Tipping at a Roulette Table: How Should It Be Done

Tipping is an act which shows a person appreciates what the service provider has done for him. Whether you are the receiver of the tip or the giver, it brings warmth to the heart knowing that it can make someone happy. It doesn’t have to be that much. Just a small amount can already put a smile on a person’s face. And this thing works even when you’re playing roulette.

Regardless if we’re talking about playing roulette live in a brick and mortar casino or in an online environment, you need to consider tipping your dealer. Of course, this doesn’t work if you’re in a website casino and is playing one of their RNG (random number generated) roulette because there’s no dealer involved. Otherwise, it’s nice to show your appreciation to your dealer for doing you a great service.

While it may not be that hard to convince you to tip your croupier, there are, however, some points to consider when doing so.

Etiquette When Tipping

Let us remind you that the following guidelines on tipping are not imperative and the act should be done according to your will. But then, sometimes, we have to address some issues that might be overlooked by some people. For example, tipping beyond your means.

This goes without saying that give what you only afford to give. Sometimes, there are people who tend to forget the size of their bankroll and they just let their emotions take rein of their decisions. What will be left of them are nothing but regrets and an empty payroll.

Our advice is for players to tip an amount that is proportionate to his playing funds. For example, if he is wagering £1 per spin, it would be unwise for him to tip £5 or £10 when he wins, otherwise his money will run out quickly.

Tipping should be, first and foremost, be dependent on the size of your win and your bankroll.

The frequency of tipping should also be given with consideration. For instance, you are doing great in your game so far. You might want to tip only after every 4 or 5 wins. Like the above scenario, tipping every time you win will make it impossible for you to accumulate profits.

Again, the goal of a roulette player is to have fun and earn real money. It’s not always that a player will register a win. Even more so, a win is hard to come by. Sometimes, you got to hold on to those winnings so you can play more and win more.

The Proper Way of Doing It

Tipping your friendly croupier is not like you’re just about to hand him/her your tip. There is a way to do it. Suppose you bet a £100 on your lucky number 17 and you won. Now, at a 35 to 1 payout, that’s a lot of money. The other players at the table congratulates you and so your dealer. You’re feeling generous, and you want to share the happy feeling and so you opt to give some.

After you are announced to be the winner, the dealer pushes your enormous stack of chips towards you. This is the time when you take a couple or a handful, if you are so inclined, of chips and place them on the table portion outside of the betting layout. This hints the dealer that the money is intended for him and not your bet for the next spin.

Benefits of Tipping

There’s a lot of benefits of tipping. There are dealers who live off with their income from earning tips. Second, a well-tipped dealer is a happy dealer. A cheerful dealer will of course invite positivity in the atmosphere and so the game becomes better. Tipping will also likely to convince other players to follow suit.



Should I Make Playing Roulette A Profession?

Carving your path to riches won’t necessarily start at an offline or online roulette table. The truth of the matter is, roulette, regardless of the platform or game variant, revolves around the concept of pure luck. A player who has £1 or £100 bets on a red, for example, and there’s nothing more he can do about it rather than to wait and see where the ball lands on the wheel. To say that the fate of his bet hugely depends on the outcome of the spin would fit right into our first argument. Just imagine this, in a game of roulette, an experienced player has no edge over a novice or casual player. Well, if you count the fact that pro roulette players know by heart to avoid American roulette wheel, then there’s one. But other than that, it’s an even field for the two kinds of players.

Blackjack, on the other hand, is a whole different game. Here, you can count the cards (that is, without the casino knowing it) for you to increase your odds of winning. Other than that, a pro card player do really have a better chance of earning serious money as compared to a novice player, especially when the former knows the ins and outs of the game.

Multiple stacks of casino roulette chips

Again, with roulette, there is nothing for the player to do once the bet has been placed and the ball has been rolled except for him to cross his fingers. This is despite the fact that there are a lot of people who still keeps on claiming that they know the “one, sure-fire” formula in winning roulette. We dare say that there is no way for someone to guarantee another person that he can earn profits for each round played when he follow/subscribe/buy the winning strategy.

In this case, playing roulette can be a very hazardous path to take on when you’re looking for a profession to devote your life with.

On the other side of the argument, there is serious money when playing roulette. Take note, a straight up win can bag you 35 times your original bet, for example. Another reason is that, if you have the patience of a saint, you really can amass a fortune even if your winnings come in a trickle. At least, they come in steady. But then again, doing it over and over again with no significant amount of cash won can quickly turn the game into a chore.

Furthermore, there are people whom you can say to have lady luck on their side, at all times. It’s possible for them to get into a winning streak of up to 15 plus rounds.

