How Do People in the Past Beat the Roulette Odds?

Over the years, there have been number of methods being used by roulette players to beat the odds in the game. Some of them may be deemed illegal, while others may pass as somewhat legitimate; they just have to make sure not to catch the attention of the casino. If it does happen, these establishments would be too happy to kick them off the table or ban them for good.

In this article, we look at some of the strategies used in the past to increase their odds of winning roulette.

The first one would be tampering the frets. What players do here is loosen up the fret or a pocket separator. If they succeed to do so, it will influence the ball to bounce and settle into an adjacent number pocket.

You might be wondering how they were able to do this in a land-based casino, well, things are different back then. In the past, gambling houses aren’t that strict on players crowding around a table or leaning on it. Some even lay their hands outside the rim of the wheel. Still, establishments will just leave the roulette wheel exposed during the off hours or after a game. This makes it possible for patrons to tinker on this very important roulette game instrument.

Now, pocket separators can be loosened using a pair of pliers. However, bringing around this odd tool in a place like this would obviously rouse some attention. Which is why, professionals would devise a tool that has a slot on it, and is as thick as the fret itself. With it, he can just simply slip the tool over a particular fret and twist or bend it slightly.

What happens next is that the now defective separator will absorb the energy of the roulette ball, and instead of bouncing frantically, like it normally does, the bounce would become muted and more predictable.

People would usually tamper two to three number pockets only to maintain the overall normal effect of the wheel.

The second strategy would involve the sleight of hand. In the game of roulette, any bets placed after the croupier announced “no more bets, please,” are deemed invalid and will not be honoured if it wins. However, there are people who manage to take advantage of the fact that a roulette table, especially during peak hours, can get crowded. The dealer, on the other hand, is all by himself and there’s only so much that his two eyes can watch over. The technique being used here is called Past-Posting.

What happens here is that normally, after dropping the ball, the dealer will focus his attention on the wheelhead to verify the winning number and announce it to everyone playing. Eagle-eyed players will also keep notice of the upcoming result. With a quick manipulation of the chips and the dealer not looking at the betting layout, he should be able to take the chance to slip in a bet on the winning number. Other players, meanwhile, will hardly notice what the post-poster has been doing as they themselves are preoccupied of stacking their chips or placing their bets for the next round.

While this feat can be done alone, there are instances when a player has to employ the assistance of a spotter. The latter will position in close proximity to the roulette wheel. Any information he gets, he quickly relays to his bettor accomplice.

Most common scenario would be, that the bettor will be standing at the far end of the betting layout and is already positioning a stack of chips on the center column (which is a column bet). Once he gets the cue, he will push his bets either on the left or right, depending on what’s winning.

With expert precision, timing, and incredible speed, this stunt would be too hard to notice.

With the advancement of technology coupled with an ever tightening security measures, all the practices mentioned above have now come close to non-existence.

Common Mistakes Novice Roulette Players Commit Part 2

We thought that the first part of our post about the common mistakes new roulette players commit wasn’t able to cover much of the subject. So, we opted to bring to you a sequel to the topic in hopes that you can have a fruitful and enjoyable online roulette gaming experience.

To recap, we talked about the errors novice players commit such as choosing the wrong type of roulette game, playing without a budget in mind, using the wrong betting system, and wallowing in boredom. Click this link if you missed the article and want to know more about it.

To proceed, here are more mistakes that newbie roulette gamers do when playing in online casinos:

  1. Betting on both Even and Odds at the same time

We know that making outside bets like Even/Odds is a relatively safer way to play and win in online roulette. Novice players, however, would go beyond as to betting on both Odd and Even at the same time. As expected, these kinds of bets just cancel out each other and while there’s none to lose, there’s also none to gain. It’s definitely a horrible idea to do so.

  1. Betting on both Black and Red at the same time

Again, some online roulette players think that it’s a good idea to place multiple bets at the same time. Like the Even/Odds betting mistake, newbies also commit the error of placing wagers in Black and Red at the same time.

If, in both cases, you are not sure what color or which number group to go to, then you can try to opt in with inside bets. The chances of winning might be a tad lower, but the payout is way bigger than those that can be made with outside bets.

