pull off.

The third roulette player, however, is a man who wants to keep things simple, easy, and manageable both in terms of execution and in the pocket. Which is why, he may want to learn this new roulette betting system that we are going to introduce in this post.

Introducing, the £5 a Spin Roulette Betting System.

About the System

As the name suggests, the £5 a Spin Roulette Betting System is a method that ensures the player at least £5 of winning per spin. Yes, that is “per spin.” This means the probability of winning by using this method is quite high. More details as to how to use it down below.

This system can neither be classified as a positive progression roulette betting system or its negative counterpart. However, depending on the level of game mastery, a player can make it either positive or negative by merely adjusting the amount of betting unit.

For a quick recap: positive progression calls the player to increase his wager only when he is winning and go back to the original amount when losing. Meanwhile, negative progression makes the player stay on the same betting unit when winning but increase it when he registers a loss.

Onto our betting system…

How to Use £5 a Spin Roulette Betting System

Again, this method is very simple to pull off. The goal is for you to win £5 for every spin of the roulette wheel. However, you might be required to prepare a substantial bankroll size of at least £325 at the start.

With that payroll already in hand, the thing you have to do now is to cover 30 numbers with £25 in total wager. That is 6 half dozens with £5 amount of bet placed.

Let the wheel spin. If one of the 30 numbers covered come up, congratulations! You just made £5 in profit.

Continue doing so until you register a loss.

If indeed you lose, then double up the betting unit. That is, 30 numbers with £10 bet each. If you win, then go back to the original amount.

The above rundown may sound to be a negative progression. But, you can reverse it by doubling on the bet each time you win and then return to the base amount when you encounter a loss.

Pros and Cons

The £5 A Spin Roulette System is hands down one of the simplest we ever encountered. And it’s effective because it covers close to 90% of the numbers found in the roulette table. The profit to be made is also promising. You just have to make some modifications on the process if you want to earn big time in a short run.

On the downside, there’s always the probability that you might get stripped clean of your bankroll since the bet per round requirement is big. However, if you know how to adjust, you might still be able to cover up the losses.



How to Beat Roulette with the New Barbi System

Never have we been so enthusiastic about a roulette betting system except now. Taking a closer look at it, we can certainly deduce that this strategy might be the answer to your prayers. So, if you are someone who is on the lookout for a wagering method that could help you improve your gameplay and amp up your profits per game, then this post is for you.

The New Barbi System

Here at Roulette Games UK, we are personally fond of positive progression betting systems. We highly recommend this type of betting especially for those who have just started playing roulette, online or offline. This method we are going to share to you today is one perfect example of a progressive betting system.

The New Barbi System, as it is being called, is primarily used on street bets. Having said so, players need to be ready to shell out plenty of chips for this strategy to work.

Without much further ado, let’s get into the specifics of the New Barbi System.

Betting Using the System

Before we begin, let us take note that there are 12 street bets that can be made on a roulette betting table. Each street, meanwhile, consists of three numbers. Check out this image where all of the street bets are made:

First, the player will take note of all the 16 spins and check which street they belong to.

After recording the 16 spins, the player finds the two (2) street bets that hit the least. He will then leave out these two unlucky street bets out of the list.

Next up is for the player to wager one unit bet on each of the remaining 10 streets. With a payout of 11 to 1, it’s easy for him to profit 2 units plus the bet.

After that, the player remove the winning street from the list and proceed with betting on the 9 remaining streets. If one of the bets win, he will make a profit of 3 units.

At this point, the player goes back to betting the original 10 streets again. If he wins, he remove the street and bet on the remaining 9. If successful, he returns to 10 streets, then to 9, and so forth. It’s just an alternate between betting 10 streets and 9 streets. Do note that the player moves from one street to another if that bet wins.


If you take a closer look at it, using the New Barbi System will have you covering 81% of all the numbers on the board, for the 10 streets, and 73% when betting on the 9 streets.

By far, this system has the widest number coverage. This further means a much greater chance of winning.


Now, some players may find the system a little bit tedious use considering that you’ll only be able to win at least a couple of units of profit. In this case, we can make some modification on the cycle.

When taking a loss, immediately go back to the original 10 streets and instead of one, bet two units on each street instead.

Same thing happens if you win: remove the bet on the winning street and bet on the 9 streets with two units each.

You can further raise up the stakes. After completing a cycle, double or triple the betting units when you begin to bet on the first 10 streets.

As a short recap, the New Barbi System goes this way:

  • Bet on 10 streets
  • Remove winning street
  • Bet on 9 remaining streets
  • Go back to 10 streets