Still, there’s the fact that for every round the odds for your number to come up is 2.70% (for a European roulette) or 2.63% (American roulette). And if you want to play the safest bet, then a player can wager on outside bets where there’s almost 50% chance of winning.

Again, roulette is a legitimate way to earn cash. But for a person to think that playing the game is a way to make a living can very futile. He should weigh in the pros and cons of playing roulette full-time. Still, you can’t go wrong playing offline or online roulette if you’re looking for tons of fun while at the same time earning real money.



Ball Drop and Roulette Number Bias

Despite the nature of its randomness, a roulette wheel can still exhibit some biases that is more noticeable rather than negligible. However, any casino establishment would try their very best to convince players that their wheels are of an exemption to this rule. They have all the reason to do so because otherwise, if this is discovered, a player might use this information to his advantage, much like a visual tracker would do.

Wheel Randomness

When a roulette wheel is perfectly symmetrical and balanced, it is guaranteed to deliver random results. However, even the finest roulette wheel manufactured with close inspection and monitoring, may still exhibit these kinds of glitches – that is, a bias result.

In the case of a brand new roulette wheel, biases may still occur in due time because of the constant use of the instrument. Like anything else made by hand, a roulette wheel is subject to wear and tear. There are other causes as well, like accidental damages due to mishandling or even deliberate actions.

Again, it is of utmost interest by the casino to keep their profits in the house and not let anyone take it from them. Which is why, casino supervisors are often hot on the heels of players who appear to be “observing” the characteristics of the wheel. Chances are, these people are looking for roulette wheels that manifest bias results.

Ball Drop

Yet another exploitative aspect of a roulette wheel is how the dealer drop off the ball. In some older wheels, the ball has the tendency to skid off the ball track from one spot on the perimeter of the bowl. This could be brought by the warping of the circular track from whence the croupier initially drops off the ball. This portion of the wheel is, after all, made of wood. Thus, warping should be expected. Wear and tear can also be looked at as to why the pill leave the track at a particular spot.

There are times when this phenomenon is hard to notice. But then again, there are people who are quick to point out this anomaly. It is actually useful for players who are way too keen to observe the ball movement.

As with the case of roulette wheel biases, ball drop glitches are a big no no for casinos. Once the management detects this problem of the ball leaving the track from a particular spot, it wouldn’t take too long for them to take out the wheelhead and replace it with a new one.

There are still casinos who would opt to leave them off as it is, however. Just as long as it earns them a steady stream of profit, there’s no reason for them to take the equipment out of service.

Using These Glitches for Own Advantage

In this article, we discussed thoroughly how a player can use these wheel defects to his benefit. We revealed there, the methods on how to pull off this kind of stunt, in case you see a wheel exhibiting this problem.

As with the case of the ball drop, the key here is to spot that specific perimeter of the track where the ball usually slid off. This should help you predict what area of the wheelhead the ball will likely to fall into and to what particular number pocket it will rest.

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Everything There is to Know About Roulette Inside Bets

When a player places his bets within the field of numbers of the roulette betting layout, he is doing what is known as a roulette inside bet.

Inside bets, in itself, has a lot of variations. It can be placed either on a single number, in a corner, and on a line between two numbers or more.

In this post, we’re going to let ourselves become acquainted with these different types of inside bets. In this case, we will be using American roulette as an example.

The Straight Up Bet

A bet that is placed on a single number only is called a straight up. Players may opt to place a chip or a stack of it on the number he feels will likely to come up after a spin.

He has to make sure the chip doesn’t touch the borders surrounding his chip or else the bet turns into something else.

If his number indeed shows up, the casino will get to pay him 35 to 1. For example, if he placed a £1 chip, he will be paid £35 chips and he gets to keep his bet, which gives him £36 in all.

Straight up bets are made on any of the 36 numbers plus the single zero and the double zero found in the betting layout.

The Split Bet

The split bet is a combination bet placed on the border of any two adjacent numbers found on the roulette betting layout.

In the event that one of the two numbers come up in a spin, the player gets to be paid 17 to 1. Using the same betting unit example, a player’s £1 will become £18.

The Street Bet

Another great combination bet that you can place on your next roulette gameplay is the Street bet. This bet is placed on any of the three-number rows found on the betting layout. Take a look at the sample image below:

In the event that one of the three numbers will turn up to be profitable, the player will be paid 11 to 1. This means that his £1 will become £12.

The Corner Bet

The corner bet, which is sometimes called a square bet, covers more numbers than the previous types of roulette inside bets. A corner is a bet placed on four adjacent numbers found on the betting layout. Check out the image below:

Placing a corner bet can be very tricky sometimes. The player should make sure he puts his chip or a stack of it precisely on the intersection of the four numbers he selected.