  1. Playing roulette with real money right away

Like every endeavours in life, practice does make it perfect. And this also applies when playing online roulette. If you’re new to the game or just starting to build the confidence to take on with the real spin, we highly recommend that you take it for a dry run before putting on your real money at stake. And the best way to do it is to play free roulette games. They are free from any risk, and while there’s no real cash involved, it’s still you who gets the profit because you become more acquainted and more honed with the game. Now, you’re quite ready to take on the real game.

  1. Sticking on a single number

Sure, there are lucky numbers to bet when playing roulette but are they worth sticking to even when luck is still hard to find? Many experts believe that going for a straight up every time is a sure way to lose your bankroll. The fact is, the chance of winning a straight up is pretty slim. The house is also confident that it’s hard to pull off a win with this bet that’s why they pay a lot of cash (35:1) if you’d manage to do so.

The pocket number 17 in a roulette wheel
  1. Avoiding a straight up bet

Now, you might say we’re contradicting our statements. What we mean here is that you could not just ignore betting on single number. Yes, it’s risky but the good payoff is too hard to ignore. The truth is, it’s a different kind of thrill to be had when you pull off these kinds of high-risk stunts. So our advice, throw down a minimum of one straight up bet for every online roulette session you play. If the outcome doesn’t favor you, at least you can say that you tried it. Of course, if your number does come up, then a 35:1 payout is going straight to your pocket.

Do you know of other errors committed by novice roulette players that we missed in this list? Sound off in the comments below. We’d surely love what you have to say.


Common Mistakes Novice Roulette Players Commit

Roulette has a straightforward premise and that is to correctly predict where the ball lands in the roulette wheel. Simple, yet this casino game is attracting players by the millions because of the unparalleled thrill and huge profits that could potentially be experienced and earned. But not everyone is lucky enough to get all these.

While some leave their tables with a smile, others leave with their hands in their pocket, looking sombre and beaten. Most of the people that belong to the latter group are typically those who have just started playing the game. If you feel like you are one of them, then this article is for you.

The truth of the matter is, it’s understandable for a novice roulette player to make some big mistakes in the game. Most beginners often find themselves being carried away by the moment that is why they tend to bet carelessly. Overconfidence with their luck can also be a culprit for a newbie player to lose his bankroll quickly.

Being aware of such mistakes can not only help the player avoid the pitfalls but also make it possible for him to have a positive experience of this beautiful game of chance. So, here are more of the common roulette mistakes made by beginners.

  1. Bad choice of game

Just because they already know how to place their bets on the roulette table, a lot of new players commit the beginner’s mistake by choosing just about any roulette game and going on it without doing any research. Especially if you are playing in a UK casino website, there can be a lot of roulette game variants to choose from aside from the popular ones like the American, European and French roulette versions.

The mistake here is that by blindly choosing a game, they might end up playing a roulette that has the worst house edge. Yes, we’re referring exactly to the American roulette which has 5.26% casino advantage. More on the house edge in this article.

Our advice is to always find a way to play at a European table which has an edge half of the American roulette.

  1. Playing without a budget in mind

We admit that online roulette can be very exciting and that it is best experienced when played in a fast pace. That is why, a lot of novice players are often too eager to get into the action and as a result, they may forget to set a budget for playing beforehand. Whether it is done in online or offline casino, jumping right away into a real money game without first checking the bankroll is like suicide: most often than not, you’ll end up burning it all away like it’s nothing.

Expert roulette players take their time to size up their playing budget and set limits on what they intend to lose. That is why they are mostly successful in their games. It goes without saying then that it’s best for you to follow their lead. If you wish to know more about bankroll management and setting up limits check this post and this one.

  1. Using the wrong betting system

Another mistake a newbie player could commit is to use the wrong betting system. Just because the Martingale, for example, promises huge gains at every game, doesn’t mean it’s the route to take. Martingale, like the other similar betting strategies, works in negative progressions which means you double your bet for every bet lost. This scheme can eat up your payroll fast. On the contrary, positive progressions like this method works in a way that the player is only called to bet more when winning but bet less when losing.

Not all betting systems are perfect. Beginners should better use systems that are easy to understand and use. Moreover, they should be positively progressive and not the opposite.

  1. To get stuck in a rut

As with any other activities we do in life, getting stuck in a rut is the worst thing that could happen when playing roulette. Because of boredom, newbies might resort in doing stunts like betting inappropriately which could put the health of their bankroll in peril. This can also happen when you play emotionally.

Our advice is to take a step back, relax, stretch, and do something that could veer away your attention from the game, even for a moment. This can refresh your outlook and get you ready for the next round.

