Betting System in Focus: The 2 or More System

When it comes to playing the simpler the betting system you can use, the better is the gameplay. Circumstances may differ but the said case often happens. This is because when in a game, all you have to think about is the decision that you have to make. If you don’t have a betting strategy to guide you, you’d probably be making moves that are unfounded and baseless.

Most often than not, players will fall in hapless circumstances like losing streaks. The worse that could happen is his bankroll to get depleted.

This is all because he doesn’t have a system to follow through when betting in roulette. The other extreme scenario would be for him to use a system which is so complicated he might as well bring along with him a teleprompter. Good thing if he’s playing the game at the comfort of his own home via online casino websites.

What we mean to say here is for a roulette player to have just the right tool to use when playing roulette. A method that he can pull off as soon as he needs it, without going through the hassle of memorizing complex steps.

In this post, we are going to introduce a roulette betting system so simple you might as well make the wagers with your eyes closed.

The 2 or More System

This roulette betting system is, let me say that again, so easy to use. We recommend doing a dry run while at home, with no real money attached. What you need for this system is unending patience and a little bit of your daring soul, so that you may earn a decent amount of profit. Here we go:

  1. Record or note 38 spin results on an American roulette or 37 spins on a European variant of the game.
  2. Take note of all the numbers from the 38/37 that have come up at least twice throughout the 38/37 spins.
  3. Once you got all the numbers appearing more than twice, bet on all of them with flat bets for the next 38/37 spins. Flat bets, meaning you don’t have to increase or decrease your bet regardless if you’re on a winning or losing streak.
  4. There may be times when a couple of repeating numbers will be hitting early on. Still, keep your original bet and don’t go greedy over it. It’s more than likely that they will appear more within the 38/37 spin cycle.
  5. After the 38th or 37th spin, stop betting. Record yet another set of numbers occurring in the next 38/37 spin. This new batch of numbers will be your basis to look for another numbers occurring more than twice.
  6. Repeat the process again.


When using this system, you will find for yourself betting on 6 to 11 numbers on average. On average, you’d be winning 9 to 13 times per 38/37 numbers.

Pros and Cons

The advantage of this system is obviously the ease of its use. With a notepad and a pen, you’d be on your way of making a steady amount of profit. This is more advantageous for online roulette gamblers because most web casino interfaces have history section where they display the past numbers played.

The downside of the 2 or More system is that it can get to “grindy” just to have a decent yield off your bets. Still, patience is key to make this betting system successful.