If any of the four numbers turns out to be profitable, the player gets to be paid 8 to 1. In this case, £8 more will be added to his £1.

Top Line

Unique to the American roulette is the inside bet called a Top Line. This is commonly known among players as a Sucker bet. This happens when the player puts one chip or a stack of it on the border intersection between the rows of 1, 2, 3, and the single zero and double zero. This is what it looks like:

It’s important to know that a player can only make one sucker bet per round. Furthermore, this can only be done in an American roulette and not on the European or French roulette. Both latter versions don’t have a double zero.

With regards to the payoff, a winning number will yield the player 6 to 1. Meaning, his £1 becomes £7.

The Line Bet

The inside bet which can cover the most numbers is the line bet. It is done by placing a chip or a stack on two adjacent rows, which has a total of 6 numbers. Sometimes, a line bet is called a “double street bet.” See the image below:

Payoff for this inside bet is 5 to 1; the potential of which is that your £1 becomes

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Traditional Bets Done in Roulette You May or May Not Heard Of

Most of the common variety of bets being done in roulette are derived from two parent categories – the inside bet and the outside bet. However, this is not always the case.

In the earlier days, when the game of roulette just came into the consciousness of casino goers, there are a few kinds of bets that go along with those we now know of today. These so-called “classic roulette bets” or traditional bets are mostly done in a European roulette version and they are basically combination of numbers located in specific sectors of the roulette wheel.

The bets are mostly being referred to as “call bets” or sometimes, “announced bets.”

Is There A Difference?

Apparently, there is a distinction between call bets and announced bets.

Call Bets are bets “called upon” by a player who hasn’t placed any money on the roulette betting table for the purpose that it will cover the cost of the bet. In the United Kingdom and in some parts of the globe, making these bets are considered to be “gambling on credit.” Depending on the region, these are deemed illegal.

An Announced Bet, on the other hand, is a bet called by the player who still hasn’t put the necessary amount of wager but was able to cover it up before the outcome of the spin comes out.

The Kinds of Bets

For every particular combination of numbers in the roulette wheel, there is a corresponding name. Players may wager on a single number, a pair, or different other combination. These combos are further dependent on how they are arranged on the wheel, respective to the ones found in the roulette betting table.

Neighbours of Zero (“Les voisins du zéro”)

This bet features the 17 numbers found between 22 and 25 on a European or French roulette wheel, which is a single-zero wheel. They are as of follows: 0, 2, 19, 21, 22, 25, 3, 4, 26, 28, 29, 32, 35, 7, 12, 15, 18.

To do the bet, a player prepares 9 units of bet which he then place in this order: 2 units for a split bet at the intersection of 0, 2, and 3; 5 units for a split bet between 4 and 7, 12 and 15, 18 and 21, 19 and 22, 32 and 35; 2 units for a corner bet on 25, 26, 28, and 29.

Thirds of the Wheel (“Le tiers du cylindre”)

This bet features the 12 numbers found on the opposite side of the Neighbours of Zero, which is between 33 and 27 and with the inclusion of the two said numbers. The numbers are as of follows: 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33.

There will be 6 units of bet to be used which are further divided into 1 unit bet each for the following split bet between: 5 & 8; 10 & 11; 13 & 16; 23 & 24; 27 & 30; 33 & 36.

Orphans (“Les Orphelins”)

The bet features numbers that don’t belong in either of the “Thirds of the wheel” or the “Neighbours of Zero.” There are 8 numbers: 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31, 9.

5 units of bets are usually used which are to be divided into 1 unit each for the following bet: 1  straight-up on 1; 1 split between 6 & 9; 1 split between 14 & 17; 1 split between 17 & 20; and 1 split between 31 and 34.

Zero Spiel

Popular in German casinos, this bet features numbers closest to zero. They are as of follows: 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15.

4 units of bets are being used, and to be divided into four: 1 for a split between 0 & 3; 1 for a split between 12 & 15, 1 for a straight up on 26; and 1 for a split between 32 and 35.

Roulette Wheels: Biases and Wheelhead Speed

Roulette players, especially those who have just began getting into the game, must take note that this casino favourite has so many peculiarities. These quirks, as negligible as they might appear to be, still has a considerable impact on the success or failure of the gameplay. It goes without saying then that these factors should be taken into account and that any player of roulette must be aware of their existence if they wish to improve their gaming experience.

In this particular article, we shall look into the matters concerning the roulette wheel – its biases and the inherent speed of the wheelheads. Could these factors have a direct influence on the success or failure of your roulette game session? We will find out.