These mistakes and more others that are yet to be mentioned could lead to major losses for novice players. Being aware of these situations can help any roulette enthusiast to have a better chance of staying in the game for much longer and thus increasing his odds of winning.

5 tips that will help you win at the roulette table

Roulette has been both a source of joy and frustration to many of its players due to its precarious nature. Whether the player is a pure novice or a self-regarded expert, the chance of getting the odds in his/her favor is the same for both of them. And why is this the case? It’s because no person can predict the pocket to which the ball will settle on the roulette wheel. But what if there’s a realistic way for you to increase your possibility of winning?

There are a handful of articles written out there about winning roulette strategies that are often laid out in easy simple steps but almost none of them work. In our site, however, we closely look at the 5 ways where you can pump up your chances of bagging the pot while enjoying the game of roulette.

  1. Master the basics first

There’s no better way to wrap yourself around this casino game but to learn its basic mechanics. The good thing here is that, unlike poker or blackjack, the game of roulette would only require its players to know how to place bets on the roulette table and wait for the wheel to determine the winning number.

A roulette table with casino players

A more detailed account of the betting options can be found here in our previous article, but there’s basically two main types of it – the inside and outside bets. The inside betting area is where players can bet on individual numbers. The outside betting area, meanwhile, reflects bets that are not as specific as the inside bets. Here, players can bet on the different properties of the table. To mention a few, there’s the classification of the numbers (by column, by row), the colors (red and black), number groupings (1-18, 19-36), and if the number is odd or even. Moreover, each area has its own categories of payouts.

  1. Go European
An example layout of an American roulette table

Most roulette players strongly advice to avoid the American roulette like plague.

We have previously pointed it out that this roulette betting layout favors more towards the house.

It should be noted that the American roulette wheel has 38 slots in total (0-36, a single zero, and another double zero) while the Old Continent only has 37 pockets (0-36 and a single zero).

The chances of winning in a European table are 1/37 or 2.7% while the risk gets higher in American casinos with only 1/38 or 2.63% win rate.

  1. Learn to take what you have won

Do not be too greedy. Seasoned casino players know better to reserve whatever they’ve won. To illustrate the point: Suppose you commenced with $70. A number of spins later, you now have $140, which is double from what you have invested. It would be wise to withdraw the profit into your account. When worse comes to its worst and your luck runs out, you won’t exactly lose the game but rather just drew even with it.

Multiple stacks of casino roulette chips
  1. Learn from history

What we mean here is for you to keep tabs on the previous rounds or spins that took place. This, by far, is one of the best roulette strategy we could mention as it helps the player to make a more sound prediction for the next round. For instance, a series of 7 black numbers were drawn out. The statistics clearly show that there’s a higher probability for the next pocket to be black. A lot of roulette players use this simple tip, and you should consider it, too.

  1. When hitting the online casino…

If you are the type of player that prefers the comfort of his/her own home rather than in a real casino establishment, make sure to only go to reputable online roulette websites. In this previous article, we tackle what strategies to use when playing online roulette. Furthermore, playing online offers the possibility to play for free while winning real money! Other than that, the relaxed environment of internet casinos help build confidence to those who are yet inexperienced to the game.

An image of a spinning roulette wheel

At the bottom of everything, the key to winning in roulette greatly depends on the wheel and the ball. Always keep in mind the fact that luck is the name of this game and for that, we wish you the best of luck!

Find the best bonuses for playing roulette

Here at we regularly take a close look at some of the best bonuses for playing roulette online and this article focuses on one of the newest players on the block, Euromoon Casino.

The online casino is offering an impressive 200% bonus worth up to £1,000 or a 30% cashback deal. It’s one of the best bonus schemes currently available of any online casino and it’s not just aimed at roulette players though it is offering great bonuses to tempt new players into the casino itself.

2876075e5eb91499753e6cde1133373bThe website is well-designed and has a good feel, the signup process is easy too. There’s a very good lobby area where most of the games can be played for free in ‘fun mode’ where Euromoon says they encourage new players to spend time learning their games before switching to playing with real money.

Once online, roulette players have an easy-to-use interface and Euromoon says its aim is not only to offer ease-of-use but also to be different from other online casinos offering roulette. To some degree the website is quite different to others out there.

Once signed up, new players may be contacted by Euromoon to see whether there are any other bonuses they feel may be of benefit though the signup bonus of 200% up to €1000 is an impressive offering for a fairly new operation.

