Bulletproof Strategies to Use When Playing Roulette Tournament

Roulette tournaments are great playing events to test a player’s skill under tremendous pressure. This is also a great way to bolster one’s bankroll as tournaments are often held with huge pot prizes at stake.

Given this situation, it’s no wonder why roulette players won’t just rely on pure luck when playing roulette tournaments. They know for sure that in this type of game setting, the player with the most advanced and the most effective strategy at hand would win the game.

That is why, in this post, we will impart to you some of the best roulette tournament strategies that you can use the next time you’re into one.

Aggressive Gameplay

The most common objective of roulette tournaments is for the player to stack chips as high as everyone else. With only a limited number of spots for grabs, players will try hard to win as much as possible to move forward for the next round. Which is why, an aggressive type of playing is needed. This is unlike in a regular roulette game where you’re only up against one person, and that is the dealer. In tournaments, you are battling against hundred, if not, thousand more others. In this case, only the player who gets the most stack wins.

Aggressive Gameplay Strategies

Being aggressive means to go strong, right off the bat. One way to do this is to divide your tournament chips into about 30 to 50 proportion. Bet these units right away on high-risk and high-reward wagers like Straight Ups and Split Bets. Should the results of the spin won’t be favourable, opt to increase your bet size for each lost rounds. This way, you can compensate for the lost bets if a winning spin comes out.

This is in the case for early games. However, what should a player do if he managed to amass a decent amount of winnings and it’s already the late game? What he should do is to ease out on the high-risk/high-reward betting strategy and tone down for a moderate-risk/moderate-reward strategy. The way to do this is to opt for bets with winning payouts ranging from 2:1 to 1:1.

This way, he can further stack up on his chips while ensuring he still stays afloat in the round and has a solid chance of seeing his name on top of the leaderboard.

When Luck is Hard to Come By

Sometimes, being aggressive can be costly. These kinds of unfortunate events may prevent you from establishing a decent amount of winning. Should you find yourself already down to the last 30 to 20 percent of your tournament chips, then it’s time to take the long-shot.

The Long-Shot Play

With no way out but through, a long-shot type of gameplay would be the most viable strategy to apply. This strategy is literally placing the entire fate of your bankroll into the hands of lady luck; it’s a make or break moment for you; there’s so much to lose, but then there’s so much to win.

What happens here is that the player places the remainder of his tournament chips either only on a Straight or a Split. As the wheel turns, what he can do is just to hope for the best. With a 35:1 or 17:1 payout, respectively, a losing stack could instantly increase. This could ultimately secure the player the spot for the next leg of the tournament.

Do you have your own strategy in winning roulette tournament? We’d love to hear about it down in the comments below.

The Best Strategies and Tips to Help You Win in Roulette Tournaments

When it comes to casino game tournaments, we often hear tournaments held for poker, blackjack, and slot machines. Little did we know that the classic and well-loved roulette game also has a fair share of tournament events that avid players can attend to. Needless to say, they are not as widely available as with the other casino games but when you stumble upon one, it could be a great opportunity for you to play roulette at a different level of fun and excitement. Joining roulette tournaments also offers possibility of expanding your bankroll.

A roulette table with casino players

Regular vs. Tournament Games

In a regular roulette game, roulette players normally go up against the house. In roulette tourneys, however, the emphasis is put on the competition between the participants themselves. It has to be noted though that in tournament settings, all of the players are still technically playing against the casino. But then again, the focus in a roulette tournament is determining who will be the first to build the biggest pot at the end of the period.

As it usually happens in tournaments, the top most name in the leader board gets to win the game. In a winner-takes-all format, winners can get the entire pot money for himself/herself. Some events, on the other hand, award special prizes to top finishers depending on the tier structure.

How to Join

Joining a roulette tournament, whether in a land-based or online casino, is quite easy. Events are often announced in tournament lobbies for everyone to check on. Players will then get to choose the event/s he/she would like to join based on his/her budget. Depending on the event, entry fees may vary.


In the usual roulette tournaments, events would be divided into a number of rounds. Each players are given with a particular amount of chips to play. Since it’s a race of who gets to stack the most chips at the end of the period, there are specific structures as to how it could be done.