Biased Wheels

In its essence, roulette wheels are devices which produces random results. Realistically speaking though, does it happen in an online or land-based casino?

We are quite confident to say that unless you’re talking about the shady kind, major casinos around the world takes pride in using roulette wheels of premium quality. These wheels are calibrated and recalibrated to ensure that their spinning movement is balanced and precise.

However, some establishments admit that there are roulette wheels that may still manifest abnormalities. These often occur after a period of continuous use. In short, wheels are subject to wear and tear. These could lead to certain undesirable conditions (at least in the part of the casino) wherein the wheel tends to deliver “non-random” results. If these non-random traits become more and more apparent, they will be taken advantage of by players. Visual trackers are known for this.

Of course, since the objective of the player is to gain the upper hand against the house, he will expectedly use any means to neutralize the latter’s advantage. One way to do this is to look for wheel biases. Finding one is not an easy feat, let alone exploiting its abnormalities.

Nonetheless, there are players who are this determined to learn how to take advantage of the wheel biases. But that topic would be for another day.

About Wheelhead Speed

For an establishment that draws its profits from this simple, rotating tool, it would be appropriate for them to invest on its maintenance and care. It turns out that the condition of a roulette wheel has a direct effect on the wheelhead speed.

Most casinos, at least the brick and mortar kind, would instruct their dealers to keep the wheelhead rotation speed at a relatively slow rate. The ones we often find last from 4-5 seconds.

Close up image of a roulette wheel

In this way, the croupier will be able to spot the winning number easily while at the same time preventing the ball from being thrown out of the bowl.

Such is not the case in smaller casinos. Roulette wheels here are poorly maintained making them quite hard to operate. At times, the wheel decelerate quickly due to worn out bearings or loose treads. Dealers will be forced to spin the wheel at a much faster pace.

Wheelhead speed, as some others might believe, is a crucial element that influences how much the casino profits in a roulette table.

A faster wheelhead rotation speed tends to make the game difficult to read by the players. Still, in some cases, the ball may go overboard, and this could hamper the pace of the game. Slow turners, on the other hand, poses big problem for the house. It is because there are players who use visual prediction equipment. To counter this, casino floor managers/supervisors would have to monitor the speed of the wheelhead rotation per roulette table.

Breaking the Common Roulette Myths Part II

Like many other games offered in casinos both offline and online, it’s not surprising at all to hear a number of myths and fallacies surrounding the game of roulette. It’s been around for a while, one of the oldest, to say the least, which is why there are few stories and legends about it that often pass through the ears of its avid players as the truth.

We really can’t blame the rumors though. But the claims and misconceptions remain just that – claims and misconceptions. Just be careful with how you process the information, and make sure that these don’t influence the choices you make.

In a previous post, we revealed a handful of roulette myths like the wheel which remembers, the game which is made by the devil, the uniformity of all roulette wheels, and betting systems as the key to beating the casino.

In this article, we yet again lay out more myths and misconceptions about the game. We hope this can help you become more fully-informed about the game.

Myth: Winning and Losing Affect Player’s Frame of Mind

This one right here is subject to debate. There’s truth when we say that players who are in a winning streak are most likely in a better frame of mind as compared to those who are down to luck.

Players who are suffering a series of loses may tend to feel within themselves that they are already defeated in the game. Consequently, they become more negligent when they make their bets. It’s like they’re going through a self-fulfilling prophecy and they can do nothing about it anymore.

On the other hand, winning players do tend to be in a good mood and are generally cheerful in their perspective. This helps them make bets with more sensibility. The result, they win more.

When you come to think of it, a player’s psychology does play a huge part in the success and failure of his game. However, our state of mind has nothing to do with what comes out of the wheel.

Again, roulette is a game of pure chance. There’s no logic behind the assumption that what we think and what we feel have direct influence on the result of the spin.

Myth: Dealers Can Dictate as to Where the Ball Lands

Now this one right here is a straight made-up information. Casino dealers swear by the truth that even the best and the most experienced of them has no inkling as to how to make the ball stop where they want. Note that the wheelhead and the ball spin opposite against each other. Furthermore, the ball bounces from a fret to another fret and there’s no possible way to control them to stop in a particular numbered pocket.

Myth: Math Systems Can Beat the Beat

Let us reiterate the fact that roulette, whether you’re talking about those played in land-based casinos or on the Internet, is a game hugely based on random occurrences. Therefore, no mathematical system or formula that could work against it. Even if someone decides to plot and analyse each roulette game being played, the data would remain meaningless. Even the greatest of minds, Albert Einstein, has to admit that there’s no possible way to beat roulette using math. As what he said, “you cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.”