The online casino experience is boosted

Indeed, the online casino experience is boosted by the fact they have a bonus promotional calendar which highlights when their bonuses will be available during the coming month. There’s also a latest winners board on hand too which reveals some rather substantial amounts being won as well as the opportunity of earning points from the moment they sign up.

The points can then be exchanged so for every 100 points earned, they can change that for €1.

There are a lot of games to enjoy and the casino offers a variety of bonuses including some which are just for during the day. Unlike some online casinos offerings, players do not have to download software in order to enjoy the games but simply need an up-to-date web browser to access and enjoy Euromoon’s offering.

For those who may become fed-up from playing online roulette at Euromoon, or who simply need a change of scene, there’s an impressive selection of more than 300 slots and a wide variety of other casino games including video poker table games. There’s also a very nice live dealer function in operation too.

As a new online casino operation, Euromoon have a good customer service operation including a live chat facility but then most online casinos offer the same.

Online roulette players wanting excellent bonuses

For online roulette players wanting excellent bonuses and a nice website to enjoy, Euromoon has a lot to offer and for a new operation they do a lot of things very well including offering a nice setting for roulette.


Win with roulette betting strategy and tips

There is a wide range of books, statistics as well as websites offering tips on how to win at roulette and here at we continue our close look at them.

Everyone interested in playing roulette would love to know whether there is a system that would guarantee winnings – however small they may be.

2876075e5eb91499753e6cde1133373bThe big attraction for gamblers who can consistently win with small odds is that they will, in the long term, win lots of money.

In addition, while many books offering tips to win at roulette may appear to be well written, our best advice is to be cautious.

Websites offering roulette strategies

There are also websites offering roulette strategies that promise big wins but they won’t reveal them until the player pays for the information. Always be careful in this instance since there’s no guarantee that once the money has been handed over, that the information will be forthcoming or that the strategy will win money in return.Screenshot_2Before anyone embarks on playing roulette, there are two important points to remember: the first is to always play on European roulette tables since they give you a slightly better advantage against the house, and the second is to appreciate that casinos are not stupid in their operations.

It should also be appreciated that there is no roulette system that will offer a 100% success rate because the game is based on chance – no-one can predict where the ball will land after the roulette wheel has been spun.

That’s not all, you could be a statistics wizard but you could not predict consistently what will happen when the wheel has begun to spin.

Win at roulette

The next most important consideration for anybody who wants to win at roulette is that every winning strategy will require patience from the player – they will need to invest time and persistence to build up their winnings.76e5cfa7b14e1753a55d6a9d1dbe104eWhile roulette may appear as a great way to win easy money to rookies, nothing will replace the experience of playing roulette regularly and understanding the rules.

By understanding and appreciating the rules of roulette then the strategies that help players to win will be easy to understand and implement.

Most people will want to play in casinos for the real world atmosphere of winning at roulette but there are many reasons why playing online makes for a better opportunity.

For many players who win regularly, online casinos offer an ideal environment to learn the rules and develop strategies – particularly when playing the free roulette games which are widely available including here at

How to win at roulette

In the coming articles on how to win at roulette, we will explain in more detail about the odds and probability of winning including the probability of winning with various number combinations.

For anyone interested in developing a strategy learning from the experience of others, then visit on a regular basis and enjoy the free online roulette games we have available to help build-up experience of the rules so that when a winning streak comes when playing roulette, it’s not only enjoyable but profitable also.

Find the best bonus offers on roulette games

One of the great reasons to begin playing online roulette is for the excellent bonuses being offered by casinos to new players.

Here at we regularly check to see which are the best bonus payers which helps to increase the fun playing of online roulette.

Most casinos will offer a bonus for signing up new members, some need a minimum qualification and some offer incredible bonuses.

For instance, many online casinos will double or even treble the initial deposit. This could be a smart way to create an effective betting pot to win money playing online roulette.

Screenshot_1This article on bonuses for playing roulette will focus on one of the industry’s big players, Gala Casino.

New players to Gala will find there is a 200% bonus worth up to £200 when they join.

A second deposit will also be eligible for another bonus

It’s also worth noting that should the new player make a second deposit, they will also be eligible for another bonus worth up to 50% of a £100 reload deposit.

And, unlike many online casino operators, Gallo will also offer a third deposit bonus that’s worth a very useful 50% of another £100 reload.