Some roulette tournament will put limit on the number of spins before a round ends. Time is of no consideration. On the other hand, there are events that are time-based and thus, players are given the freedom to have as many spins as they can.


Knowing these mechanics would obviously help a roulette tournament player to come up with a strategy. In spin-limited events, players will find themselves doing more aggressive, large, and risky bets. This would be opposite to time-centric matches as players do have the leeway to vary the size of their bets.

Taking a closer look…

When the event is determined as to how many spins made, the best thing to do is to make considerable amount of inside bets, such as on a single number bets. You can also have the option of a split (2 numbers), a street (3 numbers), a square (4 numbers), a top line (5 numbers), or a six line (6 numbers) bet if you wish to even out the odds.

When in time is of the essence, the best route to take is to do a methodical play. Employ a combination of inside and outside bets to work your way to the top. More specifically, you can wager more on the outside (high/low, red/black, dozen, column) as they are less risky to take.

You can further refer to our ultimate guide on roulette odds and payouts through this link.

In conclusion, playing a roulette tournament shouldn’t be different as when playing the regular roulette game. Both game modes need the player to have a clear sense on how to make a bet, how to vary the size, and how to make adjustments should the situation requires. Most of all, he/she needs lady luck on his/her side because after all, roulette is a game of pure chance.

The Different Types of Casino Players You’ll Likely to Meet Online

While there’s a limit to how big a crowd can get in a physical casino, that is not the case with an online casino website. Endless stream of people from all over the world are coming over to seek their fortune and get their dose of wild entertainment in this one, tiny virtual space called the Internet. It’s no surprise then that the venue would be saturated with a diaspora of culture, characteristics, and personalities.

To know the types of people we meet in casino online gaming sites is as important as knowing the rules of the games to play. By doing so, you will be able to understand the other person’s oddities and respect them to maintain a harmonious playing environment.

Let’s start off with the Professional Casino Players

Basically, these are the lads and lasses who make their living by playing online casino games. One can easily spot the exceptional skills they use each time the roulette wheel spins, the cards being dealt with, and the dice being rolled out. Aside from their apparent huge wins, you’ll notice how they can be so prudent when it comes to controlling their time and money spent on the table. Once the game starts, they’re in, and when they hit their target, they’re out; lollygagging isn’t exactly included in their vocabulary.

Compulsive Gamblers

These types of gamers are like loose cannons. You never know what could happen next when you’re inside in a room with them. They often wear their hearts on their sleeves and expect for emotions to flow freely on the table. While being unpredictable can be fun, take heed with the advice to never copy their erratic game style. Always make sensible decisions when possible to ensure worthwhile gaming experience.

Aggressive Players

The loose aggressive gambler or “LAG” are most often found in poker tables. They are one of the most dreaded players that one could ever come across with. They are aware of their domineering presence and thus, they can often control the tide of the game mostly to their own advantage. Unless you are a LAG yourself, any tight or nit players know better to veer away from them.

The Casual First-timers

Although it can’t be too obvious at first, novice online casino players are the type of players who click their way into a game they didn’t even know just for the hope of nabbing the jackpot. Let us clarify that although casino games, especially roulette, are the kind of games that rely heavily on luck, any player would still need to learn the basics; for example, placing your bets in an online roulette game.

The Cheaters and Anti-Socials

These guys are the exact opposite of the pro and casual gamers. These are the players who put profit over fun. Regardless of how many casino rules they break and how other people suffer the inconvenience they caused, they don’t care as long as they achieve their goal. Should you come head to head with these players, it is best for you to check out from that room.

The Storytellers

This gentleman or lady right here is a curious case. These types of players hit online casinos to release steam from the pressure of their everyday lives. Expect to hear long tales of the skirmishes they encountered in the office; how he/she hates the boss, the co-worker, etc. Being in a casino room somehow helps them to cope up with their boredom, loneliness, and even anxiety.

Do you agree with our list? Have you encountered any of these types of online casino players? Among the six mentioned, what kind of player are you?