Can You Trust Your Online Roulette Casino?

It’s totally normal for people to wonder whether or not the online casino where he plays his favourite roulette game can be trusted and not ripping him off.

The thing is, we don’t really know if the website casino is indeed rigging the odds on their favor. There are so many questions going on inside the mind like can we be sure that the site is actually paying out the progressive jackpots the way that it should be? Or the question regarding Random Number Generators, if the system being used is legitimate and fair?

Again, an online casino player, who is putting his hard-earned money in the line, has got all the rights to raise concerns about these issues. However, have we also considered the other side of the story?

A Booming Business

For those who haven’t known it yet, the operation of online casinos have been going on around for more than two decades already. In just a matter of few years, what started from the initial few blew up to over 5,000 website casinos; and the number keeps on growing.

Yes, there are still a lot of players who felt uneasy or reluctant to wager real money at an online casino. The truth of the matter is, it is easier for us to give our credit card information when we are doing the transaction face to face. Meanwhile, dealing online means that there’s a chance for your money to get scrubbed off. Also, there’s no telling if the Internet casino operator is running the show fair and square.

Despite all this, the rate of proliferation of these gambling entertainment websites has been cranking up and there’s no stopping them. Some are good and legit, others are just pure sham. And this is a dilemma: how can we prevent ourselves from falling into a trap with the shady ones?

Removing the Chaff from Grain

Picking the right casino can be very challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider the following pointers:

  • Ridiculous catchy names or flashy banners should be a red flag
  • Emphasis on “free money” is another
  • Tread lightly when it comes to huge sign-up bonuses
  • Too good to be true offers

To find out if an enterprise is really trustworthy, try calling its customer service. A representative should be able to handle your call professionally and your queries should be addressed accordingly. Issues regarding security of funds and safety of accounts must be laid out properly.

If you, as a prospective customer, are able to hear words that you want to hear and if they make you feel at ease, then it’s good tell-tale sign that you’ve found a legitimate online casino website.

On the other hand, if you can’t find any link or a number to call for their customer service, then don’t waste your time, hit that exit button and try a new site. Sometimes, web casinos just put an email address for customer service. You may try throwing an email but if they respond only after a couple of weeks, then move on to another option.


A rule of thumb when choosing a website casino is to verify its licensing. If the company is licensed from a reputable jurisdiction like Gibraltar or the UK, then you’re in for some secure and fair fun. These jurisdictions are considered vanguards in the war against online casino frauds and scams. You can be sure that the Random Number Generators being operated by your favourite casino are being audited.

Choose a Trusted Name

Sometimes, to safeguard yourself from getting ripped off is to stick to the ones that a lot of people would trust. In this article, we reveal casino websites that are not only famous but are also well-respected in the field of online casino gaming.

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