But that’s not all since Gala also offers lots of competition prizes, including a trip to play in the casinos of Las Vegas.poundsuk

There’s also their ‘Top-up Tuesday’ which will add 25% to a deposit. They also encourage players to reload on a weekend and Gala will add 25% to the deposit amount.

Joining the site is straightforward and making a deposit is also easy.

Gala also highlights that it is a long-standing player within the gambling industry and has a logo claiming it has more than 20 years of safe and secure gaming.

People new to playing online casino games

For many people new to playing online casino games this is a reassuring reason to use the site.

Like many of the well-established online casinos, Gala offers a wide range of methods to make a deposit to play roulette and offers a wide range of gaming experiences once the player has signed up.

In addition to roulette, new players can also get to enjoy a wide range of slots and traditional casino games including blackjack.

As with several other big players in the online casino market, there’s also a chance for players to build up reward points while they play online games and these points make prizes.

The playing experience of the Gala website is very good with a number of excellent slots available.rouletteatgala1

Roulette and the online experience with Gala

Most players will try roulette and the online experience with Gala is excellent and responsive. We would urge people to use the free online roulette games at before trying their hand playing for real.

For more information about the best bonus offers for playing roulette online, visit the roulette-games website regularly for further updates.


Top 20 Tips For Winning at Roulette

Cutting the House Edge

1. Unlike a highly skilled game like blackjack, there’s not that much you can really do to change the odds in roulette. By far the biggest advantage you can give yourself is to opt for a European- or French-style table. These will have one green zero square alongside the 36 red/black squares. It’s the presence of the green square that gives the casino its in-built advantage – in this case, 2.7%. However, American-style tables add a second green square (the double zero), and that bumps the house edge up to 5.26%. That’s a very significant gap, so if you don’t want to lose your money more quickly, stick to European/French tables with a single green square.

2. There are a variety of bets available in roulette, but most of these offer very similar payouts. In terms of overall success, there’s no mathematical reason to do anything other than play the simple ’50/50′ bets like red/black, odd/even etc. The only exception is the American bet known as the ‘basket’ – letting you bet on both zeros, plus squares 1 to 3. Avoid this at all costs, as it’ll give a 7.89% edge to the house.

3. French-style tables offer the best methods of cutting the house edge. The La Partage rule is very useful. If you’re playing an outside bet (red/black, odd/even etc.), and the ball lands on the green zero, La Partage lets you get half of your stake back.

4. Another great little feature of French tables is the En Prison rule, which follows on from the above, and lets you leave your stake on the board for another spin. If you have both La Partage and En Prison, the 2.7% edge becomes a mere 1.35%. That’s the lowest edge you’ll find in roulette, so look for French-style tables when you can.

Betting Systems

5. Roulette’s simple style of play and significant number of ’50/50′ bets has made it fertile territory for betting systems. These tend to be ‘progressive’, with the players varying the bet size rather than playing the same amount spin after spin. The problem is that many of these tend to be okay until the player hits a ‘bad run’. Unfortunately, these runs aren’t as unlikely as they may seem. Even on a genuine 50/50 system, you’re going to see a run of seven losses once in 128, and a run of 10 losses once in 1024. So if you play for over 1,000 spins, you’re likely to see some very bad ‘luck’. Progressive systems generally can’t cope with these runs, which is why the majority of them have a tendency to blow up eventually.

6. The Martingale system, whereby you double your bet after each loss until you have won, is the most popular system of all. Avoid this, though, as it’ll only work in the long-term if you have unlimited betting capital, plus the ability to circumvent the table limits. Otherwise, you will hit a bad run where you end up having to bet more than your entire bank. If you implement a ‘reset’ (so that you drop back to betting one unit after hitting a certain numbers of successive losses), you’ll simply find that you’re not making enough on your winning runs to compensate you for the losses you’ll be sucking up when you press the reset button. Don’t pay any attention to those who claim the Martingale system works. It doesn’t, and you’ll only lose money on it if you use it for an extended period.

7. Are there any systems that do work? Labouchere has you writing out sequences of numbers, and calculating bet sizes by adding together the first and last numbers on the list – if the bet wins, you cross off those two numbers, and carry on playing until all of the numbers have been crossed off. This system is fun to play (it was favoured by Ian Fleming, amongst others), but can still see you getting into loops where the bet sizes get too large. It isn’t as extreme as the Martingale system, but it still doesn’t work. Other systems, like Oscar’s Grind and Fibonacci, also fail to work. The D’Alembert system has some validity, but even this can’t negate the house advantage.

