Ball Drop and Roulette Number Bias

Despite the nature of its randomness, a roulette wheel can still exhibit some biases that is more noticeable rather than negligible. However, any casino establishment would try their very best to convince players that their wheels are of an exemption to this rule. They have all the reason to do so because otherwise, if this is discovered, a player might use this information to his advantage, much like a visual tracker would do.

Wheel Randomness

When a roulette wheel is perfectly symmetrical and balanced, it is guaranteed to deliver random results. However, even the finest roulette wheel manufactured with close inspection and monitoring, may still exhibit these kinds of glitches – that is, a bias result.

In the case of a brand new roulette wheel, biases may still occur in due time because of the constant use of the instrument. Like anything else made by hand, a roulette wheel is subject to wear and tear. There are other causes as well, like accidental damages due to mishandling or even deliberate actions.

Again, it is of utmost interest by the casino to keep their profits in the house and not let anyone take it from them. Which is why, casino supervisors are often hot on the heels of players who appear to be “observing” the characteristics of the wheel. Chances are, these people are looking for roulette wheels that manifest bias results.

Ball Drop

Yet another exploitative aspect of a roulette wheel is how the dealer drop off the ball. In some older wheels, the ball has the tendency to skid off the ball track from one spot on the perimeter of the bowl. This could be brought by the warping of the circular track from whence the croupier initially drops off the ball. This portion of the wheel is, after all, made of wood. Thus, warping should be expected. Wear and tear can also be looked at as to why the pill leave the track at a particular spot.

There are times when this phenomenon is hard to notice. But then again, there are people who are quick to point out this anomaly. It is actually useful for players who are way too keen to observe the ball movement.

As with the case of roulette wheel biases, ball drop glitches are a big no no for casinos. Once the management detects this problem of the ball leaving the track from a particular spot, it wouldn’t take too long for them to take out the wheelhead and replace it with a new one.

There are still casinos who would opt to leave them off as it is, however. Just as long as it earns them a steady stream of profit, there’s no reason for them to take the equipment out of service.

Using These Glitches for Own Advantage

In this article, we discussed thoroughly how a player can use these wheel defects to his benefit. We revealed there, the methods on how to pull off this kind of stunt, in case you see a wheel exhibiting this problem.

As with the case of the ball drop, the key here is to spot that specific perimeter of the track where the ball usually slid off. This should help you predict what area of the wheelhead the ball will likely to fall into and to what particular number pocket it will rest.

Rigging the Roulette Wheel: How It Is Done

For a game that promises huge profit, roulette players may often resort to doing something illegal just to win. Some of the methods used, and as mentioned in previous posts, include visual tracking, the use of magnets, or even tampering. These are just but to name a few ill methods used by players. But did you know that casinos also have their share of dishonest acts.

Their purpose may differ but the goal could just be the same – to further trump down the player’s edge.

It’s an undeniable truth that there are gambling establishments that rig their roulette tables. Unfortunately, it’s not only the illegal halls that do these activities but also some of the legal ones.

The most common ways for casino establishments to cheat the game to their own advantage is by rigging a wheel. They can do this by:

Ball Tripping

In this method, the dealer tries to control where the ball will land on the wheelhead. What happens here is that the roulette ball, or the pill, is dislodged from the track long before its designated time. This is done so that it would settle into the target section of the wheelhead.

Tampering the Trip Pin

Another way to rig the roulette wheel is by controlling the trip pin placed in the ball track. In this case, the dealer will only have to dislodge the pill from the track using a lever put under the edge of the roulette table. It’s a complicated mechanism but basically, the lever is attached to a cable that is connected to a spring-loaded pin.

Each time the ball spins around the track, the dealer simply has to trip the pin which then would affect the spin of the pill. This will eventually force the ball to land on a designated part of the wheelhead.

The most common occurrence of ball tripping is when the dealer attempts to cause the ball to land either on the single zero or the double zero pocket. It’s likely that players will not be minding these two, inconspicuous numbers and thus, they forget to place bets on it.

Of course, it would be an exception if the players are putting wagers in these two numbers. In this case, the crooked dealer will have to look for other areas of the roulette wheel which are not covered by the bets.

An Even Grander Scheme

If the above methods weren’t able to impress you that much, then we think this will. Some casinos would be willing to go beyond the usual means just to take advantage of their unsuspecting patrons. One example of this is for the crooked establishment to use small blocking pins.

Each one of the pins is placed right at the front wall of every number pocket. At the dealer’s end, he has this two hidden levers. One lever controls the pins installed in the red-colored pockets, while the other for the black-colored ones.

As you might have imagined the purpose of the pins, they are used by the dealer to push back the ball from the pocket to where it is supposed to settle. This trick is pulled off so fast it’s hard for the players to notice the ball jutting out of the pocket.

To prevent yourself from getting gaffed by these kinds of schemes, we suggest that you should look for that reputable online casino wherein you can play with the peace of mind knowing that you are being treated fairly and just.

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