8. It’s harsh to say, but the best way to play seems to be with a flat betting system. That means you play the same amount time after time. That way, your only foe will be the house edge. Essentially, the ‘edge’ is the entrance fee you pay the casino for the enjoyment of playing their game. Using flat betting, though, you’ll never find yourself sweating because the bet size is too large for you. And you’ll never have to risk your entire bank on one spin.

Online Options

rouletteatgala19. If you’re playing online, you might want to opt for the Live Dealer games rather than RNG (Random Number Generator) versions. Live Dealer makes the experience more spectacular, by letting you see live video of the dealer and the wheel. You can sometimes interact with other players at the table, too. More importantly, Live Dealer games are more reliable and harder for companies to cheat on, particularly if multiple players or casino sites are involved – these games are often implemented by third parties, so you may find the same feed being used for several different casino sites at once. You may also be able to detect problems or inconsistencies affecting the table, as the Live Dealer will be using genuine equipment.

10. RNGs do allow you to play games more quickly, though, as you can turn off the animations and sounds. If you want to get through a large number of spins in a short space of time, the RNG should be your choice. You may also be offered more options and varieties of game with RNGs.

11. Try multiplayer roulette for a more interactive and enjoyable session. You may also be able to watch the other players and pick up some hints and tips from them.

Table Bias

12. You may not be able to beat the maths, but you might be able to beat the craftmanship of a roulette wheel. Some wheels will start to develop a bias towards specific numbers or a certain section of the wheel – resulting in some numbers coming up more frequently than they should. Joseph Jagger famously ‘broke the bank at Monte Carlo’ by hiring a number of clerks to record the numbers on various tables, and then using the information to tell which tables had a bias. Such a bias will usually be attributable to wear and tear, or perhaps to loose frets (frets being the walls that separate the compartments on a wheel). The ball should bounce randomly off the frets, but if the frets are loose, they may instead deflect the ball into a particular number on a very regular basis.

13. Also look out for wheels that haven’t been seated properly. This will result in a wobbly rotor, causing the wheel to display a bias towards a section of numbers. This poor reseating can occur after something as routine as cleaning. It can often be detected by looking at how the light reflects off the wheel – the light will show certain impurities and defects when the wheel isn’t properly seated.

14. Dealer bias (or Dealer Signature or DS) is another way of predicting which balls will come up. Select dealers will have a remarkably consistent spinning action, creating very similar results every time they spin the wheel. In these cases, the ball will end up a reasonably fixed distance away from where it started. The dealers must have an extremely consistent action for this method of prediction to be successful. Nonetheless, there is something in it if the dealer is chosen carefully. A consistent action is particularly common when a dealer is exhausted.

15. The final prediction method uses Visual Ballistics (VB). This works on the basis that where the ball lands isn’t really that random at all. They key is noting where the ball is at the point that it drops down, and then noting where it ends up afterwards. Many wheels will, theoretically, show some sort of consistency. Oxford don Doyne Farmer has claimed to have used an early computer to predict the winning numbers with decent rates of accuracy, and, more recently, smartphones have been used to perform similar feats. Nobody argues that this method can turn up 100% success rates, but since there’s only a 2.7% edge to defeat on a European table, you do only need a small tilt of the odds in your favour in order to have an advantage.


poundsuk16. Money management is the key to minimising losses in roulette. Make sure you’re never under too much pressure by never betting more than 5% of your bank on one spin. Indeed, 2% gives you even more security, and ensures you won’t be throwing away chips blindly in order to chase a loss you couldn’t afford to make.

17. Keep only a portion of your money on the table at any one time. That way, if you need to replenish your funds, you’ll have a minute or two in which to think and clear your head before carrying on. In those situations, it’s often a good idea to pause for a bit and take a rest.

18. If you’re having a good night, don’t be afraid to take half of your money off the table. If you can get yourself into the position where the worst that can happen is that you end the night breaking even, then you’re doing well.

19. Take rests frequently, even if you’re winning. Keeping your mindset right is crucial to controlling your emotions. The second you’re feeling slightly bored or frustrated, take a break.

20. Don’t play when you’re ill or stressed about something outside the casino. The roulette table is not the place to be when you have difficult decisions to make.